summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Monday, March 6, 2017

monday madness.....

Where oh where did the day go? We stayed home, we did school, I read, we painted some little birdhouses, they made clay pots to put pencils in. I made chili, rice, and brownies.

Tomorrow, we are not staying home. Jonathan needs a hair trim, and preferably some new sandals for his cruise with Grandma. Yes, his Grandma is taking him on a Caribbean cruise with Abigail! She asked Abigail first, and told her she cold pick a Abigail picked Jonathan!

They are leaving on Thursday, so I will be bringing them to the airport, which makes three trips to the airport in six days...(Paul left for Ireland on Saturday, Kathryn came home from California last night, and now these two are flying to Florida to meet up with Grandma for their cruise).

So tomorrow I need to get some groceries, a birthday present for Mali (she's turning 23!) It seems like she has been grown up for so long already...she graduated from high school a year early, with Aaron, then started nursing school. She got a job as an R.N. right after, because school loans don't wait forever to be paid off! She's a mom, and has all the grown up stuff like car payments.

Mali is coming over tomorrow afternoon, so I will make something nice for dinner, and have something good for dessert. I can't very well bake something when I'm not home, and if I was thinking ahead I would have made something today, so maybe I'll just get ice cream and put together an ice cream pie quick. (quickly is correct, but doesn't "quick" sound better?)

Anyway. Between buying lightbulbs and almond flour and flip flops for Jon and doggy chow and plastic wrap and coffee filters and gymnastics and birthday gifts...tomorrow will be fun.

As much as I wish I could say I didn't eat any brownies, um...well, I had a few. I like the chewiness of the corner pieces. The sad part is that I ate so well today! I had a few meatballs for a late breakfast, four chicken wings for lunch, and chili for dinner. It was enough food, and I almost made it through the day successfully, but dang it if I didn't get fooled into thinking the old One Taste thing. ugh.

Tomorrow is another day. I will behave.

I am very tired and am going to try to sleep early, because obviously Duke will be waking me bright and early. He hasn't been eating all of his food today, morning and evening he left some behind...actually for the last few days. He is also very shaky on his legs. And tonight, he snapped at poor Charlotte, she was trying to get him to wake up and go outside one last time, he can't hear, so he was startled when she shook him awake. I don't know...I am worried he is turning into a know, a dog who might actually bite, just because he can't see well, can't hear, and is old and wobbly. wah. Samuel is getting out of the Army next month, and asked me to please wait until he can come home and say goodbye. I will try my hardest to respect that. But my thinking is that if Duke can survive a harsh New York winter, it seems cruel to put him down when the weather is turning nice...never mind. I can't think about it tonight. Why oh why do we have to love these creatures so much? Is it not enough that I have given my heart to so many children? And Paul of course. But these are ANIMALS. My heart doesn't care about that though. No sir. I love those puppies.

Okay. enough for tonight.

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Grace said...

I have a dog who is older and doesn't hear very well. Sometimes he sleeps very hard and doesn't hear me call him. If I then touch him, he starts as if he might bite me. (I think he is probably dreaming that he is in the jungle and is being attacked by a wild animal). So I have taken to blowing in his face to wake him up, or if he is on the floor, touching his face gently with the bottom of a hanging towel. Better safe than sorry.

My husband and have had many dogs, most of who lived to a very ripe old age. Our philosophy is to wait until the dog tells you he is ready to go. As in stops enjoying life in general. Our old boy still loves to go for walks (more like very slow strolls) and he eats well and interacts nicely with the other two dogs we have. Of course, if he becomes a danger to your family, that's another story. The decision is so agonizing...I feel for you...take care.