summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

closer every day

Well, only a few days to the due date. Tomorrow is Halloween. Daddy isn't a huge fan, but doesn't mind if the kids go. He likes to see them have fun. So, I get to take them trick-or treating. I've sort of guilted a few of the older ones into coming with us to help, because I am sure I won't be the energizer bunny for more than one block. My sister and two brothers, and their kids will meet at Gramma's house, and go out from there. It will be sad though, because Gramma and Grampa are in heaven. I'm not sure how many cousins will be there, we have 44 kids between the four of us siblings....
I really enjoy going out walking on Halloween. The forecast here is for a high of 69 degrees tomorrow, so it will be around 50 something when we're out.
Tomorrow morning will be wicked hectic here: all the four little girls need showers before school. They get them every other day, and tonight we ran out of, they have to have their little costumes for school, and hair done specially, ect. I am already praying for patience. It's hard when you can't lean over, and you can't breathe.....and I already know I'll be tired....
Yeah, I did something I probably shouldn't have, but I really don't regret it too much because I am so darned excited about it: I bought another carriage! I just wish Gramma were around, she would love it. I am not sure how many I already have, but it certainly is a sinful number. 3 Peg-Peregos, no 4 (one is a double), a double emmaljunga and a single one, a silver cross stroller/pram, a Jane pram/stroller, a Geisslein pram/stroller, two combis, a kidco with basinette, a beautiful lavender Simo pram(which the last ten babies have slept in), a smaller Simo stroller with bouncy wheels, and I think that's it. That's not too bad!! The new one is a peg perego with a basinette that has never been used. From ebay. What will arrive first: the baby or the new pram?? What fun and excitement!! Needless to say, my husband thinks I am insane. Okay,, it's sane to have 16 kids? I think a little recklessness in this one area is a-okay. I do not want to complain, but I suffer plenty. These little stroller perks just lighten the load!!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

sick day for ME

I have two little girls with strep. Off and my throat has hurt. I went for a check-up with the midwife today, and she put me on amoxicillan. I went by myself, then to Wal-Mart for the ususal: milk, bagels, salad stuff, and peanut butter cups. I also found some shoes in my size (miracle), as sandal weather is getting short. And two new nightgowns for the hospital. I felt like a huge money waster buying three items for myself that were NOT ON CLEARANCE!! By the time I got home, I felt awful. Achy, headache, tired, throat aching.....I hope tomorow is better, as I will have no one here to help me. I need to get better and rested up for the birth of this baby! I am a bit dilated, and I wasn't at all last week, so that's good. My dr. is out of town until Sunday, so I have to hold out until at least Monday. I am scheduled to go back on Thursday to decide what to do....

People here don't quite realize how (I want to swear, but I won't) yucky I feel. Right about here I need to start to be thankful: for antibiotics, food home water children husband friends etc. I really don't want to be a miserable complainer. There is actually a medical condition called, "Prenatal Depression"...which comes in the last couple of weeks, when it seem forever to the end, and sleep is disrupted....what a shortsighted condition though!! I will not give in to feeling sorry for myself, tempted as I am....

Gramma: I still have trouble getting home from the dr., and not calling you. You would care about every single thing I bought at Wal-Mart....Grampa: the canned vegetables at Wegmans are 39 cents a can. Last year they were .25!!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

sick day for sonja

Molly didn't feel so well at school today. So I packed up the two little ones, and off to the school to pick her up....Then, Sonja came home from kindergarten, at 4:20, with a fever of 103, and a huge white patch on one of her tonsils. A five o'clock dr. appt., and we're gone. Kathryn came along too, with her sore throat. Dr. put them both on antibiotics....

So here I am, feeling increasing pain in my throat....tired, blah....I looked in the mirror, and uh-oh, white patches on a red throat. I already have a dr. appt tomorrow. The one thing that makes me feel better: I'm not JUST lazy. Today my chair had such strong appeal. Just like a magnet for my behind...more than usual, that is. I have a huge load of darks already dry in the dryer, and a load of towels to go in the dryer...but I don't really care. Of course, nobody else does either. I REALLY need another dose of that nesting instinct.

I really miss gramma and grampa. She'd be telling me to wash the floor on my hands and knees to get labor started....and grampa would be so happy we have a huge load of wood in the driveway....

