summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Monday, November 30, 2020

....gettin' jingly here!

Just a little trip to Lowe's and Walmart with four of the girls...I got some of those peel and stick tiles for behind the new bathroom sink, which yay, has been installed, thank you Paul!. The faucet is so nice! The old sink had the laminated wood side splash, this new one only has a backslpash, so the wall next to it is all ripped up, rough looking. I need to cover it up with more than paint, so new project, yay! I also bought four brackets. The white ones were the cheapest, so a dash of dollar store spray paint, and now they're black. Paul cut the boards for the shelves, now I have to sand them and put them up.
The's not picture perfect, but I like big lumpy trees. No one can say it looks fake, that's for sure.
It's a dark rainy day, so cozy. I have to bring Miss Camille to physical therapy this afternoon, and have things to pick up at Kohl's, but I'm not going there today.
Sunny is SO tired.
The both of them are lazy couch hogs.
I started wrapping presents. Camille helped me a bit last night. I am mostly done shopping, phew.
I put in a Kohl's order this morning. They have some decent deals, with an extra 10 dollars off a fifty dollar purchase, and 20 percent off, and I had 30 in Kohl's cash. I do store pick up when they don't have free shipping. I won't say what I got, but it was a great deal, lots of stuff for just over fifty dollars, and now I have 15 more in Kohl's cash.
I have a few more things to get, but am almost done. I tried to keep it to one thing for each of the older kids, and for each spouse, but have gotten a wee bit more than that. The younger kids here get more, of course, but now that they're too old for toys, and I cannot pick out the right clothes, it's more challenging. I still need something special for Cam, and maybe for Sonja. We had a relaxing afternoon yesterday. The only things we bought in Walmart were cilantro, a green pepper, two tomatoes, and chocolate marshmallow ice cream. We threw around the idea of eating out somewhere, or picking something up, but decided we could make good food at home. Paul and Jonathan were out hunting, so it was just the five of us. I marinated the chicken quick, then Evelyn grilled it. I chopped the pepper, Sonja made jasmine rice, then I chopped tomatoes, red onion, and cilantro and Camille seasoned it up with a bit of salt, garlic, and olive oil. We had rice bowls, the grilled chicken was SO GOOD. I finished the last of the sugar free apple pie. The crust my all butter pie crust, with regular white flour, not healthy at all, but the filling was just apples with a bit of stevia and cinnamon. I do not believe anyone else tried it, so that means that Thanksgiving, and the following three days I ate an entire pie. So don't feel sorry for me when I moan about my weight. I usually don't eat things like that, and now that it's gone, it can stop nagging at me to eat it. It would be like, "I'm still in here, yes, there is pie left, come get me!". Anyway, I'm getting excited about Christmas. Now I have to sort through what I bought and get it wrapped. We are having a special Christmas thing for the kids, our kids picked names from church, and we have those gifts to get. The girls will be having a special gathering and will need some gifts for that. Jon will do something with the boys, and need a gift. Aaron, Abigail, and Margaret all have December I'm never "done". I have not experienced at total "don't know what to do with myself" moment yet.

Sunday, November 29, 2020

thank you, thank you, thank you!

The tree is standing up again! Emily and Grace helped me, but it wasn't steady. Paul shimmied some boards into the tree stand, then used fishing line to anchor it to the wall. Phew. It's not the most beautiful tree in the world, but it's big and sparkly. I'm not the biggest fan of white lights, I like all the colors, but the girls are most outspoken about this, so what the heck, right?
Emily, Grace, and I went out and about just a little yesterday. I got a few Christmas gifts, and something for me: a three pack of "readers", reading glasses, for eight dollars. Now I can be careless with my glasses again, until I'm down to the last pair. We had ham, mashed potatoes, applesauce supreme (a jar of unsweetened applesauce with six huge apples, peeled and sliced, plopped on top with sugar and cinnamon, baked), roasted asparagus and Brussel sprouts, Hawaiian rolls for dinner, then leftover pie for dessert. These are strange times indeed. This is my blog, for crying out loud, I've been writing here day after day for over 13 years, but now...I almost don't know what to write. The biggest part of my life, being with family, has been almost criminalized. I can't put up a pic with 14 people enjoying dinner, or mention the grandkids always wanting the same toy, or ramble on about our Christmas plans. No, I don't think someone is going to read it and call the cops, but. These are strange times though. I wonder if we should stop testing school kids for the virus, and instead test those who want to be with their friends and loved ones who are hospitalized or in nursing homes. Dying alone, being alone when you're sick and scared, or just being old and alone is CRIMINAL. It is WRONG. There has to be a way to end it! I'm going to end my rant for now, because I have things to do, because I'm actually going, hold on to your hats, friends, I'm going to church. Actual, in person, with singing and happiness and thankfulness, church. mmm hmmm. It's within the law, at this time, because we are allowed 50% occupancy, and our building is huge. We do wear masks, and families sit together, so we do practice social distancing.

