summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Monday, February 3, 2014

superbowl sadness.....

Poor Samuel. His team, oh they lost big time. He was of course just kidding in this picture, he is such a funny kid. I don't care a whit about football, I was surprised I even knew who was playing this year....but Sam is leaving for Basic training in just two weeks, so I put a little effort in making it festive here. We had a nice brown sugar ham, fresh Italian bread, and salad bar fixings, plus Mountain Dew for the kids (if you think it's easy to give them that garbage, oh it kills me, but they loved it), and chips. No chips for me. And ice cream cones.

Today will be interesting. I am waiting for a call back from the orthopaedic office concerning Camille's arm. The report was sent there, and the dr. will look at it and call me about setting up an appointment if necessary. I also am going to the Dome this afternoon to work at the concession stand. (They won against Duke on Saturday, they are still undefeated....can you tell I do care a teeny bit about college basketball?) Syracuse is ranked #2 in the nation, but may be moved up to #1 today, they are playing Notre Dame this afternoon. Saturday's game was LOUD. And so very exciting. Paul and I poured beer, so we were done after half-time, and were free to watch the remainder of the game. Standing there on the hard cement floor was a killer, it was way too crowded to find a seat, with over 35 thousand fans packing the Dome. Syracuse was winning, and at the last second, a three pointer from Duke....overtime. Tie score, five minutes added to the was exciting, but honestly, my knee hurt like the devil....Syracuse went on to win 91 to 89, and it was all good. Too good. People were going nuts! I don't much like crowds, and this was a crowd, a happy crazy one.

Anyway. Yesterday I went to the pool, which felt great. Home for a snack of almonds and grapefruit and a few handfuls of popcorn, then off to the mall to pick up some new glasses for Suzanne, Samuel, Jonathan, and I. The guy broke mine while trying to tighten the frame a little. Snapped the lens, so they need to be reordered.

We stopped at the toy store because I promised Camille we would do something fun, and I can't very well take her bowling or to the McDonalds playland with a broken arm. And shh, I love the toy store. We looked at dollhouse stuff, which I wanted to buy, but didn't. I got her a few little trinkets that we found marked down that added up to less than ten dollars, and she was happy.

Grocery store for salad stuff, then, ahhh, home.

The days are busy but sometimes I remember how much busier they were when I had littler ones, nursing babies, toddlers. I sort of miss those days, and I truly wonder how I ever managed.

Paul is at work today. Coming home from the novelty and adventure of a two week project in France to....chaos and the huge propane bill and noise and Camille breaking her arm and working the Dome and the leaky washer and the tires in the minivan that need air.....I wonder if it is overwhelming. I actually know it is overwhelming. I have this little fear that over time, he will prefer his time away....I know he loves us, and me, and all, but. It is there, that little fear.

He brought home some scarves for a few of the girls, and tea from his co-worker from England. She brought him tea, he brought her Lucky Charms for her daughter. He got me flowers from the gas station on the way home from the airport:), I am not kidding. But I loved it. Spontaneous, and with a kiss. I do love him.


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I have been reading your bloc for a couple years now. I love it btw. I just realized I know the names of all your family members but yours.

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Hello, nice to meet you...your name is?


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