summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Monday, July 11, 2016

in the heat of the summer....

1. Tomorrow: beach! 91 degrees and sunny! Emily, Mirielle, and Mali ALL have the day off from work! So of course we are going to the beach!

2. The concert last night was busy, not crazy-busy, but still. We got home at 1 a.m. It's half a mile from the van to the concession stand, and that half mile seems looooong after working for seven hours. We get a break to eat a hot dog (or a pretzel, blah) and a bottle of water, and there's no place to sit except to perch on a concrete tent anchor thing, which feels like a recliner after being on my poor feetsies for a few hours, ha. And they give us unlimited bottles of water, which is nice. There were 20,000 people at the concert last night though, and those Phish phans are an interesting bunch.

3. It was my birthday, and yes, I signed up to work at the concert. Poor Cam asked yesterday what time the party was. Um, honey, there's no party. But TODAY, there WAS a party...

4. We had a pool party! I woke up this morning, tried to get out of bed, and yay, I did it! I walked to the bathroom like Frankenstein, and remembered in a hurry that it was the day after a concert. After a bit of morning work, Evelyn and I set out on an adventure...air in the tires, then coffee, then grocery store...then another grocery store...we had to get corn dogs and pizza pockets and a watermelon and Gummy Bears and a huge bag of ice for snowcones. We also had crackers and pepperoni and lots of fresh veggies, chips and dip.

5. Kids are what life is all about. Their joy in the little things is contagious, and I enjoyed having little friends here to splash in the pool with, and share treats with. Jon loved running around the yard, jousting matches.

6. I hadn't even finished my morning coffee when I was grilling burgers for dinner, no kidding.

7. After dinner, I made a pasta salad for the beach, Evelyn made brownies, and I cut up a cantaloupe and some cucumbers for the beach.

8. Wednesday is another concert....and it's going to be really hot...but I won't think about that yet...

9. Anyway, when I was at the concert, I had a few customers who were whiny, you know, I'm filling the order and I hear one of them say something about how long he's been waiting for, "that lady to get his food...." I wanted to stomp my feet and tell him it was my birthday, how would he like to serve ME on HIS birthday? ha. Then the ones who get mad when we cut off the alcohol, as if it's our decision...


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