Saturday, November 28, 2020

and the tree came tumbling down!

It's a beautiful tree, less so now that it's on it's side.
This year, Miss Sonja K., Miss Charlotte Claire, and Miss Camille Anaya, 18, 14, and 13, went and cut down the Christmas tree all by themselves. I was impressed. Miss Char cut it, actually, they all dragged it to the truck. We live out in the country, so was a twenty dollar cut-your-own tree. (Paul had gone hunting, then came home and actually installed the sink top in our bathroom, and the faucet...but the drain didn't fit just right and it leaked, had to be caulked, ect., so we can't use it yet, but it looks so nice...needs work on the edges where the old sink top was, but I'll get to it one of these days...)(Sam and Jonathan went to get a few Black Friday deals, and I was here with Grace) Anyway...this fine morning, Paul and Jon got up dark and early to go hunting, the girls went up to spend the night at Evelyn's, and here I am. I got up at seven, thanks to two very bad labradors barking at things that are none of their business, aka the neighbors across the street, or maybe a bunny in the yard. In any case, I got up and let them out, put on the water for coffee, glanced into the living room, and oh my dear, that huge tree is on it's side. It's still like that. I tried to pick it up, and couldn't manage, needs another hand. The water has spilled out, things broke, it's a mess.
Oh dear.
And it looked SO NICE!
Aunt Camille with Grant...
Anya with her baby cousin Tennyson.
Uncle Jonny with little Tennyson.
The bird...a turkey raised by one of our friends, totally fresh and organic. 24 pounds of yum.
Elise with baby Tennyson...
Grant and cousin Ophelia... Lydia and Ophelia visited here yesterday for a bit. Lyd came and sat with me and I asked her what she wants for Christmas...she wanted a doll like Anya got for her birthday, so we looked at them online, and I let her choose one, and and outfit. It was great fun, and so what if she knows what she's getting for Christmas? Anyway, I didn't go out of the house yesterday except in the evening to Emily's house for a small wine tasting from their collection of Finger Lakes, Niagara, and Erie region wines...I only had sips, because I had to drive... Today, I might go out and about and finish up my Christmas shopping.

Thursday, November 26, 2020

thankfulness in times of covid...

Is it just a tiny bit ironic that here in central NY state, there is a limit to gathering size in our homes, yet tomorrow, Black Friday shopping! Ah well. For most people, we're just trying to navigate this whole thing, we went truths, not politics, and freedom to assess the risks ourselves. Here's something cute for you:
Grant and Wulf, two two-year olds, sweet and spunky. Yesterday was pie day. Four apple, and four pumpkin...
Six other pies will be joining these, including pecan, chocolate, and lemon meringue, and the new ones Margaret is trying, the chocolate granola pies, like pecan pies.
I don't know why it tickles me so when doggies and kitties are good friends. Maybe they love me, maybe they just like me 'cause I'm warm and squishy, but they certainly are cuddly. So, sadly we've cancelled our trip next week to see Kathryn and Darius and little Achilles, in Oregon. Mariel and I mulled and discussed, deliberated and prayed, and decided at just about the same time that neither of us felt it was the right thing to do right now. Our state mandates testing before returning to NY, and we were only going for a weekend. That would mean one of our precious days there spent in line somewhere trying to get a test, in an unfamiliar place (Salem). Then quarantining for three days and getting another test when we get home. With the long lines, ect., and being the holidays, it just sounded difficult...and poor Kathryn, I feel awful. I miss her so much, and was SO looking forward to going out there. Jonathan, however, is flying out there for a ten day visit. It's worth him getting tested and all if he's going for so long.
This is the little branch Evelyn and I spray painted...isn't it cute?
I woke up bright and early, or rather DARK and early. Paul and Jonathan headed out to the woods before five, to have time to get into their tree stands and get ready for all those big bucks. I hope, for their sakes, that they get something. I don't really love venison, nor do I like the deer hanging in the tree, nor the cutting and wrapping, but I can live with it, and be thankful for meat in the freezer. Paul didn't do these things for years and years while we were so busy with babies and toddlers and small children, but a few years ago, he resumed hunting. He just loves it. Here's what I love: waking up, getting dressed, letting the dogs out, putting on the kettle, letting dogs back in, wiping their paws and giving them a treat, feeding the cats, making the coffee, taking my laptop, and...yeah, getting back into the warm bed. I LOVE it. The house is quiet, and my room is everything I ever dreamed of. Clean, spacious, freshly painted, I just love love love it. I do have a stack of Christmas gifts in here now, and a shelf that needs to be hung up in the almost-done bathroom, and the boxes of flooring for the bathroom...the sink top and new faucet are in the hallway, waiting for installation. Anyway. Thankfulness is an amazing thing, a balm, healing, refreshing. It's easy to be thankful when things are going well, but much more challenging when the trials come. Even the smallest irritations can lead to complaining, and my aim in life is to be open to what God is that I don't just keep quiet and hide my frustrations, but let go of them completely, trust that God causes ALL things to work together for my best! Sin is not to rule over us! It causes strife and hurt! I am very very thankful that we can have peace, true peace. Today, we are going to have a Thankfulness Board, and write down what we're thankful for. It's so encouraging. I am thankful that God has had mercy on me. He's given me so much, and continued to work in me, despite how stubborn I've been. I hope you all have a good day, whether you choose to stay home and keep it simple, or if you gather with a bit more family or friends. Oh, and also, I am thankful for the friends I've made here!

