summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Thursday, April 19, 2012

just the two of us....

Miss Camille Anaya, playing Office at her Hershey box desk. She wonders why it is so quiet in here. She said, "Why do we have to have all this peace and quiet??!" I agree, Miss Camille. It is quiet with just the two of us....
me this morning...
Miss Charlotte Claire going off to kindergarten. She loves these particular sneakers, "high tops". She has countless pairs of cute shoes and sandals, but these are her choice. I almost kept her home today...she was sound asleep and I hesitated before nudging her. I considered how nice it would be to just let the poor child sleep, then wake up and play with Camille all day...but I did the "right" thing, and woke her up. hmm.

Camille is not playing office anymore. No, she is brushing my long tangly hair. She is telling me that I am being a good girl, and that the tangles aren't that bad.

Our days alone at home are numbered. Summer vacation is in like 66 days, not that I am counting. Then I will have a full house again, then...September, and just me. wah.

We went to the dreaded mall yesterday. I had Kathryn and Suze with me, and they wanted a few shirts. Target didn't have any, although I do have to mention the Easter stuff I got there...oh my goodness, I can't ever go there again. 90% off the Easter stuff. NINETY. That means of course, that one only pays 10% of the original price. A bag of Lifesaver Jellybeans: 26 cents. Malted eggs, 20 cents. Chocolate marshmallow bunnies? 19 cents. Bags of plastic eggs, 9 cents, and woven baskets for a quarter. How much did I buy? Pretty much filled the cart. SweetTart jelly beans, Starburst Jelly beans...bags and bags. I checked the prices at the store scanner, and they weren't ringing up right. I asked a nice boy who worked there to confirm that things were indeed 90% off, and he said they were. I questioned why the jelly beans were 65 cents then, and we agreed that they couldn't have been originally $6.50. He said that someone didn't know their math. I was glad he knew his, and didn't assume that this chubby lady with a baby doll sitting in the place for real child and a card chock full of cheap candy, was CRAZY. (Kap and Suze had Camille with them, I was watching Camille's baby for her). That nice boy might have THOUGHT I was crazy, but he didn't let on. Anyway, it was fun at the register. The prices had to all be manually changed....the people behind me loved me, and did not think I was crazy at all.

Now the kids who are with me when I Stock Up like this, do not like it. But when they want candy and I have some, they love me. I am actually thinking of sending Ben and the soldiers a whole box of bags of jelly beans. If they melt too badly, they can throw them away, but I am betting they will eat them. And I am betting they won't care if it is after Easter.

The mall. I do not care for the mall. The air is stale. The sale signs are deceiving. The cinnamon smell makes me think I am hungry. I hate the food court. Too fattening, and too expensive. And too yummy. I bought Kathryn a few t-shirts from the Aeropostale clearance rack, then a few from Old Navy. (I bought Camille a Christmas Hello Kitty shirt for $1.47, and she was thrilled). Sears had 50% off their clearance footwear, so I got some Avia sneakers for $10. Shoes for next year for Char and Camille, $5 each. Really nice boots for Camille next year, $8.50. Two shirts for me for $3.99 each. A really nice thick plush polka-dotted bathrobe for me, $3.99. I just put it on, and it is so comfy. It's all I need, another reason for it to be hard to get up out of my chair and get moving.

Price-Chopper. By now the girls were hungry, so they ordered an order of fries and an order of onion rings, bought two Gatorades and a chocolate milk for Camille, and went to the "restaurant". They had great fun, and I shopped all by my lonesome. I actually got to use coupons! I saved so much the manager had to come over and type in a code. That always happens there though. Lots of coupon and store specials.

I had one more stop, another grocery store where hot and ready pizzas were buy one get one free. Paul was working late and going to dinner with co-workers visiting the company from abroad, so I decided to splurge. I ordered four pizzas. While they baked I walked around finding things we really needed like chip dip for a buck, and boxes of Cheese Nips for a buck, two cantaloupes and two mini watermelon, and some grapes. I love going into more than one supermarket and getting the specials from each. Anyway, when I picked up the pizzas, I noticed the price stickers, and asked if they were the Buy One Get One Free pizzas, and the lady said they were not. These ones were bigger. Oh. People were looking at me. I just hesitated and walked away with forty dollars worth of pizza. Dang. I did not want to pay that much. I thought I had FOURTEEN dollars worth. (they were $6.99 each, but buy one get one, and I had four). When the cashier asked me how I was doing, I said, "not good.", and I explained to him that the pizza lady didn't specify that they had more than one size pizza. The manager came over, and I told him I was just really surprised about the un-clarity, and he said he would gladly charge me for only two of the pizzas. I felt like a scammer. But I agreed. I would not have even stopped at that store for regular priced bigger pizzas. So I took the deal....I was truly nice about it. I just felt like I was going to cry. I do buy lots of things, but I try to be careful about how much I spend, and ouch.

Anyway, here I am this morning with Camille. We are rattling around like two peas in a pod. She has had two breakfasts now, and is cuddled up to me in my chair.

I have a headache today. The kind that just nags there in the background, makes me feel tired and blah, and NOT like exercising. The kind that makes me just want to sit here all day. This sunny day does not go with my headache, it should be dark and rainy.

It seems I have run out of fun and exciting things to write about!


Married to the Military said...

I woudl have argued that I don't care who looked, and she shoudl have been specific. Don't feel bad, I sometimes feel that stores do that on purpose hoping that people will not say anything and then they notice when they get home that the pizza was more but then it is not worth the drive back to the store. My husband on the other had will argue every penny because it happens ALOT at the commissairy. I watch as EVERYTHING rings up because it happens so often

OurLilFullFam said...

Yes, an empty or less filled house is crazy quiet sometimes!

I'm glad you got the pizzas for the cheaper price!



Why not keep Camille home for an extra year before kindergarten?

I've read how you feel about Camille going off to kindergarten next year and have always been a little confused about it simply because of the policy here in Indiana. So I checked out NY state policy and was surprised to find that age requirements for kindergarten can vary from school district to school district - that the school district itself decides when a child must be five years old by in order to attend. Is that correct?

Honestly, knowing what little I know of New York state and how adamant they are with school policies, I am surprised they allow four-year-olds into kindergarten. Here in Indiana, the cutoff for attending kindergarten is that the child must turn five years old by August 1st in order for the child to enroll in kindergarten for that year. If a parent desires their child to attend kindergarten but the child does not meet the age requirement, they can have the child tested but even then, I think the child has to be five years old by October something in order to test.