summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Friday, March 24, 2017

greener grass and rose colored glasses...

Um, don't tell the school district, but today has been a homeschooler's dream. The teacher was up partying all night, also known as baking cakes for like 400 - 600 people, which turned, awful, but that's a whole 'nother story. So the teacher stayed up too late, and ate too many cake scraps, which made sleep just out of reach. Teacher got to bed around one, knowing she had to get up at 6:30 to get sweet daughter Evelyn Joy to school for a science field trip. The knowledge that one has to get up early somehow inhibits the elusive sleep from washing over me. Then...when I blissfully nod, Duke decides to declare himself to the world, just a few intermittent barks of loneliness, spaced apart almost scientifically to when I nod back off again. I actually imagine myself sighting him in, on just an airsoft rifle, of course! Just give him a little BE QUIET zonk.

Evelyn arrives in my room, MOM, YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO DRIVE ME TO SCHOOL! WE HAVE TO LEAVE IN FIVE MINUTES! This is not my favorite way to start the day.

I drank coffee on the way there, and regaled her with my woeful cake tales. Um yeah. They rose up nicely, then fell flat...baked up lovely on the outsides, and the insides were still jiggly...we turned the oven way down, and waited ever so impatiently as the night got older and the cakes seemed just weird. They tasted fine, I mean, we HAD to trim the edges where they over-rose. But they are going to be more like blonde brownies than white cake...but served with berries and whipped cream...

Anyway, teacher did something teacher never does: went back to bed. The night was unbelievably short, and it's a cold and dreary day, windy and overcast, a day for sleeping a little bit. Jonathan agreed to get up and stay out here with the puppies, so they didn't bark in utter loneliness...and I took a one hour nap.

(Duke can't sleep in our room. It's like taking a nap with a toddler who has eaten too much sugar. He's antsy and keeps me awake)(and I think he likes being with the other dogs)

Anyway. Teacher spent too much time with two small children on the arms of her chair, looking at houses for sale. We like to critique ever aspect, and especially like to look at the really expensive ones. We found one we can really fit into, and we want it, but unfortunately, it ain't gonna happen, ha. Those kitchens though!

For some reason, Miss Cam is having milk and a chocolate cupcake, and Char is mauling poor Sunny, who looks tolerant, but not thrilled.

We are going to do some more intense school, in a bit. It's just one of those days...and we have stacks and stacks of new library books! Yesterday in the library, the girls were exclaiming, "I just love books!", nodding in agreement with each other, and jumping up and down. That makes this homeschooling thing worth it.

We also went to the dreaded Target yesterday, to get a few gifts for Kathryn. I bought her some sandals, which she thought were going to be pretty useless in Norway, ha. We also brought lunch up to her, she is staying in Oswego this week. It was only McDonalds, but hey, a side salad with a few nuggets...they all got $2 chocolate shakes too, oh how I longed, but didn't dare...she took her lunch hour when we got there, but then had to get back to work.

Lately I have been googling things like airline tickets to California, and Seattle, then more reasonable, hotel prices for just maybe a long weekend in July, maybe in Cape Cod. Paul and I need a little get-away again, don't you think?

The story unfolding in London is horrific. Local news isn't much better, here an investigator in the DA's office allegedly hit an 18 year old boy while driving, and didn't even stop. The boy was taken off life support after family and friends said their goodbyes, and now this former investigator, (he has been fired), is in big trouble. He knows the law, but couldn't apply it to himself, he was probably pretty drunk. Sad and tragic on all sides.

Sunny is in her perch on the back of the couch in front of the window. I don't like that she picked that spot, but she really likes it, and it's cute, and oh well, she wins. Sometimes you have to just pick your battles. Having eleven daughters has taught me that. I would say it's like this with the girls: 90% of the time, keep your mouth shut. No matter if you are right and they are wronger than the day is long. When you, as the mom, feel the most like straightening them out and using your God-given Mom Power, as in BECAUSE I SAID SO, it's usually not the right time. The right time is pretty much when things are calm and good, and you can talk in a peaceful way, after all the anger and the right-ness and the impatience has burned off, ha. There are exceptions to every rule of course, especially where Momming is concerned, but usually the first reaction is a wrong reaction. There is a time and place for putting the foot down, and I am still learning how to fine-tune this skill, my poor older kids! Oh, to get a Re-Do of life!

I do go on and on sometimes, hampered from getting up from this comfy chair by the knowledge that letting sleeping dogs lie is better than putting my foot rest down and waking them all up, letting them out, then wiping off 12 muddy paws...and the coffee is particularly yummy this chilly morning.

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Carol Slater said...

I remember the days that I knew if the school district knew what we were doing in school they would simply say we were not in school. One day we played games all day! Learning games of course, but games all day!! It was fun and a nice break from book work.
Also, there was a few times that I called kindergarten nap day. We each took a nap! Things had been hurried and hectic and we all needed it, so nap day it was.