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

if only, if only...

...I won't incriminate myself here on the blog. I'll never say that Sam and Grace and little Grant are coming from GASP: Virginia. Because we all know that the virus scampers across those state lines like nobody's business. That a recent test that rendered one of them negative would not help in the defense, we are only allowed ten per house here in NY state. Six of us live here, so they COULD actually come here... I will tell you this though, if the police stopped in this evening, they might find four pumpkin pies, three apple pies, and two chocolate pies. (Mariel is making lemon meringue, Ashley also chocolate, Margaret caramel granola, Grace, if she were here, ha, two pecan...) Yes, I am a huge pig, officer, is that illegal, I would say.
We got Olaf out yesterday. This is the first year that I can recall getting so many Christmas things out so early.
...the beautiful "cookies" crossstitch from Grandma...(a lazy pic, taken from my chair...) I decided, because my chair is extra comfy this fine morning, that I will take pics of the decorations just here and there, to have something nice to put on the blog, not all in one chunk. So decorating early: the girls really wanted to. This is such a strange time to grow up in, and I try to do as many fun things as possible, to make life pleasant for them. Wait, I've always tried to do that with all of my kids, ha. But even more so now, they don't have much else. Our school IS open for, two days a week for in-person. Camille plays the clarinet, she loves being in band, even if it's individual instruction. She also practices with Emily and a few of her friends. Emily and Abigail came over the other night to do a barre workout with me. I was terrible at it, out of shape, but it did give me hope and inspiration, I loved how I felt after, that good after-workout feeling...
Inspired to do it again, but oops, I haven't yet. Right now, I have to get up and sweep and mop, then start on the pies. Camille assisted me in making 14 crusts yesterday, which are actually balls of dough in the refrigerator, waiting for the rolling pin. (apple pies have double crusts...hence so many) If Sam and Grace were to come for Thanksgiving, they might be coming here today to spend the day while we make pies...wouldn't that be nice? One reader, a bit ago, wondered if Americans were "cavalier" about the virus. I cannot speak for all Americans, but I am not. I might come off as flippant and uncaring, but believe me, I read and weigh options, try to make good decisions, based on science, and not just what the government says. I do have a blogging friend who is suffering greatly right now, as her dear beloved husband is being transferred to hospice...they are 70 years old, and both contracted Covid...she healed up, he was hospitalized. She thought he was healing up and being moved to a step down facility, but he went in the other direction, and it's heartbreaking. The separation, the not being able to hold and comfort each other, the loneliness, and only 70 years old, for crying out loud. It is awful. But we do have to live, and things like depression are very real. We need to encourage each other, for us, being together as a family is like medicine. We aren't drinking and carrying on, no, we are playing with the kids and practicing patience, living what we know is right, encouraging each other to be hopeful and trust in God. It's good and pure and we are very thankful for it. "Oh now I can't wait to get out of this comfy chair and start sweeping and mopping," said no one ever. At least not ME.

Monday, November 23, 2020

how dare you!

