summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Monday, May 18, 2015

where in the "h" did monday go?

Heck of course. Let's see...perhaps I drove away the and there and everywhere. I did end up at Target for a bit...that went too fast. Sonja K. and I had a nice cold drink...not a rum and coke, an iced coffee with sugar-free mocha from Starbucks...some sort of iced tea for her. She found new sandals, a t-shirt, and some comfy pants. I found comfy pants too, and a dress...I tried it on, and decided to buy it. I tried it on again at home, and I hate it. It shows too many bumps and bulges. rrr. My girls say I should just wear what I like. Well guess what? I don't actually like it very much. Especially on me. Suze says whatever you wear, wear it with confidence and you will look nice. Easy for her to say...:)

Anyway. I bought Jonathan a few shirts and some really nice shorts, and new bikinis for the princesses. We didn't even go through the whole store because we had to pick Margaret up from work. Then to the grocery store quick before I had to be home because the girls had to go to Emily's house for a bonfire.

Phew. I warmed up some ribs from last night, on the grill. I don't feel like going to get my phone from where it's charging across the room and putting up the picture of the vast amount of ribs I grilled yesterday...22 pounds. I baked them for 3 and a half hours first, then grilled them, then put them back in the oven wrapped in foil for another half hour. yummers.

It is hot here today, and humid. The kids played in the splash pools outside for a bit, Jonathan mowed the lawn with the push mower, and was so red faced and hot, he went right underwater in the little pool before lunch. I was ready to go sit in it myself, but I would probably displace all the water.

Plus, I wouldn't be able to get back out. We would have to call the fire department.

I have lost three whole pounds. It isn't fair, I am broken. But as usual, I am not giving up. Not yet. I don't eat sugar anymore, that's a GOOD thing. I feel better, and those nasty hot flashes haven't come back. I would LIKE to see results quicker, but...

My washing machine is getting tired and cranky and temperamental. Sometimes it stops mid-cycle, and I have to re-set it to rinse and spin again. Sometimes the door locks, and it won't do anything at all. It's scary, because without my washer...

It's been working well today though, and each load that it washes nicely for me, I am so appreciative. I am not taking clean laundry for granted. I keep thinking it's going to misbehave again.

We took the van into the shop today. It is making that horrid scary noise, and it needs to be inspected. To pass inspection, the horrid scary noise will have to be fixed.

Our trip to Washington D.C. is on Friday!!! I am excited! The kids are BEYOND excited. They love packing their stuff. I am going to have to intervene of course, our they will bring everything they own. They have new bathing suits for the hotel pool....oh it's fun. Samuel James, we can't wait to see you!!!!

Ah well, kids are being silly and need their mama...Daddy is in France again, so it's just the one parent...


Marilyn said...

For me the washer and dryer are the 2 appliances I would hate not to have especially when you have kids. I absolutely hate going to a laundrymat. And good for you loosing 3 lbs!! Loosing is waaaaaaay better than gaining any day. You all have a great time seeing your boy on the weekend too :-)

Marilyn from Canada

16 blessings'mom said...

I also hate the laundromat, although I do confess it is very entertaining. The washer is mysteriously working well again, I think I fixed it by my usual fixing techniques: unplugging and plugging it back in, pounding on various buttons, and then walking away for a while. When I came back, it worked. And thank you, it is nice to have lost three pounds, although for all the hard work it certainly feels like it should be much much more:)

mommeeof10 said...

My newer washer is acting crazy again. I think maybe a ribbon cable is loose. I should take it apart and check all the wires. However, the old one is working, so it is not a big deal yet.
Both dryers are dead. 13 yr Old one will not start. Now some lights on control panel not working, will not run the diagnostics to tell me what to check. It's going to the metal recycler.
New one, has a real weird error code, thinks it is not getting the proper voltage. I check the plug, voltage is fine coming into dryer. Maybe there is a short somewhere. Sunshine is free, there are 3 laundry mats within 3 miles of my house, so it is not a big deal. When I get behind, I take 6 loads or so to the laundry mat to dry. ;) In the fall, I will worry about it.

16 blessings'mom said...

Wow, you are much more tech-y about fixing things than I am! And it's true, driving to town and feeding quarters to machines isn't the end of the world. It's not like it means I have to start washing clothes in the bathtub...which is good, because it's not draining well...:)