summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Thursday, March 16, 2017

back home again...

Paul is coming home today! I get to pick him up from the airport later this afternoon. I would like to make a quick trip to the small city first, to get some groceries...we are scraping the bottom of the bin of doggy kibble, and are running out of essentials, like half and half for the coffee. Our fresh fruit and veggies are diminishing, we are almost at the point where the teenagers stand there with the 'fridge open saying, "There's nothing to eat."

I would like to get the house spic and span and spotless before Paul comes home, I don't know why. Maybe it's because when you've been gone, staying in nicely vacuumed hotel rooms without iron water stains in the sinks, you notice more clutter and dust when you get home. Not that we have those things, ha.

Maybe it's because I want to pretend like I'm a busy girl. Maybe because it's just less stressful walking into a clean house, at least for me. When the kids have it nice when I come home from somewhere, I love it.

And me...I would like to lose at least ten pounds before this afternoon. I have to wash my hair, I already showered this morning but Kathryn was needing me to drive her over to Emily's house in town because she works from home, online, and our internet is sloooow. So I didn't wash my hair in the shower because it's cold out, and we had to leave. Good planner, I am.

It's been a busy morning, for reals, as Kathryn says. I swept and mopped, I washed up the counters and did some laundry. I shoveled some of the driveway. We have like three feet of snow out there, the only vehicle that is shoveled out is the truck. Abigail gets home from her cruise tomorrow, and her car is simply snowed in. I widened the pathway a bit, throwing the shovels of snow onto the snowbank on the clear side of the driveway, Sunny there to dive under and catch the snow. She loves when you throw the whole shovel of snow on her! She jumps to catch it, she dives "underwater" in the snow, she wags and smiles and just delights in it. I want to wack her one because she also wrecks the snowbanks, sliding all that snow back into the driveway.

The good thing about Sunny being such a little helper when I shovel is that she gets tired. She's very cute and darling when she is running around the house with a sock in her mouth that she's not supposed to have, but when I'm trying to do something important, like sit here and's nice to have her snoring on the couch.

But as with all good things, yeah, I have to get up and get the girls ready and go out into the cold windy day. The snow has stopped for now, but the wind is still blowing all that snow into the roads, but the truck has four wheel drive, so I should be okay to go to the store.

Spring is going to be so sweet this year....

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