summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Friday, March 31, 2017

cozy 101...

We live west of Syracuse, with heavy rain still to come. It's gloomy, it's chilly, and yes, the fake fireplace is humming, what did we ever do without it? The forecast is dismal, isn't it? Sunday will be glorious, if the sun peeks out, never mind that a high of 49 isn't really very warm. Here in New York, it means shorts and windows open.

But today, it's cozy in here. I do wonder if I really like the gloomy days, or just decided somewhere along the line to embrace them, because the alternative is either move to California, or be miserable.

As I was taking a dollhouse person from a bad puppy this morning, I stopped to look at how this was set up. The daddy figure is checking out the 'fridge, one lady is vacuuming, and the other is holding a baby in the rocking chair. It's like what I always dreamed of, having someone to clean while I rocked the baby.

Sunny has a hard time minding her business when it concerns dollhouse people. She thinks they are just the right consistency for teething on. I got one from her, (thankfully Drop It works)...then she kept going over and nosing around, I kept telling her no, it's not for you...then she just flopped down in her little bed, head on paws, and sighed. She is no dummy.

Silly me, I was marveling at how people keep getting sick, and how come I haven't been sick in so long? Not that I wanted to be, of course, but maybe I am just a healthy person. harrumph. My head has been stuffy and dizzy lately, and yesterday the cold symptoms started in full force. A head cold is such a feel-sorry-for-myself sickness. It rather matches the weather today. I am thankful for tissues, and for hot coffee and tea. Last evening, for dinner, I made a really good pot of chicken soup. I chopped up and onion, some red peppers, some carrots, and some potatoes, into small cubes...browned them up nicely in olive oil, then added them to the pot where a nice sized container of chicken broth, some water, and the leftover chicken from the day before (all cubed up small), was simmering. I added lots of fresh cilantro, then after fifteen minutes or so, scooped most of it out. I made rice, and those pop and fresh biscuits, for the kids. It was so good, I want to make more!

Yesterday, I took the little girls to the craft store. We got our slime supplies...we want to make some with the foam balls in it. We went up and down the aisles, and picked out some springy flowers to bring out the coral color in the living room, and some coral chalk paint (ooh, what can I paint?). I let them get some of the modeling clay that will harden if you leave it out, and they are very excited about that. We got a few new mason jar candles, too. The nice lady at the register let me use two coupons, one for %50 off a regular priced item (the chalk paint), and the other %15 off the total, including sale stuff.

We then went to the warehouse store for pepperoni and half and half and Easter candy.

Then, Walmart! We needed liquid laundry starch for our slime recipe, and some pizza dough, and ice cream for Saturday night. The girls are having a few friends over for a sleepover!

Yesterday, I talked to my son Samuel for over an hour on the phone. I talked to Benjamin the day before. I love keeping in touch with the older ones. We are planning our 2017 summer vacation...we are renting the camp on the lake in the Adirondacks again! Getting out of the car and smelling the pines, the freshness of the air, seeing the lake right there in the front yard, the slamming of the wood screen door, running in to check out the now familiar cabin, the excitement of greeting the grown kids from far away...we bring so many snacks it's not funny, and I mostly let myself go...not completely, but I enjoy some wine and popcorn, and last year, I had Oreos. We eat snacks on the dock every afternoon in lieu of lunch, and even when it rains, we enjoy it all. I cannot wait.

And Sam is getting out of the Army so soon! Paul and I are going to drive down to his little exit ceremony. I asked if President Trump would be there, as Sam is a member of the Old Guard, Presidential Honor Guard. But I don't think Mr. Trump knows that Samuel exists. His loss, ha.

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