summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Saturday, April 28, 2012

birthday party day here in the crazy house

We live out in the country. In the sticks. Rural. We are on the outer edge of internet service, which means it goes slow. Sometimes it goes down. This morning, it is not behaving, so I can't put up the pictures I want to post. The ones of the sun dappling through the trees from my walk this morning. I love when the sun is just coming up in the sky, and the shadows are long. I can't seem to post the picture of the Previously Evil Hill. Now it's just Rosie that's evil. She was horrid this morning, pulling like there's a fire to get to. She needs therapy. Then there were other pictures that Sonja took last night. Emily and Mali were here...there was a whole living room full of kids, laughing about the time years ago when Paul's shorts ripped in Sam's club, and he didn't care. Anyway, Sonja got some nice pictures. One of Mirielle with a Nerf gun in front of her face.

So it is probably just as well, the kids hate when I put such flattering pictures up of them.

Today is party day. First it is Clean Up Day, of course, like every day. And since there always has to be a monkey wrench, Emily is cleaning the kitchen at church today, and lots of my girls are going to help. That means...I will be doing lots of stuff myself. I am trying to enlist Suze to make the ice cream cake. And I think I can get Joseph and Aaron to help with the pizzas, I am plannning on making seven.

Poor Jonathan. He asked me the other day if I could please wrap his presents. I had bought a roll of nice birthday paper at the dollar store, but when I went to wrap the presents, I couldn't find it. So I got out the comics from last Sunday's paper, but couldn't find the tape. rrr. I bought new tape yesterday, but guess what? No one knows where it went. There must be a black hole around here somewhere, filled with socks and tape and scissors and hairburshes. And sharpened pencils, pens, and barettes.

He heard me asking where in the heck the tape was last night, and he said it would be fine if his presents were just in bags. Such a nice boy. But I am bound and determined to find the tape. And the wrapping paper. rrr.

Dr. appointment with twin babies yesterday: divine. They are scrumptious, those babies. What felt strange, was that I didn't know exactly how to comfort them. They cried after their shots, and wanted their Mama. She is super good with them, she nurses and bottle feeds them, and they keep her hopping. She seriously has her hands full, but in a good way. They are growing well and doing fine.

The kids got home from school not long after I got home from the appointment, so I made Evelyn go to the store with me. We needed ice cream and the cookies, more bananas and salad stuff. As we were leaving the store with our cart that did not co-operate, it had a funky front wheel, a nice older man let us go ahead of him, saying, "A woman's work is never done." So true! Home to put those groceries away, and make some meatballs for dinner, wash the day's dishes (our dishwasher is not working well these days), and serve dinner. The older kids had to leave for the youth meeting, so Paul and I cleaned up. We left with the youngest five, and visited his dad who is back from wintering in Florida. Camille thought she was going to play Tag in his living room, not. Anyway...Grampa asked me what I am going to do with myself when Camille goes to school...ha. Clean, do laundry, sit around on the comuputer. I didn't say the last part.

And now I have things to do.

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