summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Friday, May 8, 2015

walmart stories....

Walmart. Home of the screaming children, pajama pants, and good old American slang. "No, you ain't gettin' that, you been bad!"

It takes all kinds of people to make the world go around, that's what Ma Ingalls said in the Little House books. And I don't mean to be judgy wudgy. But going to Walmart yesterday afternoon was a sad story....

First, I saw the little boy who got a whack on the butt for whining for a toy. Not just the whack though, he was berated for his behavior, very loudly. He was 8 or so, and looked SO embarrassed. The family walked by with her just going on about it. He said, "I hate you." Mom said, "Just you wait 'til later." And so on. wah. I can't even stand to think what happened later.

Then I heard another encounter while looking for some baking the next aisle over, a child apparently thought it was a good idea to say the "h" word. His Mama didn't like that one little bit, so she whacked. I heard a smack, then a loud lecture while the child wailed. She was yelling, "You don't act like that in the store!"

There was a little girl about five years old, so cute, with long brown hair and thick glasses...absolutely adorable. She was carrying marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate bars. I smiled at her, oh lucky child, she was going to make s'mores! Then her Mama said, "I TOLD YOU TO PUT THAT BACK!" Mom stood there glaring with hands on hips while small girl went back a few aisles by herself...I didn't stick around to gawk, but it seemed like small child was getting more bags of marshmallows.:)

So this is a free country and all, and one can parent how one chooses. I get that. No one is obligated to take Gentle Parenting classes when they leave the hospital with their new babies. Freedom is good. But it still breaks my heart when kids have to suffer because of parents. Kids are people too, and they deserve respect.

Kids are kids. They do bad things. They fight with each other, and tell lies, and say words they heard on the bus.

And believe me, this was an unusually Sad Loud Yelling Mama day in Walmart. Maybe it's the heat. But I had some tears in my eyes. I asked the cashier how she could stand it, and she misunderstood. She thought I was bothered by the kids crying. No,I'm not irritated, I'm saddened. I don't think badly of their mamas either, I just hate that they think it's okay to treat their kids like that.

Judgy Wudgy: I judge myself, and yes, I am also irritated and short tempered. I know that.

God is good. I have much to be thankful for. When I see those mamas getting frustrated, I always say a prayer for them, that God will speak to them in some way to be aware of their own behavior, to be more patient with their kids.

My own monsters are hopping around in excitement. Our estimated time of departure is in one hour. So I will sit here and write, then scramble around like a crazy woman. We are having turkey and rolls for lunch. The rolls are the yummy fresh-baked ones from B.J.'s. They were packed in a bag with some crackers, paper towels, plates, cups...on the kitchen table. Two bad doggies really like those kind of rolls. rrrr. Yeah, they tipped that bag over and had a roll feast during the night. Good thing I bought two bags.

Jon, Char, and Cam are playing poker at the coffee table. Yeah, my kids are little gamblers. They just don't get bored. Davian is here, he is so excited for the beach, he came walking up the driveway with his little bag, a huge smile, oh I love him. The enthusiasm of children makes adventures way more fun.

And...departure time: 45 minutes. yay, the beach!


Susan R said...

"No, you ain't gettin' that, you been bad!"
That made a me laugh so hard!
I hope the beach trip was wonderful and that we will be treated to some photos!

Anonymous said...

It breaks my heart. It's illegal to hit your children in NZ and I am so grateful. I am not perfect but if I get angry it's my problem not theirs!