summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Friday, July 11, 2014

it's not all about me...

This is not intended to be a Feel Sorry For Myself post, just a little example of how it ain't doing what you want that makes you happy....

I went to the grocery store with Evelyn yesterday afternoon, Happy Birthday To Me. We did go in Bed, Bath, and Beyond first, because I had a coupon for $5 off a $15 purchase, but couldn't find anything cheap enough that I really wanted or needed, so I gave the coupon to a few ladies who were actually buying stuff. Then to Target, where I got out with spending only thirty bucks. I bought a glow-in-the-dark soccer ball for the kids' soccer coach at church, who is also a good friend to them, for his birthday. I bought a new pail and shovel for the beach, 50% off, a pair of nice leggings for me, 70% off, yeah I know, leggings in summer, that's when to buy them. I got a shirt for Sonja, and some cool solar thingys for outside.

Then to the grocery store. I debated on some yummy looking marked down cakes, but declined. Then as I contemplated whether to buy more detergent just because it was on sale, the announcement came on that, I kid you not, the cheesecakes regularly priced at $14.99 were on special for $5 for the next five minutes, I thought I was hearing things. It was like the ghost of Kmart past. I scurried on over there myself because Evelyn, my only shopping companion, said, "Mom, we don't NEED a cheesecake!", and wouldn't go for me. Duh, for five bucks, we NEED a cheesecake!

There were none left.

I wanted to stomp my feet and say, "It's my freakin' birthday!"

Anyway. We had a nice time buying dog food and milk and chicken and cereal and paperplates (I love them in the summer!) At the register, Happy Birthday To Me, I got to use my 25% off the entire purchase thing that I earned from spending so much money there. Had I known it was time to redeem that, I would have bought more good stuff, like the detergent I didn't end up buying.

Evelyn and I were so hungry, but wanted to behave, so we decided to get iced coffees from McDonalds. Neither of us like sugar in them, but lo and behold, we were happily headed down the road toward home when we tasted them, and YUCK. Happy Birthday To Me, there was sugar in my coffee.

Home, where we gave our coffees to some eager girls who don't mind sweetness.

Five of my girls were headed to a church barbecue for the 12 to 18 year olds, which they did not want to attend because it was my birthday. I told them I wanted them to go, I really did. So they went. They got lost and came back home, and I had to get them back out the door again. I really would have loved to have them with me, but thought they should go and be with their friends.

Anyway. Jon had one of his friends over, the soccer coach. I made dinner (orange chicken, brown rice, and broccoli.), and then they played video games, which I just hate. I don't mind if they play them, but they just scream WASTE OF TIME to me.

Emily came for a visit, we sat on the deck and had coffee. Then...Jon put in Star Wars. blah. Happy Birthday To Me!

The girls came in from their picnic, and StarWars blared on and on, blah.

We had some ice cream and the frozen Pepperidge Farms cake Emily brought over, and it was nice. Not what I would have chosen to do on my birthday, but I can't complain, although I guess I sort of am...:) And I don't mean about the company or Emily visiting, I just mean...Star Wars. blah. :)

But today, we are going to the beach!!! (Fairhaven, Martha!). Just six of my kids and a cousin. Evelyn is spending the day with Emily, and Margaret has things to do like sleep all day, Joseph has school/art training, Mali is at work, Abigail is at work, ect ect. We are actually meeting Abigail after work to go to a park on the lake, and getting ice cream.

So I am happy, and it is a beautiful day.

And, tomorrow Paul comes home....

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Anonymous said...

I helped celebrate your birthday too. I thought I had my Kindle cord but not the Kindle. So I spent 30 minutes looking for the Kindle, which was on my stack of books on the nightstand. Then I realized I HAD THE WRONG CORD, SO i SPENT ANOTHER 30 MINUTES LOOKING FOR THE CORD! It was in the decorative box I keep on the coffee table to keep the remote in and keep the room uncluttered from little junk. SO, Happy Birthday to You! Also, i found a candy I can't eat a lot of, York Peppermint minis, 15 calories each. If you suck on them, it takes about 10 minutes to eat one.