summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Friday, February 7, 2014

happy friday!

Well now life wouldn't be life without the bad things, would it? I can't blog about everything that happens, and sometimes I wonder if I give the impression that my life is smoooooth sailing. In one way it is, but that is only because of this single reason, which has nothing to do with ease or good luck: God's grace. And that grace isn't just poured out on me because I happened to win the grace lottery or I am secretly really special. No, I have a rotten flesh and a selfish nature, just like the next guy. all that happens, good or bad or in between, I know that there is salvation to be attained to, and I believe with all my heart that God sends everything for my very best. isn't my circumstances that are blessed, it is the work that God does when I give my heart to Him and trust in Him.

I have been doing okay for the last few days, eating-wise. Two days. ha. But, a drop in the bucket WILL fill up the bucket, if another drop falls in each day. Unless some of it evaporates in a donut attack. But we won't think like that.

Yesterday I took Miss Camille to the doctor for her broken arm. He talked to us for like three minutes then got a phone call, nodded and said his goodbye, and was out the door. hmph. rudeness. She has to keep the arm immobilized for three weeks, no running or falling, no gym at school, then back for another appointment and an xray to see if it has healed.

Charlotte Claire came along too, she didn't want to get on the bus alone:) Now that Jon is homeschooled, those two little girls never want to go to elementary school by themselves, the rest of the kids are middle school or high school and go on the earlier bus. Samuel went along with us too, to drop his high school transcripts off at the recruiting office, and because I promised him we would go out to lunch. We went to the grocery store first for dog chow and kitty chow and bananas and peppers and oranges and cheese and milk and detergent.

Then....we ordered take-out Chinese to take home. The little girls wanted, "to go somewhere, Mommy please!", but I did NOT want to go to the all-you-can-eat-buffet, and...I just wanted to go home. We did. And it was nice. We sat at the table, they opened their fortune cookies, and it was really fun. I think we all are conscious that Sam's days here at home are ticking away, and are trying to just enjoy him.

We are supposed to be leaving for the pool in a few minutes here, so I need to get up and move it. We are working at the Dome this afternoon/evening, the Globetrotters will be there. Working at the is nice to be with my friends, and we jokingly say, "Dome time is family time!" because so many from our family work there...tonight, for example, Paul and I, Emily,Abigail, Joseph, Sam, and Margaret. Mirielle works sometimes too, and Aaron occasionally. I don't mind much, but it kills my knee. Standing for so long, the cement the pool this morning might really help.

Jon has school work to do, but he is so distracted. He is feeding yogurt to the cat, and Suri is begging for a taste. Those dogs are Jon's besties, he loves them to pieces. He is going to the pool with me too, and Sam is going to run on the track. (oh my soul, will he be in good enough shape for boot camp? Will it just do him in? I hope he doesn't cry. I can't bear it. Yeah, I know, I am a drama queen where it concerns my kids going out into the big bad world, I do know that:))


Martha said...

Once in a while I slip up and blog the not so pretty whiny side of me... We all have the junk we don't blog about, and sometimes life just gets hard. When I feel the lowest, that is when He sends something special along to lift me up again. He knows just what we need to keep us on the narrow path whether it be a reprimand or a bit of encouragement.

I hope you have a wonderful day. The sunshine sure is nice even if it's too cold to go out.

mamadragon said...

I love reading your blog because it is real. You aren't layering on a thick make up coating of sugar puffed fantasy. Life is so hard sometimes, but through grace and prayer, and keep trying attitude, we muddle through. I read a blog post on another blog (not mine. :) ) which resonated with me, and I thought you might enjoy it too. You'll find it here:

Anonymous said...

I don't feel like you put on a fakey-fake air. I do love it because it seems real. Now - I do wish I could read about the other bad stuff, but that's only because I am nosy :-)

Prayers and lots of hugs from North Dakota... Glenda