summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Friday, April 7, 2017

if only....

If only I had lots of courage, and I was a photographer. I wouldn't be afraid of breaking in on solemn moments, I would have that fancy camera with the long lens, and snap away, without anyone think I was obnoxious. As it stands, I have my iPhone, and you would not believe how many of my kids resort to putting their hands over their faces when I so innocently try to get some good pictures.

They are getting better though. The parking lot pics and the selfies with them in stores, they tolerate...because they are seeing how time passes, and how it's nice to remember the fun times.

And this all leads me to next son Samuel is getting out of the Army! (I am at loss for the correct term for that...I can't say "graduating", and if I say, "discharged", it sounds like he's getting the boot, when in reality they offered him the moon and all the stars to re-enlist). His time is up, he's getting out, and if things go according to plan, Paul and I will be down there at Fort Myer on Thursday for a little goodbye Sam ceremony! We reserved a hotel last night, we plan to leave on Wednesday, spend the day with him on Thursday if possible, then head home with him, and all of his stuff, on Friday.

It's one last trip to D.C., very bittersweet. I love that he's coming home, but it has been nice to take all the trips there. I hope we'll at least get a glimpse of the cherry blossom trees.

Oh, and my original point of this post...I hope I get some good pictures!

Anyway. Yesterday we stayed home, did some math and reading. I cleaned out a closet, and let me just ask this: how do we accumulate so much stuff, and why is it so unorganized? I love organization! When I look at pics of someone's craft area all neat and in rows and bins, I almost want to cry, I love it so much, but I am not able to keep things that way myself. I try. So I tried with this closet's our pantry closet. I took everything out, vacuumed and wiped down the shelves, and honestly, I just did all this last year, so it's not been that long. I organized it because I was going to make cookies, and the ingredients were in a jumble, and I knew I had more flour...well, turns out I have six bags of flour, ha. The baking bin is all neatened up, the tomato sauces are all in one place, the soups are in another, ect. It's very nice now, but the key is keeping it that way...

We also went through the grow, shoes get shabby, so they need weeding out occasionally. Winter boots can almost be put away, but not actually snowed last night, and is rain/snowing right now! Duke was barking before the sun came up, and when I got up to let them all out, the deck was covered with white stuff!

Paul's birthday is on Sunday, and we are having lasagna. Two of my girls are in an interest group at church, and are making lasagna as a fundraiser, so YAY, I don't have to make dinner on Sunday! Tomorrow is one of my non-favorite events, the Monster Truck Jam, at the Carrier Dome. Our church is working there as a fundraiser, in concessions. It's loud. But it IS rather cool, they truck in tons and tons of dirt, and cover that floor that is usually hosting basketball, football, or lacrosse games...then those huge trucks come in and is cool. I do feel bad for the prices of the things our stands sell, but we can't do anything about it. Families get these tickets, $15 for kids, then can't bring any food in with them, and are sort of stuck paying $4 for a hot dog, $5 for pizza.

Anyway, it's Friday, and I'm always glad for Fridays, it means I'll see more of Paul, more of the school kids, and maybe Margaret and Adrian...Emily and Mirielle aren't working their R.N. jobs this weekend, so hopefully I'll see them. (Mali flew down to Myrtle Beach for a little vacation with Lydia and Zach). Weekends don't mean sleeping in anymore, not for as long as we have Duke, no, he's an early bird. He just gets all out of sorts once he's awake and no one human is out here. He follows me around when he's awake, but lately, that's not very often. He sleeps for most of the day.

It's nice to feel better, this cold is winding down. My stomach hasn't been great lately, and there are things going around. I haven't been actually been sick, but have just felt sick, if that makes sense. In any case, I really don't mind hunkering down and staying home in this gloomy wet weather...


Marilyn Reid said...

How lovely that your Sam is going to be home. Is he planning on going to college or uni in the fall? It is VERY gloomy here today. Yesterday was just beautiful for our first day home, and today it is foggy and soggy. I really have to get into my pantry too. A few of years ago I put all the spices in alphabetical order so I didn't have to look through 30 or so to find one! It stayed pretty much in order for quite a while, but needs sorting again. I might have a go in that pantry today as it is a bit of a mess and I hate it when it's like that. I haven't unpacked our big suitcase yet........we put it downstairs in the spare bedroom.....out of sight out of mind for now. It's all summer clothes, all washed and clean, and we won't need them for a bit yet. I will get to that in a couple of days. I did some laundry and grocery shopping yesterday, so slowly getting back to normal. Watching the weather forecast through the areas we just came through, we are lucky we came through when we did. All sorts of snow and ugly weather there now 😱😱I hope you have a good day Della........all the kids around 💗💕

Marilyn from Canada

Joybells said...

I worked the Monster Jam event once too--in Portland! It was super loud and smelly, but there was a lot of excitement and that made it pretty fun. I was going to tell you that my feet hate concrete floors too. When I work events the first thing I do is find a flattened box or piece of cardboard I can use for a "mat" to stand on for the duration. Makes all the difference in the world.

Congratulations on Sam's successful completion in the Army!! You have a lot to celebrate. Enjoy your trip to D.C. and I hope you see lots of cherry blossoms. 🌸

Joy from Salem