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

rainy, cool, pleasant day

Today was a good day. Aunt Kim was going to be in Auburn for a few hours waiting to pick someone up. I had 12 yr. old Sam, and 13 yr. old Molly home from school "sick", so we met for lunch at the chinese buffet. I have been intensely craving the black pepper chicken with peppers and onions, and it was good. Also, the little cream puffs, and orange slices with hot tea....very good. Charlotte Claire and Jon loved the oranges too. Then Molly, Sam, Jon, C.C. and I went to Wegmans for a few groceries, and spent over $100!!! It was pouring out, so we got soaked getting back in the van. Then I opened my cranberry-lime seltzer and it exploded. Okay, fun.

Home to put stuff away, and try to drum up some help getting the place in shape 'cause the septic system inspector was due to come.....He never showed up, so we have to do it all over again. Well, daddy's back from the library with Sam, Kathryn, Evelyn, Suzanne, Sonja, and Jon, so I've got to go!!!

Monday, October 22, 2007

another day of warmth and sunshine

And 75+ degrees....everyone likes it but me. I am too hot. And, we live in the country, where stinkbugs and ladybugs thrive in the warm fall weather. They get all over the outsides of the house, and climb in the cracks of the screens....Yuck. But a cool wind is blowing tonight, and tomorow promises to be cooler.
We had a really nice weekend!! Friday, we went to the museum of Play in Rochester. 11 of the kids went with me. Jon loved the Bob The Builder exhibit. Charlotte Claire loved all of it: sand, steps, balls, running, pushing the cart in the miniture grocery store....
Then, Saturday to a conference at church, 700+ people were there. Our fellowship does a grille for lunch and dinner, and we sell candy all day. I was doing that, and I just love the kids.
They are so funny. They usually know their totals faster than I do. Then, in the evening, we had a feast ( a really encouraging meeting), then another on Sunday morning. Then I went home for an hr., had lunch with the kids, and out shopping with 3 daughters. Then, picked up pizza, home for 20 minutes, and off to a surprise birthday for Mary's 50th. We all gave her some thankfulness, and some encouragement. We left there with a great appreciation for her. She has 14 children.

It is on my heart to pray diligently for my friends, and especially for the young people. Nothing is more encouraging than to see them overcoming sin, and being zealous for Jesus. All the work and toil at home is nothing compared to the joy of having your children get converted and live in purity.

Well, my feet are swollen and sore, and frequent bathroom trips abound...a few more weeks, and we'll have a newborn again. The kids are pretty excited. When they come visit in the hospital, and lay their eyes, and hands, on the baby for the first time: absolute beauty. Charlotte Claire will no doubt be more interested in playing in the sink, and the buttons on the bed, but the others will be entranced. They will fight and argue about how long each other has held "it", and about who should hold baby for the picture....It really is a joyous time though. My body is suffering, but I am very thankful to be getting a new baby!!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

sick day for suzanne

Suzanne threw-up at 4:45 this morning. In her bed, and down on poor Jonny's bed under her....I had already been awake, this pregnancy can't sleep last night was fun. I feel quite zombie-ish today. Suzanne seems fine though! She is home from school, which she loves! Oh great, Charlotte Claire just took off her pants and diaper. She looks real cute in her shirt and flowered socks, but like an accident waiting to happen...she is putting her wet diaper in a plastic bag and throwing it away. How cute. It's a few minutes past noon, and I CAN'T wait 'til naptime!!!!! I only get a nap once or twice a week, and today I crave one. I'll have to figure out the best plan: put in a movie for Suzanne and Jon, while C.C. sleeps, and tell Suzanne to wake me up if Jon's bad? Or put C.C. to bed, and take Jon with me, while Suzanne watches a movie? I can't wait until the school kids get home because: I have to go to Price-Chopper. You wouldn't believe me if I told you how much money we spend at Price-Chopper each month!! And Wegmans, B.J.'s, the dollar store, Big Lots.....

