summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Sunday, March 5, 2017

it started to early, but oh well....

These three couch hogs...(the couch is a hodgepodge of blankets and coverings, they have to be washed quite often...) Duke is the chocolate guy, with half an ear. He's the wake up with the birds dude. This fine morning, I watched the sun come up while they went outside and romped around...they came in, I gave them their treat, told them to go lie down, and got back in my still warm bed. Well. This time, Duke wasn't even quiet for five minutes. I no sooner was covered and comfy, and he started in again. I put a pillow over my head to drown out his intermittent barks. I put two pillows on my head. I put my phone with the white noise on high volume, directly on my ear, with two pillows on top. I could still hear him.

Poor guy. He just wants people around. I think he's going senile. So I just got up. It's not terrible, being up with the birds on Sunday morning. It's not the end of the world to be tired. I gave Duke his medicine, and he's happy as can be. I noticed that as I sit here with my computer, he puts his head up every once and a while and looks around, making sure there's someone out here. I think that perhaps I am going to have to maybe perhaps start having him sleep in my room. I have resistance to that idea, because for years and years and years, I had children who would have rather bunked in with us, and though it wasn't easy, I drew that line. Once they were passed the nursing stage, I wasn't going to have a family bed, ha, there wouldn't have been room for me any more. And that takes something, to put a kid back to bed when they come padding in silently in the middle of the night...more than once, I had myself a good fright when some sweet child or other appeared by my bedside and said into the silence, "I don't feel well!", or, the real heartbreaker, "I had a bad dream..."

I know if I let him sleep in my room, even in a comfy bed on the floor, that dog is going to end up climbing into our bed. And I am not sure I am up for that. Labs are very hoggy, and have absolutely no concept of personal space, ha.

Besides being tired, it's a really nice morning. I have my pumpkin spice coffee, my new warm slippers, a furry blanket, and the house is quiet, now that the puppy has finished with her after-breakfast antics. (She has an energetic streak in the mornings, we have to play fetch, and she roughhouses with Suri so much I have to shoo them back out the door a few times until she settles down.)

Yesterday was the basketball game at the Dome...Emily, Abigail, Margaret, Evelyn, Suzanne, and I all worked. We dropped Paul off at the airport...he's in Ireland for a few weeks. Abigail and I rode together, and after the airport, we went to that magnet bakery...oh dear. Half-moon cookies...big cake-like confections with half chocolate/half vanilla frosting on top. And the eclairs...Camille has been asking for a while to try one, so I figured it would be nice to come home from the game with a little surprise...three huge the bad thing about all this is that no one really liked the eclairs except for Cam...and I heard myself say, "Let me have just a small try of that, Cam...." As if I wouldn't like it or something, who am I kidding? I DID like it, and dang if I didn't help Cam finish it there are two in the box in the refrigerator, and that child better eat both of them for breakfast, or I am going to have to smush them into the garbage can.:)

Anyway. After the game, as tired as I was, I promised Sonja, who had stayed home all day with the little girls, that I would take her somewhere. Evelyn and Suzanne showered and we went out the was almost seven o'clock on a frigid Saturday night, seven degrees(-13.88c), clear and cold.

We hadn't decided on what to do, these five girls and I. It was so cold out, and dark out...we decided our house is cozy and warm, so we ordered a pizza and some wings, went to town and got a movie, "Sully", the one about the pilot who landed the plane in the Hudson river in New York (It was pretty good, and the little girls were very intrigued, after we looked up actual pictures and accounts of it).

So we picked up our pizza and watched our movie, and had a nice cozy evening.

Then, because I had had a long busy day and Paul wasn't home, I read a book for too long into the night. I should know better, I mean, one would think that a Sunday morning would be a nice time to sleep in, but ha.

But life goes by in a blink, and these are good years. There will always be something, won't there?

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Grace said...

Wow, so you have 3 huge dogs! I have 3 small ones, 2 who sleep on our bed and are bed hogs, so I can't imagine huge dogs on the beds!