summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

shopping was fun after all....

We went to the dreaded mall...Old Navy, where we found sweet leggings and tops for the princesses, and the other girls got a few things too. Then to Sears...where I tried on a few dresses and all the girls gave their opinions. I found one I felt comfortable enough in, that they gave the thumbs up to, that I can wear without a sweater, that was only $17.49, to wear to the wedding I am attending on Saturday.

Sonja 14, Suzanne 15, Kathryn 18, Evelyn 16, Camille 8, with Miss Charlotte Claire 10, peeking from behind. (Jonathan was at Will's house)

Suzanne got her fish! They carried it through the grocery store, as I bought celery and lettuce and peppers and a package of diving plastic fish that sink to the bottom of the pool for the kids to find (I sneaked it in and surprised them later), sandwich baggies (I put leftovers in baggies, and am always packing things up to take here and there and send with people), chicken, pepperoni, coffee, frozen veggies, half and half, yogurt, cheese, eggs, turkey, and ham. We also bought a 20 pound bag of ice for snow cones.

On the back of the grocery store receipt were two buy one get one free beverage coupons for the McDonalds right across the parking lot from the store, so yeah, we went. Evelyn and I got large iced coffees...they put sugar in mine, so we had to go back. Evelyn was driving, and I felt mean making her navigate in the traffic, but I couldn't drink it. I don't like sugar in coffee, nor do I need it. The nice thing was they gave us another one and we got to keep the one we had:) Oh, the little things.

Home...ah home, the place I wanted to be the whole time...we put the groceries away in record time, and got into the pool to cool off...and then...the headache that had been threatening me all day came on in full force. I try not to take ibuprofen unless I have to, and dang it I should have just taken it earlier...I had to sit quietly for a bit, which isn't easy as dinnertime approaches and they start asking where it is, ha. The ibuprofen worked quickly though, and I felt good enough to make some chicken wraps for them, not that they couldn't do it themselves. In this heat, no one is really too hungry anyway.

The older kids all went to the youth meeting, they are staying to play beach volleyball afterward, so it's only Paul and I and the two princesses. I took them in the pool, which was much better this time without the headache, then made them snow cones. I had one too, with diet lemon iced tea on it.

Now they are playing SIMS, which is a house-design computer game, which they are totally and completely in love with. I have to drag them away from it to do things, which is why it was probably a good thing to go out and about today. It was actually quite fun. And maybe I'll try on the dress and post a pic. The clothes the little girls got are too cute, they don't really NEED them, but they are so cute, and they grow up so fast, and it's fun...little floral leggings and long t-shirts, sweet striped summery zippered sweatshirts ($3.99!) was all very reasonable, and they enjoy it so much.

We had wanted to make it to the thrift store to get jeans, they like to cut them off and decorate them, ect., make them into nice shorts. It was too hot though, and we had all had enough shopping. We didn't even go to Target, yay us!

Paul brought dark chocolate home from France...oh the creaminess...I had one square after dinner, I want to just eat all of it and get it over with, ha. I am definitely going to have one more piece. mmm, chocolate. Why oh why is it just so good?

Anyway...I had a fantastic day with my girls.


Carol Slater said...

Your day sounds perfect with your girls! The memories made are wonderful and one day you will certainly treasure them.

a portland granny said...

I absolutely love how much you love your kiddos!! You always have such a good time with them.

I hope they know they are blessed!! I'm sure they do!!

Do post the picture with the dress.


Joan in Portland

Marilyn Reid said...

Such beautiful girls! And they all look so different............they are lucky to have such a great mum 🤗🤗 Yes.....we want to see the new dress. Have a great day!!

Marilyn from Canada