summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

love love love summer....

Sonja and I went out and about yesterday because we needed pool shock. Oh the pool, why can't it just stay clear and clean? I think the filter may be cracked because of the excessive amount of sand in the bottom, but that's boring, and I won't waste time blogging about it.

So we went to Walmart, because that's the best place to buy pool shock. We made it to the check out with only four items in our cart: shock, a can of whipped cream (I tend to buy this when Sonja K. is with me, she loves it.), a sleeve of blueberry bagels (Sonja!), and a small clip on lamp for Sonja, because the one she had broke.

We then went to BJ's for a bag of apples. It isn't apple season anymore, but the Gala apples they have there are still good, and apples are so handy to have for a healthy snack, with a few almonds. We also got donut holes (Sonja!) and shredded cheese (Sonja!)and butter.

Then, to the dollar store....a few six packs of bakery cupcakes and some gummy bears for Mali, and we were headed home. I like to stop there and check things out because they often have good things like cinnamon raisin bread, or protein granola. A few times they had 4 packs of Chobani Greek yogurt for a buck, and of course there were those bins of Target bathing suits in the spring. Love love love that dollar store!

And, on the way home....I stopped for ice cream for us. I wanted to make it special for S.K. because the little ones were camping with Emily, and Suze and Kap went to babysit for their cousin Susan's kids, and she was left with Mom. Okay, there were a few other older ones home, but still. And, on Tuesdays, the ice cream cones at this parking lot drive-through are buy one get one free. And, they use real ice cream from Upstate Farms. And, I really really wanted one. I ate well for the whole rest of the day, if it means anything....

Did I mention that it was wonderful, that ice cream? And surprising Sonja by pulling in there?

By the time we got home, the campers were back with lots of stories, and some dirty clothes too. Evelyn had hung out all the sleeping bags on the deck rails (we run a real classy house here). I unpacked the groceries, then unpacked their backpacks. Wet swim trunks? No problem, just shove them in with all the clean, unworn clothes, because hey, Jon didn't need to change his clothes, he was camping! Silly me, thinking they needed clean fresh outfits!

It's a teeny bit unfair that I had to pack and unpack and didn't even get to go camping, but oh well. Here I am, alive and well, and thankful for Emily that she is such a nice big sister.

Mali came over last night to visit, and to have daddy help her figure out what insurance plan to choose for her new job. She is only 20 years old and starting out working a good job, looking at buying a new car, I am very proud of her. And thankful for Emily, who has been so good to her, letting her live at her house these past few years.

I still need to go on my morning walk. I turned on my computer to show Mirielle two beautiful labs who are being given up by their owners who are moving into a retirement home and can't take them. They are yellow and beautiful. Big chunky heads and those labby jowls, one of them has only one eye. I want them, but we need four dogs like we need a hole in the head, as Grandma W. would say.

I am starting to want that morning coffee, but I have to walk first. The day is glorious and I am glad to be going out into it! I am thinking to maybe take these guys to a playground or something....


Martha said...

I love summer too even when the wind blows cool. When the sun shine, it makes the day a happy one.

16 blessings'mom said...

I really love the rainy days too. My artist son Joe tells me that the colors are more vivid on the cloudy days, because the white light of the sun washes out colors. I simply love all the different summer weather, although when it gets really hot and humid, I don't care for being anywhere out and about in it....