I bet these babies are on clearance these days. Well, a long time ago, when our house was full to the brim with children, big and small, our Benjy, my little Benjamin Bunny, was off to war. His time in Afghanistan as an Army medic was rough. He saw some things, he came home "safe", and we are thankful for that. This pic was taken around Thanksgiving, right before he returned. His home then was near his base in Washington state, clear across the country, so the kids didn't get to see him for a long time, but Paul and I flew out to see him when he arrived there. Anyway, the kids voted that they were all most thankful that Benjamin was coming home safely.
What a motley crew, right? Joe with the guitar, Sonja with cat, Mariel holding Miss Camille, Abigail holding Charlotte Claire...our house used to be a pretty busy home. Now, it's generally quieter, except when the older ones all come over, with grandkids too.
We did some decorating, and I love it. Maybe later I'll go around and take some pics, but right now Camille is waiting for me, we are going out and about. We need to return some library books, and get some more, return 5 cent cans, and get a few things from the store.

Saturday, November 21, 2020

not too long ago, not too far from here...

...lived a lady who loved nothing better than that first cup of morning coffee...
Yesterday, I went to Costco with Margaret and Adrian, little baby Tennyson who slept in the front carrier the whole time, and little Wulf, who likes to run in Costco. He was very good about staying right with us, except for when he ran around a bit. He told me, "Mama told me not to run, but I ran." I got some of this coffee last time I was there with Emily, it was so good, and reasonably priced, I bought another bag. It comes to $5.60 a pound, which isn't bad. It's a very rich flavor.
So today is the day for decorating, but then the girls are going over to Emily, Abigail, Mariel's house to do some raking, and have dinner. Molly might come over today with Lydia and Ophelia. And. Some REALLY GOOD NEWS!!!!!: Suzanne is moving back to NY from California! She, and her fiance, are moving back in January! They love so many things about California, obviously it's beautiful and the weather is nice, but they miss family and friends. My heart is happy, I have missed my girl so much. One would think that if someone has sixteen kids, and a few move, oh well. It IS life, and kids do have to live their own, but no matter the number of kids, each one owns 100% of mama's heart. It doesn't make sense, but it's true. Right now, I have things to do, places to go, floors to sweep. After our Costco trip yesterday, I picked Ben and Ashley up from the airport, they had a really nice vacation in the sunshine. They picked up some Chinese food on the way home, some extra for the kids here. Abigail was here visiting when I got home, and dinner was ready. I had put two chuck roasts, gravy packets, carrots and potatoes in the crock pot in the morning, yay!, maybe we'll decorate for Christmas....

Thursday, November 19, 2020

wait, what?

My phone died yesterday, a sudden and unexpected death. Well, it came back to life, so it wasn't actually dead. It was stuck on the white screen with the black apple logo for hours. I had to hook it up to the macbook, restore it, which meant losing all my aps, messages, pictures, ect. Margaret was here and helped me get through it, ha. I didn't need emotional support or anything, just help figuring out how to fix it. Camille had an MRI up at the hospital yesterday for her knee, and this fine morning, I am taking her for to the orthopedic dr. to see the results. I am hoping it is all fine and there are no surgeries on the horizon. Ah well, I wish I could sit here in my comfy chair and write to my heart's content, but no sir, I have to take Miss Cam now...

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

it's beginning to look a lot like....

But before we get too excited, know this: it's going to be sixty and sunny on Friday. Such is weather in central NY state.
It's super cozy in here. I made chicken and waffles for the girls for an early dinner/afternoon snack when they got off the bus. Then I made two chaffles for me, which is just shredded mozzarella cheese and egg, I added a bit of vanilla, a spoon of almond flour, and a splash of stevia. I made gingerbread, and sugar cookie playdough today. I also puttered around, decorated a few little wreaths, wrapped one present, and made some lists. Yesterday I organized the school supply/craft baskets, and organized the junk drawers, yes, there are two. You know, batteries and rubber bands and flash lights and wax melts and thumb tacks. Funny story: yesterday I met a lady in the Target parking lot to buy a truck from Facebook marketplace, for Wulf's Christmas. Well, she told me she drove a black 4-Runner, and that she'd be in the back of the lot at 4:30. At 4:25, a black 4-Runner came and parked right next to me, this was BEFORE I moved to the edge of the lot, but still, I had given a description of my this car comes, lots of empty spaces, but parks right next to me. I smile at the lady, she gets out, I get out and put my mask on, hand hold out the money...she looks alarmed. She takes a step back. I realize she is NOT the seller. I mutter and stumble out an incoherent sentence, partly because I was dying of embarrassment, and partly because Sonja was laughing her head off in the van. Oh dear. A bit later, the correct 4-Runner arrived, Wulf's present is in my possession, and all is good. Then, we went to Hobby Lobby... Ah well...

