summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Friday, September 8, 2017

how did I get so old?!

One of my daughters remarked to me the other day that she feels a lack of respect from people because she's young. Well ha. I remember that. Paul and I were married young, had children when we were young (and also when we were old), and I hated hearing, "But you're so young...", in a way that indicated that naturally, because I was so young, I had no idea about things. Well. Next thing you know, I'm old. My kids sling that little snippet around on a regular basis. "Mom's old." But what I want to know is, when was the happy middle? The age when I was just right? I think I missed it.

As a fat lady who used to be much fatter, I am trying to reclaim lost ground. I gained a few pounds back (20, if we're going to be honest). It's not easy. Last evening, we had an excellent little celebration/appreciation gathering for a dear friend who has done so much for my girls, Erica. She is moving to another state, we will still see her occasionally, but it's sad to see her go. Anyway, there was cake. It was being passed out, and yes! I'll have some! My mouth bypassed my brain, after all, it was from Wegman's bakery, the gold standard of buttercream frosted cakes in this part of the world. I took the little plate, tasted that cake, and oh yummers, bliss...until my brain caught up, and dang wasn't too late. I set the plate down. I thought about it a little. I don't like to waste food, thanks to my mother, who raised me in the seventies...oil embargo, energy crisis, double digit inflation...anyway. I wasted that piece of cake. I threw it into the garbage. It didn't feel good. but it was the right thing to do. Now before you go thinking I have a will of steel, consider this: I had already had some of those cannoli chips with dip. Cannoli pastries, but in chip and dip version. Oh heavenly yum, I ate like seven of those chips before I realized...wait,sorry, that's not true! I realized right at the start, but I munched right through those thoughts. dang.

Anyway. Sorry to bore you with my struggles.

Today is a new day, a good day. I walked this morning with my Suri dog. She's sad, Sunny is at the vet, she spent the night because she was spayed yesterday. Suri doesn't know where all her friends are. She is big and sweet and needy, oh pet me, she says.

Today I have to drive up and pick up Miss Sunshine. We are doing well in our school here. The girls both did well, got 100% on their spelling tests and are doing math and reading comprehension.

Yesterday, we went to the big mall in the big city. See, I was in California for Danielle's birthday, Dani is my niece, my little girls's bestie, their little cousin. I felt bad because they went to her party sans presents. So I told her I would do something fun when I got home. So we set the date, and after dropping Sunny off at the vet (which was sad because Sunny was so scared...her tail between her legs...the vet tech guy wasn't deterred, he said, "It's okay, I'm a professional", and he looked younger than most of my kids)...anyway, she did fine, and I have to pick her up today. So we picked up Dani, and headed to the mall. I let them try some things on, and buy some things, then we went to the grocery store, and I let them pick out some drinks, and some candy. Then, for even more fun, I stopped at Arby's and let them get milkshakes and curly fries and sliders, but the sweet thing was that it was during afternoon special hours, and each item they got was a dollar.

At the grocery store, we got a marked down birthday cake, which was still plenty fresh (well, I had to at least TASTE IT!), and sang Happy Birthday to Danielle, when we got home, ha, not in the grocery store.

So life is fun, life is busy, it's nice having Kathryn back, the kittens are doing well, I have to sweep the floors and switch over laundry, between explaining how many zeroes in a trillion and how to put those invisible zeros in to keep places. The fun thing about homeschooling is that I am learning too. :) See, you CAN teach an old dog...


Marilyn from Canada said... are hysterical!!!😂😂😂 BTW you are NOT are the same age as my daughter!! What does that make me?? 😂 I hear you with your food struggles. It is a struggle every day. But, every day is a new beginning and we just do our best, right? You are just the best mum and from where I sit, a very kind and caring person and that's all that my opinion. Have a super day 🌞

Marilyn from Canada

shellie said...

I love your blog!!!!! It is the first one I click on each morning ��you have a beautiful family and a beautiful life��