summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

too much of a good thing....

Sunshine! Oh it was nice! A little more sunscreen next time, or perhaps just a little less sunshine...but hey, I was STARVED for it.

The Dukester...he was tried from trying to keep track of me all day. He HAS to be wherever I am. When I'm cleaning up the house in the morning, he moves from room to room with me, and it hurts my heart when he keeps getting up, so there I am trying not to leave the kitchen to put something in the living room....anyway, he had to be on the deck when I was on the deck, but it was too hot for him, so he would go inside and lie right near the door. He did not eat his breakfast yesterday, then wouldn't eat dinner, so I thought he was done for. But he ate his entire bowl of breakfast this morning. hmmm.

Sunny got covered in dirt and mud, of course, it was a good day for a puppy dog. She loves to run through the creek, and play with the kids. Jon shoots his airsoft gun, and when the little pellets hit the trees, Sunny is running to check it out. She just has a happy smile on her silly face all day outside. Paul gave her an evening bath, she doesn't even fight it anymore, Labs adapt to things so quickly. (she needs one every day these days)

Kim came over with Dani and Sean, they also homeschool. The girls decorated t-shirts, and played and explored in the back. The boys had light sabers and bikes and also went out to the way back yard. No one complained of being bored.

The day went by too fast, it was wonderful not to have anywhere to have to be, and to just enjoy being outside.

When Kim left, Evelyn wanted to go turn in a job application, so I asked her if we could go to BJ's too, because I needed a few things (coffee!). We weren't gone long, then we were, ahh, home, and it was time to make...dinner. I grilled pork chop rib things and hot Italian sausage, and we had salads and I sliced an orange for the girls. By the time I finished making dinner, I had the start of a headache, my eyes got worse...and worse...I don't know if it was the sun, or the grilling or both, but it was a horrible headache. It was pounding, and I felt sick to my stomach from the pain, took a few more ibuprofen, and went to bed early-ish...I woke up this morning and it was gone, but honestly, it drains me and I feel like I could crawl back to bed and stay there all day.

But I cannot do that. Today I have a few errands to do, and there is gymnastics, then I am working at the lacrosse game.

Today we have to decide if we are indeed going to Washington D.C. tomorrow, or not. Samuel has all of his paperwork filed and in order, but the Army has to sign off on things, and you know how efficient the government is. Sam thinks they might not have his things signed and ready for him to leave as scheduled on Thursday. So if we keep our hotel reservations and go down and visit a sad Sam who wants to come home and can't yet, it would be nice, but then we would have to go back again next week or whenever the Army lets him go...and there IS a chance he WILL be able to go on Thursday....

Anyway...the warm days are different now than they were a few years back...I still have kids who like to run barefoot and get filthy, but they can all shower their own selves now, except for the doggies.

We are thinking of re-doing our deck. Margaret's husband Adrian has been talking about it, and it's where we spend our time when it's nice out, so I really hope we can swing it. The deck is as old as the house (25 years), and has gotten splintery. If we re-do it, we can extend it a bit too, which sounds marvelous.

But there's always that to-do list...the Happy Homeowners. We still need some new windows, we need to replace the screen doors, and ect. New kitchen faucet, a few toilet seats, closet door...

Yeah, so Duke seems fine this morning, as fine as old Duke can be, that is. I went to bed with that headache, thinking maybe I would be calling the vet today. And ha, yeah, I need to put my dog down? But I don't have time today, with working at the Dome after gymnastics...and tomorrow, nah, tomorrow we're planning to leave for D.C.....maybe hmmm, Monday? I did imagine this conversation. And I may joke about putting Duke to sleep, but in reality, I cannot even think about it. It's spring again, and somehow, after he survived another winter, he deserves the nice weather.

Ah well, time to get these kids moving on some important math!

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