summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Thursday, June 18, 2015

just another day...not!!!

I will not take one single day of my life for granted. No sir. Today, I am going to the grocery store...well, like three different ones. We need supplies for our week at the camp. Now, what mother wouldn't be jumping up and down with happiness about the prospect of having ALL SIXTEEN KIDS together at the SAME TIME. Well, I can't actually jump anymore, but I hope to some day...between the arthritis in the knees and well, the little tummy I sport...okay, big tummy...I can't get airborne anymore.

But my SPIRIT is jumping up and down.

Tomorrow, I am picking Benjamin and Ashley and granddaughter Anya up from the airport, from Washington state. The plan was to also pick up Samuel (from Washington D.C.), and hour later, but his flight is at 11:00 PM, not AM. oops. But Paul has taken tomorrow off from work, and is going to the airport with me:)

I have packed my clothes, Jonathan's clothes, and the princesses things for the camp. There are boxes filled with essentials like olive oil and rice and cans of soup for a rainy day, marshmallows and graham crackers and chocolate bars, shampoo and insect repellent and microwave popcorn, dishwashing liquid and towels and washcloths and sheets. I feel like Mrs. Potato head in the Toy Story movie, when she kept shoving more stuff into Mr. Potato head.

Towels...I keep washing them to pack for the trip, and they keep using them for going in the pool. Is there ever ever going to be enough towels here?

I am also happy today because the scale was kind to me. I have now lost 8 pounds in seven weeks. That's not the speed I was hoping for, but at least it's moving downward, and for someone my this stage of life, I'll take it.

Here's the thing about this diet I'm on:

I am rarely hungry. I drink my coffee in the morning with coconut oil and MCT oil...then don't breakfast until around noon...then I usually have a few eggs, some veggies...or perhaps just nuts and berries.

I eat meat with lots of veggies for dinner every night, and get unbelievably full...I used to NEVER get full.

After dinner, I just don't eat...if I want something, I'll have Chai tea.

I no longer eat sugar. At all. Not even when Jonathan made chocolate chip cookies yesterday, all by himself. (he bagged some up for Ben and Ashley and for Sam:))

Being free from sugar is amazing. I am no longer it's slave. I still am attracted to baked goods and ice cream, but it doesn't have that pull anymore. I tell myself that I have lived for a few months without it, I don't need to have any now.

Popcorn was the hardest thing to give up. I now have it purposely once a week or so, to "carb up", and honestly, although it's bothers my stomach now.

I have had dark chocolate five times in these last few months, only one bite, five times. It was enough, when previously, I had to eat square after square, as if reassuring myself that yes, it was good. Now I find it overly sweet, and a little bite is enough.

Sometimes I put unsweetened cocoa in my coffee or tea, put it in the blender with heavy cream or half and half, and a little bit of coconut oil....yum!

My hot flashes have not returned.

My clothes fit better, I have lost a little of that annoying muffin top, not nearly enough of it yet, but some of it.

Overall, I am happy with my progress. I have to remember to take my vitamins and minerals, and to drink lots of water, and to eat enough veggies. But I am satisfied with this way of eating, because my blood sugar no longer dips and I feel more steady...using fat for fuel.

Macadamia nuts are SO GOOD! They are also so expensive. I bought a big bag of them at BJ's, and tried to keep them a little hidden...that's hard for me, I want to give my kids all good things, but...I reason that I don't eat the ice cream or the popsicles or the chips, so I can have a little treat. And don't blame me if I presented them as "something for Mommy that you guys probably wouldn't like."

Pistachio nuts are also wonderful.

Cherries are in stores now, from Washington state....oh heavenly yum. I could eat the whole bag because they taste so good, but I don't. So I still need self-control, and I still need to deny myself. Life will always be like that for someone like me.

The day is starting, kids are waking up. Sonja left on the bus for her very last day of school this morning. Evelyn finished up yesterday. No more pencils, no more more teachers' dirty looks.

And, I have places to go and things to do....

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