summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Thursday, July 30, 2015

and the fun goes on....

Ah, summertime...I actually drove to town the other my bathing suit. I mean, I am the one who brushes teeth and changes into bye-bye clothes just to go to Redbox. Granted my bathing suit is no bikini...but still.

And I didn't get out of the car, I was just helping Paul drop the truck off at the garage in town for an inspection.

Yesterday, I watched two of my brother's grandchildren for half the day. Miss E., the two year old, is entranced with this light saber. Her five year old brother had lots of fun with my niece's little boy, William, who is six, and was spending the night at our house.

As my brother was picking up E. and L., my five-girls-in-a-row pulled in the driveway from their going away breakfast party for their friend Nellie who is going to Norway for a year...they also shopped at the big mall in the big city for a bit, without me, thus without much money:). They brought with them two extra girls, Irene and Grace. Then Aaron came over with his dog Lilly, who stayed with us for five days while Aaron was in San Diego. Lilly has been depressed at home, apparently. She was pretty happy to be back here, running around with Duke and Suri.

Then Abigail came over...she's leaving, with Margaret, next week...for a year long visit to Norway.

I am extremely thankful for our was SO hot out yesterday.

My favorite thing: grill dinner, then hop in the pool to cool off before eating. Last night I microwaved some potatoes and sweet potatoes, then some green beans, then went out and grilled steak and some hot my bathing suit. Ah, summertime.

Evelyn is going with me to take Duke to the vet this fine morning.

We have kept his Cone of Shame, as Joseph calls it, on 24/7. It seems mean and cruel, but his ear has been so sliced and diced and patched up, if he got at those itchy stitches, it would be a mess. Also, he had a tumor removed from his foot, with the cone he can't get at those stitches either.

Today, the stitches come out, and hopefully his cone will be done with too. I have to hold the bowl for him to eat his kibbles, and he looks so pathetic. He still has a hard time getting around in that thing, but has adapted a bit. He is used to it, I think.

This afternoon, I am working at the baseball stadium, $2 beer night = busy! And last time, I made six dollars in tips. Six dollars. My register took in over a thousand dollars, mostly in beer sales. That a LOT of beer pouring. And I got six dollars. These college kids are cheapskates:) I usually share with the kitchen crew, and the runners, then give some to Jonathan for our trip fund, maybe get a coffee on the way home...but six bucks. harumph.

And now that I have used up most of my time sitting here, I have to go get ready in a hurry so I am not late for the vet appointment....

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