summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Thursday, June 11, 2015

leisurely walk through life.....

Like Miley sang, it's the climb. The little things. Life is NOW.

Stop and smell the roses...

Cam...enjoying the no particular hurry...

I am still reveling in the beauty of June...that harsh cold winter hasn't been forgotten.

Camille, Jonathan, Charlotte Claire...

Oh, the joy of a walk after some rain! She splished and she splashed, Miss Camille.

And, some chicken on the grill...I do not miss winter.

The crazy mama with kitty kitten...for some reason, the school girls think it's funny when kitty waves goodbye to them when they leave for the bus.

Our pool is getting clean, slowly but surely. There is still gunk (leaves! we have cottonwood trees, so there is also white fluff...) in the middle on the bottom, and it's tedious to vacuum because the basket gets filled so quickly. Yesterday we got in and swam around, that helps because it then goes through the filter.

Okay, Paul stopped at the store on the way home from work yesterday and bought ingredients for two recipes he just had to try...egg salad with avocados, and soup...with avocado. First, he assembled the "new" food processor from the thrift store...and yeah, a piece was missing...and he found out the hard way it was broken...chicken broth and avocado all over the counter and he tried it in the tiny food processor, but first he had to find it, and of course only I know where exactly in the cupboard it is. He couldn't find the measuring spoons, either. Now all this time, I was sitting in my comfy chair, attempting to read a really good library book. I had made dinner (chicken on the grill, ect.), cleaned up, and the kids were all at activity club. And Paul is out in the kitchen cooking, and making messes, and asking me where things were. But. Here's the thing. Despite the irritation I felt, I was happy that he does things that make him happy. He loved how his new recipes came out, and had the girls taste stuff when they came in the door. Yes, he was pretty thrilled. And I am thankful that I don't have to give in to irritation.

He cleaned up after himself. But no offense to any guys reading this, but in my humble opinion, they don't clean up very well. So this fine morning, I found myself tempted to get a bit RRR, all over again.:)

Anyhow. It's his house too. And I love him. A lot.

Tomorrow, I have to make a boatload of cupcakes for Mali's baby shower. I have some good recipes for chocolate, vanilla, and lemon cupcakes. I need to go over them, and make a list, and get the stuff I need from the store, which I should do today so I can stay home tomorrow and bake. I plan to frost them on's easier to break it up, and not have to bake and frost on the same day.

Today, Davian is here, as well as Sebastian and Linnea, the twins...they are all three years old, and they are adorable. It's a riot to have little ones in the house, they are so funny. Davian is asking Sebastian how old he is....just too much cuteness...Linnea is playing in the girls' room with them...


Marilyn said...

It is very hard to sit by and watch your husband prepare food I find. Mine is NOT a cook by any stretch of the imagination, except for cooking on the BBQ. If he peels and cuts up some veggies.......potatoes and carrots for instance........he keeps asking me how big I want them cut up or a million other questions. Honestly!!!!!! I love him to bits, but I feel like just getting up and doing it myself, but I don't. Silly isn't it? It is hard when you can do it in half the time and a quarter of the mess. Then he asks which pot should he cook them in :-) :-) Men are funny actually. But my hubby does all house repairs, most of the yard work etc and I do most of the housewife things and to be honest this works best for us. We are in our 70's and perhaps more traditional. I love the photos of your children.........they are lovely. Good luck with all those cupcakes :-)

Marilyn from Canada

Jeannine Wakefield said...

3 year olds are adorable. My daughter over heard my almost 4 year old grandson tell his slightly younger cousin " when I was your age I liked to play with trucks too". I love their imagination and listening to them play.