Anyway, I have to shop this afternoon, because tomorrow I have a dr. appt. in Auburn, which is in the opposite direction from the Price-Chopper! And paper plates are on sale! And all Kelloggs cereal, %50 off!! Etc., etc....I need diapers too.....I am a super careful shopper, I love bargains. I like buy one get one free, and a coupon too. Mariel, 17, is a champion coupon cutter. She is a wonderful shopping helper. She is so thrifty, I trusted her with my credit card when we were at the mall for Kendall's birthday!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

sunny day, everything's A okay

Today, home with Jonny and Charlotte Claire: Busy, enjoyable, relaxing at times, frustrating at others....Took them outside, Charlotte Claire ran around to the backyard. I followed her, and let her play there for a while, then back out front. She didn't waste much time beating it to the deck steps, and, I brought them back in the house. She was ready for nap, Jon wasn't. So I put her to bed, and dozed on the couch while he played waffletown. I woke up 50 times to make sure he wasn't up to anything....He was actually really good, he enjoyed his play time without his 17 month old sister taking all of his stuff and wrecking what he built....My almost 19 year old son came home from college for a visit today...We haven't seen him in weeks....Jon was his shadow. Charlotte Claire didn't like him one bit. It was strange having him at the dinner table again, and very nice too. Except we barely fit. 17 of us, someone has to eat at the counter on the stool....But we love eating all together, we do it every night...We had hamburger helper stroganoff, and veggies....and a 4 lb bag of hershey kisses mix for dessert....

Sunday, October 14, 2007

cool fall sunday

Nice weather we're having! Today was partly cloudy, cool but not cold, breezy, wonderful. Most of us went to the meeting (church), and were encouraged to take the situations from
God, and be cleansed from sin instead of just reacting... Afterward, some of the older kids stayed for a band practice...I brought the little ones home, and we had a delightful lunch: Sam, Margaret, Kathryn, Evelyn, Suzanne, Sonja, Jonathan, Charlotte Claire, and I. Daddy had to run to the hardware store for something... So we had our PBJs and PBfluffs and peaches and chex mix, and iced tea. And fun and fellowship and fooling around a little. Jon loves to spread his own peanutbutter. Oh, and we had cookies, too. Then they went outside for a while, and Charlotte Claire had a nap, and I read the paper...Then laundry clean up sweep pickup wash counters etc...then dinner for 16!! We had pasta, meatballs, cantaloupe, acorn squash, and butternut squash, freshly baked and mashed with butter. Yum..Em, Mariel, Margaret, and I sat at the table until that squash was GONE! Then kitchen clean up, Joe swept, Mariel d.washer, Molly and Aaron pans, three girls doing the scraping, clearing, and washing the leftovers! Showers for 5 little ones, bath for Charlotte Claire, haircuts for daddy and Jon....I got clothes out for tomorrow for 4 little girls....I haven't made their lunches yet....I am too tired. I'll put it off 'til morning, and be sorry I did....Anyway, after stories and prayers, the four youngest except C.C. were tucked in. Jon hopped around the room causing trouble, then they all went to sleep. Charlotte Claire got to stay up 'til after ten because of her long nap.....She is so CUTE! 17 months old, seems like a little person now. And she goes to bed so cheerfully! She actually likes going to bed. So do I. I have between 19 and 22 days to go before I have this baby, because I'm being induced about a week early.... I just am so excited!!!

Monday, October 8, 2007

a rainy day off

Colombus Day. No school. Daddy took a half day to fix the van brakes, but we decided to have the guy down the road do them tomorrow. So here we are, watching a Barbie pegasus movie, and daddy playing his guitar....I bought the kids some ice cream, which we will have soon as a staying home treat. Hopefully Charlotte Claire will take a nice long nap today so I can sew...Uh-oh, she has the whole bag of Frutie-O's....We DID just vaccuum....gotta go!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

birthday party day

Today is Kendall's birthday party. She is my little brother's little princess, turning 5. Her party is at a mini-golf course in the mall. Only Sonja (5), and Suzanne (6) are invited, but daddy is busy today, older kids busy and scattered, so I have to bring Margaret (10), Kathryn (9), Evelyn (8), Jonathan (3), and Charlotte Claire. But Mariel Joy (17), is helping too. I mean, a trip to the mall!!