Monday, November 16, 2020

a cozy day at home....

Six of my daughters, two of my grandsons, Paul and I at the end, one big comfy couch. Why were we all cozied up on one couch, you might ask? We don't exactly know. Adrian was on another couch, and Jonathan in my chair. Ben and Ashley had already left with their two little girls. We had finished dinner, a turkey dinner with cranberry sauce and homemade mac and cheese made by Evelyn. We had a huge salad, rolls, then pumpkin pie. I made one with no sugar, just added a bit of stevia to it, and it was really good.
Evelyn went and cut some branches, we spray painted them, then spray painted this old five gallon pail. We filled it with the dirt from all the plants that were on the deck, then added some rocks to the top to weigh it down. A 200 count light set, solar lights, and yay! I hope hope hope the lights work, and it lights up tonight!
Elise holding her baby cousin Tennyson....shh, can I tell you a secret? Elise is going to be a big sister! Anya and Elise are going to have a baby sibling! Ben and Ashley are pretty thrilled. (Elise is all about the babies...she always needs a turn to hold them)
Cam and Sunny, just because.
Paul called Wulf over to watch a video about jets...
Wulf loves his grandpa. I had to tell Paul the other night, "Don't give him any C-A-N-D-Y!", because I had already given him some M&M's. Wulf knows that grandpa is good for some sweets, he'll rummage through the pantry and give him stuff. Today, I have to bring Ben and Ashley to the airport, they are going to Florida to visit grandma (great grandma to the girls!). Then I have a ride-on digger to pick up from a lady, from marketplace, for Wulf's Christmas present. We are itching to decorate for Christmas. Yesterday, I actually gathered up all the autumn decorations, the pumpkins and orange candles, Thankful mugs and fall flowers, put it all on the table, so we could start decorating for Christmas. Well, we looked at all of that stuff, and decided we still like it, and put it all back. Next week, we'll decorate for Christmas.

Saturday, November 14, 2020

never would I....

defy a lockdown.
Frost on the pumpkins...and everything else too. Emily and I had fun at Costco yesterday. You could say we had a little bit TOO much fun. We renewed our joint membership, so we had to get our pictures taken, and of course you are asked to pull your mask down to do that. So we just got a tiny bit of Covid, or maybe none, maybe it's too slow and stupid to realize the mask is down, and by the time it zooms toward the face, the mask is back up, and FOILED AGAIN.
(see that large bag of Starbucks Holiday blend? I'm going to share it with Emily, we are excited for it!) As you all know, I do not think this disease is a joke. I feel deep sorrow for those who have lost loved ones, and who cannot visit friends and relatives in hospitals and nursing homes. I also feel great compassion for the doctors and nurses and hospital staff who have to deal with all of this. The hositals here are now requiring the staff to wear masks AND goggles. But the day I stop joking about things...right? Here's some good news!
Kathryn and Darius are having a baby sibling for little Achilles!
I do have a plane ticket to go visit these guys in Oregon, in December.
I sure hope I can still manage to go. Kap is my baby girl, my tenth child, my friend. I miss her like crazy. And someone has to keep the airlines afloat! I'm thinking about finding the white lights I put in the living room windows. If I start little by little, maybe no one around here will notice that I'm decorating so early. I'm doing online shopping mostly this year, there are a lot of people on my list, between all the kids, spouses, grandkids. I want to get them all EVERYTHING, spoil them and bless them. I want them to know how much I care about each of them. Mostly though, the older ones will get one or maybe two things, and the younger ones at home a few more things. So if you read/watch too much news, you might be tempted to get very anxious and depressed. Everything seems dark and hopeless. It seems like the world is spiraling out of control, and there's nothing we can do about it. I keep thinking of the verse that says that God did not give us a spirit of fear, but of power, of love, and of a sound mind. (2 Tim). So then if you think about that for one second, if you have a spirit of fear, and it isn't from God, whom is it from? Is that something we want to revel in, to give in to? NO! Fight! It is a spiritual battle. We need to trust God, hand it all over to Him! This is our life, and we CAN be happy in the midst of these times. I still have these younger kids, and if I were to give in to despair, what would they do? It is a good fight, the fight of faith, and yes, we are tempted, but NO, we do NOT have to give in! And look for some lights, and get some festive vibes going in here!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2020


