summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Thursday, March 30, 2017

some pictures, and some sewing

Emily stopped by after clinical yesterday, and took this pic of Jonathan and Sunny...where did our little tiny puppy go?

Where is Suri?

And here is Duke...he's pretty cute.

Evelyn played board games with the kids the other night...

Just a little springiness! I made new valances for the living room windows yesterday, and re-covered a few pillows to match. I like the coral color for spring and summer.

The other valances were just made in the fall, but I wanted something lighter for spring.

Getting out the sewing machine is always fun. It worked fine yesterday, not a single snag, it was lovely. Sometimes you just have those days when the thread breaks, it bunches, the bobbin messes up, but not yesterday.

Keeping the floors clean these days is challenging, with all the paws to wipe, not to mention the kids going out to play then coming in with muddy shoes, sneakers, or feet. But as you get older you realize that deja vous, yes, that sense of, "this AGAIN?", and you know it's temporary...the ground will dry, things will get better. It's really not a huge-o deal.

Easter is just around the corner. I have a small stockpile of candy, but want to get more. I won't be filling 16 baskets this year, but will make a small one for the three older girls who live in town, just a small one with good chocolate in it and not a lot of junk. They would rather not be eating candy, so maybe I'll put some protein bars and nuts in it. Samuel should be home for Easter this year, which is fun, because he was always the one who would help me wrap presents, fill stockings, and fill the Easter baskets. I have such good memories of that. And of him when he was four years old, he wanted a big big big chocolate bunny. He saw one in the store, I think it was called Grandfather Bunny. And he just kept saying he wanted that huge chocolate rabbit for Easter. So, I got it for him. The other kids never said anything about why they just regular sized ones, they were all just impressed with that one Sam got. I don't know why he wanted that so badly, but he got it.

The girls are all excited because they are having cousin Dani and friend Amanda over to spend the night on Saturday. They have big plans, and I let them decide on a DIY project to do with them...I think they are choosing to make slime. So today we are going to the craft store, yay! We want to make the stuff with the little foam beads in it, and maybe some glitter.


Marilyn Reid said...

We are heading home on Saturday to mud and slush I imagine. It's been nice not having that here in Arizona!!! I love the photos of your doggies.......dear ole Duke πŸ’— I also love your cushions and valances. Very springy and lovely!! So we are starting to get packed up for the looooooooooog drive home. My husband is keeping and eye on the weather........some sort of a wind advisory north of here. Hopefully that has passed by Saturday. Driving in the wind is quite awful, but better than blowing snow 😱 We are going to golf this morning....our last game for a while I imagine unless spring comes galloping into Alberta very soon!! The dogs know something is going on around here...the suitcases are out!!! Have a great day DellaπŸ€—πŸŒ΅πŸ¦Ž

Marilyn from Canada

mamadragon said...

I love the menory of Grandfather rabbit and your four year old son. I think siblings understand about these things. I tell mine I can not do perfect equality. If I bought you all the same it still would not be fair. The brothers do not want barbies for Christmas! Lol. But I can do equity. Trying to ensure each child gets what they need, and some times that is fullfilling a little boys heartfelt need for a big bunny. Children have very stretchy hearts, always able to hold a little more love... perhaps, all in preparation for parenting.

16 blessings'mom said...

Marilyn, have a safe long trip, enjoy it. I love/hate long car rides. It's funny how the dogs know something's going on. They are smart creatures, fur sure, ha.
I have not been able to, even if I tried, to make life fair for all of my kids. I have encouraged them through the years to be happy when someone else gets something they don't get, and that sometimes they will be the recipient, and they will want their siblings to be happy for them, and also to share what they have, because that's one of God's laws: when you give, you receive. I have always tried very hard to make sure each one of them knew/knows I love them, and this is where material goods come in handy, ha. :)