So, I love my new sewing machine. And I really like the lady who I bought it from. She is just so nice. Her and her husband got married after both their spouses passed away, and had ten kids altogether. They have 41 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren. They are just super nice people. I brought the machine home, and it works great. Now I just have to tame my frustrations-I want to use it, and it's almost impossible with the kids around. So I have to wait until they're in bed...

With 15 kids, a mom can't just wait until a few weeks before Christmas to start shopping. So I start a few weeks AFTER Christmas.. I've always bought these guys way too much. I figure just because there's alot of them, they shouldn't get shortchanged...But now they have so many toys....Just numbers: 5 little girls 5 years apart 3 barbies each each Christmas, plus birthdays....This year I've bought bedding sets for 7 of the girls. At 75% off, of course. And I have stuff in my closet for Jon and Charlotte Claire, and a few things for the little girls. But then there's the older kids. Em, Ab, Ben, Mariel (actually I got her something great, and expensive for cheap, but I don't want to say in case she reads this), Joe, Aaron, Molly, Sam, and Margaret........

Why I am writing about Christmas when it is 80 degrees out is only a mystery for people who have just a few to buy for.....

This baby is keeping me up at night already. Uncomfortable!! Contractions in the night...I have 4 weeks to go...

Gramma and Grampa: I got another fill up of gas with my Price-Chopper rewards card yesterday!! $58 something for 66 cents!! That makes 3 practically free fill ups, plus two for Emily. I love it!!! I had $2.90 off per gallon, and gas was like $2.95......

Friday, October 5, 2007

sewing machine day

Yes, today is the big day! I am going to meet my new sewing machine. I'm buying it from someone who refurbishes them. She has a whole classroom full of seems like a nice model, for about 1/3 of the regular selling price. Part of having a new baby for me is to sew some little quilts, as well as recover the car-seat.

It is just so nice out, day after day. High eighties for October 5? Sunny and dry, day after day. I just wilt in this heat. I'm probably the only one rooting for cool, rainy, fall weather here in the good ol' Northeast.... Our van's air conditioning doesn't work anymore, either.

Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. I want to be humble when dealing with the kids, so a blessing will be over us. These kids belong to heaven, what a responsibility! I need to be on the cross at all times, so that goodness, patience, and mercy can reign. God is opposed to the proud, but gives grace to the humble. With this in mind, I will have a happy day.

Oh Gramma and Grampa, I miss you guys so much! This will be the first baby I will have without you to experience it with me. When Charlotte Claire was born, I was down visiting you guys the day before I was induced, and back again in a few days for you to meet her. Gramma, having you hold the newborn was such a sepcial part of the whole thing. You always said they got prettier than the one before....

Thursday, October 4, 2007

a day of many blessings

Well, the dreaded throw-up bug has been visiting us. Five out of fifteen have had it: who will be next? The suspense!! I got the dreaded phone call from the school nurse the other day, and had to pack up the little ones and pick up Margaret....But today, I am blessed. Sam (headache), Kathryn (doesn't feel well?), Evelyn (recovering from the bona-fide bug), Suzanne (doesn't feel well), and Sonja (wouldn't go to kindergarten on the bus without her sisters), join Jon and Charlotte Claire at home. So instead of two lonely kids, we have a happy houseful. Waffleblock roads and buildings, with duplos and matchboxes cover the living room floor.
I finally got my baby clothes out!! I hate to say this, but I have tons. 3 huge loads of laundry. I washed all the boys stuff, and girls, to about 3 months size. Some don't look so great, but enough look excellent. I still have some sleepers from Emily, the oldest (22), and the blue one Ben wore, he's almost 19. I have a sweater and cap all the girls have worn home from the hospital, and another all the boys have worn. They are still beautiful.

I am going to the doctor this afternoon for what I hope is an uneventful visit. The office didn't call about the 3 hour glucose test, so I am assuming I passed it. I feel like I can't possibly wait 4-5 more weeks to have this baby, yet I'm not ready. I'm going to buy a sewing machine tomorrow! I am going to make a sweet carseat cover, with a snap-on boot for the cold....These days, especially with a winter baby, the car seat gets so much use. It snaps out of the van, into the cart, baby stays bundled and warm....So, it HAS to be cute. I think all babies should be like a first baby. I certainly love each one more than the last, it that's possible.