Well, the noose is a-tightening. We're allowed no more than 10 people to gather in a home, here in New York state. The cases are going up up up, it's spreading everywhere. But life goes on, doesn't it? I had to bring Miss Camille to a doctor's appointment this fine morning. She is doing well, is healthy and good, except for her bum knee. She'll have an MRI next week, then maybe some physical therapy, hopefully no surgery. A coffee for me, and a strawberry smoothie with whipped cream for Camille, from our favorite little coffee hut. After her appointment, we went to Kohl's to pick up an order, to Wegmans for seltzer, no sugar added fudge bars, toilet paper, paper towels, and a 37 cent a pound turkey. Then to Walmart where I had to pick up something for Paul, some very important no-smell spray for deer hunting. Then, to Lowe's, where we bought a new faucet for my bathroom sink, on sale, but still, ouch! Faucets are pricey! Home...ah, home. We brought things in, and Cam logged in for a zoom meeting at school...I started doing some touch up painting in my bathroom...
I like how the cabinet turned out...the original handles, spray painted...
Then Sonja came in, home from college for the day, asked me if I would go with her to open a bank account. Of course I would. Then to the home improvement store to get a sink top....I had checked in both Lowe's and Home Depot, they were pricey. I tried to get one from marketplace, the really good ones go fast, the not-so-good ones: sketchy. I almost bought one for $40, used, from a lady not too far from here, but the edge that would be exposed was a "rough edge", and there was no backsplash at all, which would mean more projects. The one I got from the discount store is nothing to write home about, but to ME, it's very very nice.
There was one that was off white, a brown and beige speckled thing, and then a bunch of really lovely ones that were way too expensive. This one, with tax and a silicone calk thing-y to attatch it: $94. The faucet:
This is where I went overboard, it was on sale for $69.99, ouch. I could have gotten a cheaper one, but I really like the black. Now, I cut corners with renovations. I spray painted the lightswitch cover, the outlet cover (black matte), the toilet paper holder and the towel bars. I even took the shower curtain bar down and spray painted it black! I did buy a new shelf from Target, and a mirror from Walmart. The total price of the flooring, sink top, faucet, mirror, shelf, new light fixture, towel bar set: $374. Maybe tomorrow I'll take some pics of the present sink top and faucet, so I can have a proper before and after. The walls are already painted, the door and trim done, and cabinet done....phew. Now the floors, sink and countertop installation, hanging the shelves and mirror, and towel bars, toilet paper's been fun, and I almost don't want to finish, because ha, I can't afford another one yet! Tomorrow morning, I'm going to Costco with Emily. I am itching to decorate for Christmas...oh, I have another project: I have white solar string lights, and white glossy spray paint! I want to saw off some tree branches, spray paint them, stick them in a bucket of dirt, and wrap those lights around them! Won't that be so pretty? I'm going to spray paint the five gallon pail too, black, and maybe even wrap some burlap around it or something. It'll go on the deck... Ah well...the girls are having snacks...with this crazy school schedule, it seems like summer vacation around here half the time. Tomorrow is virtual school....

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

oh my oh my oh my!

Yesterday afternoon, just a little outing with my two baby girls, I mean oops, my two youngest TEENAGERS. Target and Starbucks, mmm hmmm.
Random pic from down our road... Sunday was warm and sunny!
Benjamin and Ashley have a fantastic yard, and Ben grilled some fantastic dinner.
The kids are so cute...
Aunt Camille with little Tennyson. I find it hard to believe that my baby girl is so grown up.
You prob know by now that I forget to take "before" pics, but this is an "after" pic of the door from the oak vanity in my bathroom. Two coats of primer, two coats of paint, and one coat of matte varnish. phew. The handles were brass with white accents, I spray painted them with my handy dandy dollar store spray paint, black matte, of course I did. (Maybe I'll take a pic tomorrow, I'm too lazy right now!)
Those boards are the baseboard trim from my bathroom...two coats of primer, and one coat of white enamel, they are now finished and ready to re-install...after the new flooring goes in. I painted the trim around the bathroom door, and the door as well. Two coats of primer, one coat of white enamel. Then the actual wall paint...ugh. Sonja helped me...but it's done. Paul removed the ugly light fixture enough for me to paint, the new one isn't up yet. Jonathan made dinner: bacon, and eggs from Ben and Ashley's chickens!
Anyway...we are planning a little trip to visit Grandma in January...Florida again, yay!