summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Monday, April 27, 2015

marvelous monday...

And just why is it marvelous? No, I didn't win the lottery, and no, I am not pregnant. We didn't decide to build a new house, heck, we haven't even fixed the hot tub. The refrigerator still leaks, as does the washing machine (that's what towels were made for right?). I am still fat, and the house is still messy. But. I am alive. And today is stretched before me....

In an hour or so, my sweet little Davian is coming over. He's not exactly, "mine", but he certainly owns part of my heart. He is my niece and her husband's son, and he is a total sweetie. I get to watch him this week. He has so much personality, and adds so much to our home when he's here. The little girls cluck around, wanting to take care of him and play with him, and Jonathan loves having a little friend to impress. And Davian impresses us regularly. He's an extremely intelligent child, I wouldn't believe it if I didn't know him...he knows the planets and the state capitals and how to read...and not just simple stuff. He reads and understands what he has read. He turned three in January. :)

When someone trusts me/us with their child, I do feel a huge weight of responsibility, yet also very blessed.

Mali was here yesterday. She is still pretty sick. She threw up three times. She kept down only crackers, the whole day. She has this cute little tummy now, and the baby is kicking. I am looking forward to meeting this new grand child, and since Mali will be going back to work after maternity leave (probably six weeks or so), I will be babysitting for her. I intend to love this child as much as Mali will, and since I love her already, I'm off to a good start. Anyway, Mali brought came over with her new kitten, a tiny little black thing that cuddled up under her chin and purred. The kids had too much fun keeping track of that kitten, and our doggies were SO good, interested in it, but they just wagged and sniffed.

So here's the thing: hot flashes. If you have never had them, or if you went through the dreaded Change and it was a piece of cake, I hate you. Seriously. I mean, I'm sleeping away, and all of the sudden I'm hot. Hot all over, and have to thrash off all the covers. If I'm lucky enough to drift back to sleep, I wake up freezing. Then it happens again. Five o'clock rolls around. Then six. And there I am, all wide awake. I had one in the store the other day and it is not fun. And this is the big thing in life, along with miscarriages and periods, that is not to be talked about. I mean, can I really answer the cashier's friendly query, "And how are you today?", with..."Well, not too bad, but I just had a horrible hot flash in the cereal aisle." It is not spoken about. It's personal, and we are to be quiet about it. It's like Ha, You're Getting Old! But don't talk about it.

There, I feel better.

Emily and Abigail also visited yesterday, along with my niece Audrey. The little girls had their friend Amanda over, and it was quite a busy house, with the kitten here and all. One pint-sized kitten can add a lot of hullabaloo. We had taco salad, and I made a quick pan of brownies, using coconut oil instead of canola or vegetable oil, and I'm sad to say that I tasted some and they were excellent. It was only one batch, and it went quickly, thankfully. waking up, things to learn, breakfast to make...

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Anonymous said...

"And how are you today?", with..."Well, not too bad, but I just had a horrible hot flash in the cereal aisle."

Ok you just made me laugh out loud.I haven't had the dreaded hot flashes yet but I know they are coming. I am 44 so time is ticking. :( Not looking forward to it.