summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Thursday, April 20, 2017

out of the Army!!!!!!

He's out!!!! He is not really completely out because he is using leftover leave days until his official contract ends, but for intents and purposes, he is done. He had a nice ceremony, got a plaque, and said goodbye to his buddies...and yes, I cried.

After packing the rest of his stuff in the back of the minivan, we headed north...saying goodbye to Washington D.C...and the base...for probably the last time. As excited as Samuel was, I think it was sad for him too. It was home for almost three years.

We found our hotel in Maryland, checked in, then walked to a Chipotle for some dinner...we also bought a bottle of Australian wine to celebrate. Back to our room...ahh. Sam, Evelyn, Jonathan, and I...we had a relaxing evening...they played Monopoly, which is now a video game.

This morning after a terrible hotel breakfast, we headed home...and made it by 5:00 p.m. Aaaahh...home! I made spaghetti for dinner, including a spaghetti squash for me, instead of pasta.

Then Sam asked for his Easter basket...and ha, we got him a bunny...

It was sort of a joke, because when he was little, he always wanted the BIG BIG BIG chocolate bunny...this one is two pounds of hollow chocolate...and shh, since he came home AFTER Easter, I got it half price. He liked it well enough! He let us open it right up...we shared with Lydia!

So Sam is finally home. Margaret and Adrian came to visit with their puppy, which is always fun and also crazy, as she likes to pee here and there, even though she is mostly housebroken at their place. Plus, she and Sunny like to run and wrestle. Sunny went out and got totally muddy...Sonja K. gave her a bath. The floors were so muddy too, I have mopped twice since being home this afternoon. We got dinner cleaned up, and now Lydia is reading stories with Camille and Evelyn. Kathryn, Suzanne, and Sonja K. went to the Dollar General in town (are they in every town now??!) to get something or is school vacation, and they are planning a fun night of scary movies with Sam...finally. They have Sam here. Jonathan is in heaven. He has already been shooting airsoft rifles with Sam, and has been helping him put all of his boxes away. Kathryn so nicely is moving out of her room, in with Suze, to give Sam a place, it WAS his room three+ years ago.

Anyway, never a dull momoent. Paul got home from work during all the fun and excitement, and just to add to the fun, the alarm on the septic pump was going off. The switch is burned out again, and we are hoping the pump isn't ruined. I have to call the guy tomorrow. Then Paul had to leave for a meeting.

Tomorrow night, Paul is planning on going fishing with Sam and Jonathan and maybe Adrian. So many of us are so glad that Sam is home:)


Susan R said...

Sam looks like a giant!!! (Wondering how tall he is). I love the photo of him with Binky Bunny-never too old!

Rose Sperlonga said...

I had to laugh when I saw Mr Binky bunny! That was my dream as a kid was to get him! Last year my son got him for me!
Then this year my mom got me a smaller version of him. So fun!
He does look so grown up in that pic.. I guess the Army makes boys into men... and big men at that! LOL

Welcome home to your Sam!


Michelle in Florida said...

Yay! So happy for you that your Sam is home! :)

Joybells said...

Yippee!! How wonderful that Sam is home, and right at school break too. Enjoy. :)

Joy from Salem

Piper Paradise said...

Once again thank you Sam and the whole family for the service to our country. We are forever indebted to our soldiers. Maja, you and Paul, worn God's guidance, have done a great job on these blessings of yours. I am forever grateful to have found you and that you share your lives with us!

16 blessings'mom said...

Susan, I think he's 6'2". And Sam will never grow up. The Army did things I could never accomplish, all my nagging to walk straight and tall...the Army, especially the Old Guard training, worked! He is responsible and hardworking, but he is still Sam. And Sam's joy for life is contagious. He came home here the other night with all his bags and boxes, and was busy getting settled in, then he said, "Oh, where's my Easter basket?"
Rose, you son is sweet, and your mom too! The bad thing is that giant bunny tastes delicious!
Michelle, thank you, we are so glad to have him here again.