summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Friday, November 18, 2016

christmas decorations diy

Our sweater wreath!!! We like to look at DIY stuff, and found this, had to try it. We bought a sweater at the thrift store for $2, used a piece of a pool noodle that my sister gave me, and bought some felt squares to make the flowers...Camille was chomping at the bit to make it, so we got out the hot glue gun and got to work. Of course we had to put it up right away, and it didn't blend well with all the orange autumn/Halloween/Thanksgiving decorations...wreaths, yellow and brown and orange flowers, little we threw the pumpkins off the deck into the woods, and packed up the rest of it.

We haven't totally decorated for Christmas, it's too early, but we did replace to cozy orange lights with white ones, and have a few things up...

It's fun to break the rules once in a while, even if they are my own in Christmas Stuff Goes Up The Day After Thanksgiving.

This golden oak framed mirror has been in our living room for's white now, and I like it. We can't decide if we like this berry-ish garland or not, it has fairy lights too...

In any case, it's fun, and the little girls enjoy it.

Today is Shopping For Food For Margaret's Wedding Shower Day. I have to write out a list, and get to work.

Anonymous asked why "don't they do a biopsy" on the lump on my breast, which is a good question. I have an appointment coming up to talk about the whole thing with my general practioner soon, so we'll see. But here's something interesting, at least to me: I think I am gluten-intolerant. Last year when I had that wicked pain in my lower right side, then by the time I had tests done (CT scan,ect.), it was better, and nothing showed up. I felt like a hypochondriac. I have noticed such pain here and there throughout the year, but the other night after eating two and a half slices of that delicious homemade bread: wham. It lasted a few days, overwhelming pain in my lower right side. Now it's gone. I don't eat bread normally, except for Ezekial cinnamon raisin, which is made from sprouted grains. I eat tortilla chips in moderation, and popcorn sometimes, but don't usually eat wheat. Last year, I had fallen into the cut-out cookie trap, and that may have been the trigger. It's been a few years since I have been eating like this, and I have read that when you cut something out, re-introducing it can cause reactions. Call me crazy, but I need all the help I can get to stay away from things like that, so hopefully the remembrance of pain will deter me, ha.

Pumpkin spice coffee is brewing. The pups are asleep. Little Miss Sunshine is adorable and sweet, but still not housebroken. The other day, Paul asked if she had a good day, and I told him she hadn't peed in the house all day. well. She seems to have taken a turn for the worse, christening little throw rugs, and peeing every little while. I am hoping it's just a phase she's going through. I found myself in tears this morning, so much of my time is taken up with her. I took the three dogs outside to run around, Duke runs in one circle, rolls on his back in the leaves, then plops down at my feet to get pet. The other two chase and run like crazy. I stood there in the frosty grass, breathing in the fresh cold air, really thinking about things. Yes, it's a pain in the neck to clean up messes. Yes, we feel like we've done everything we're supposed to do (if we catch her peeing, say, NO, take her outside quickly, give treats for each time she goes outside, right after she goes, ect ect ect)

So there I stood, all upset and perplexed and flummoxed. Then I it really the end of the world? What if she NEVER got potty trained? Would my whole life be miserable and not worth living? Do I really want to just wish all these days away, holding on to that never arriving time when all my ducks will be in a row, when I don't have messes to clean up any more, and perhaps all other things are in order and I feel great? Today, today is my life. Today always has trials. Some days more than others. But it IS my life. We try and change what we can for the better, but it's also vital to be at peace...that come what may, it's not TOO MUCH for me. God causes ALL things to work together for the good for those who love Him...we have the freedom to have pets or not have pets, that's not really the's that whatever trial comes our way, the real issue is how we choose to react to it.

I talked to my son Samuel last night, he has to wear a heart monitor for a month. His tests came out fine, but they want to make sure he's okay. I am just hoping his leave request is accepted, so he can be here for the wedding. :)

We successfully stayed home for the entire day yesterday. I chalk-painted something I got at barn sale, for one of the girls for Christmas, Camille put the coats of wax on it for me. We made a triple batch of chocolate chip cookies, to warm up the house and have a nice snack for when the three high school girls got off the bus. No, I did not eat one. I did taste the dough though, oh yum. I had to slap myself silly to stop from just eating spoonfuls.

I made pumpkin waffles for the kids. I wanted some, but instead made up some pumpkin butter for my Ezekial toast...just butter, a little bit of honey, and...pumpkin, with pumpkin pie spice too. Yeah, it was good. is good. :)


Susan said...

I LOVE how you did the flowers on the wreath! AT first I thought that was a photo fro Pinterest-what a great job you all did!
Yes Della, we must live in the moment. That was such a good teaching that you gave!

Marilyn from Canada said...

Hi Dellla. I have a severe gluten allergy and if I happen to inadvertently consume something containing gluten, the pain is shocking 😩 Diarrhea and pain so bad. It last for quite a while. It is very possible that's what you have. The grains containing gluten are wheat, barley and rye and any other grain grown or processed with these. Oats doesn't have gluten, but often grown beside one of these or processed in the same facility it will be contaminated, so it has to say GF on the bag or it's not safe to eat. My allergy is severe so I am very careful. I think your wreath is beautiful! Also the berry things around the mirror. You are going to have a fun time with the wedding and everything. Enjoy!

Marilyn from Canada

Unknown said...

I second what Susan R said. :) That was a good teaching! :) Our 16 year old dog died in March and I never felt like I would ever want another dog. He died on my bedroom floor early on a Sunday morning and it was hard for me. But this past week I got on Petfinder and typed in beagle puppies and fell in love with these sweet girl beagles - just 8 weeks old. Saturday morning we went and picked one out and named her Daisy. :) She is the sweetest little thing but by last night - when we had just had her 12 hours - I was wondering what kind of huge mistake I had made! :) She cried and cried when I put her in her kennel last night to sleep. So I had to sleep on the couch with her. Our 2 cats have not been out of our bedroom since they saw her come into the house. And my husband and I already got into an argument because he doesn't understand why I'm not taking her outside to potty when she weighs 5 pounds, there is 2 inches of snow out there, and it's 20 degrees. So pee pads it is for a little bit till she grows or the weather breaks! She's actually doing very well with only going on them though. But it is overwhelming a little bit. So all that to say - I can relate and you are right - it won't last forever and probably won't even last very long. :)

16 blessings'mom said...

Elizabeth, congratulations on a new puppy! I think puppies are like 99% pure love, yet somehow 99% What-The-Heck Was-I-Thinking. I simply can't believe the amount of time and effort it takes to raise Sunny. And I second guess myself, worry that we've done things all wrong, wonder if she'll turn out to be a terrible's like raising kids! I keep telling myself take it one day at a time, and savor the good parts, like those snuggles and puppy kisses. Sunny has this streak of sweetness that just melts me. Good luck!!!

momto9 said...

Oh man I was sure glad to be past the potty stage with our dog!! Your household sounds random and crazy and happy like mine:) Love It!

Joybells said...

Della, if the pain comes back, you might want to get your gall bladder checked. (On top of all those other tests, sorry.) Last spring I was in bed for a weekend with severe pain on my right side, accompanied by nausea and general malaise. An ultrasound revealed that my gallbladder bladder was inflamed. Come to find out, gallbladder issues are often associated with gluten intolerance. And I'm definitely gluten intolerant. I try to avoid bread (even GF bread) because sometimes it will trigger an attack.

Just a thought. I enjoy your blog so much. Thank you for sharing the good, the bad and the just plain funny. :)