summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

summer morning....

Jonathan came home from his friend's house...with his friend. They had Doritos and cookies last night at 11 o'clock...then Jon barfed. He made it to the bathroom, but I did feel sorry for him. Hopefully it was just too much junk late at night, yeah I know, Bad Mom Award here...but you know, summertime and childhood and all that.

About isn't written in stone that we are going forward with this surgery. The estimate is coming in the mail. I am 99% sure we will do it, but there is a chance that it will be so expensive we will second guess that. Does that make us bad pet parents? I am certain, to some people, that it does. In life, there will be those who think you're foolish if you do something, others think you're foolish if you don't. Or cruel. But thank the Lord this is America, and we have freedom to choose. :) I find actually that I need to get free from what people think of me, more and more. In theory, I don't care at all. And I know that those who would please men cannot please God. But it's in there, and it's an extremely valuable thing to be able to see it, and be free from it...caring what people think.

My two little girls are playing dollhouse this morning. They are currently having a property line dispute, which I hope they resolve without having to call law enforcement. They get along well most of the time, but when the fighting starts...ugh.

They are going to come along with us on our trip to the dreaded mall, just because. Hopefully we can make it fun without making it too expensive.

Coconut oil is one of my favorite things. I blend it in my morning coffee, it keeps me full until lunch, making breakfast a thing of the past..although I often eat eggs for lunch. I use it on my skin, which makes my hands smell like a tropical vacation, but so soft. I feed a teaspoon of it to Duke every morning, for the calories (he is a thin old man!), and to help his skin, and it seems to have helped. I then let Suri lick off the spoon...she doesn't need the extra calories, but try telling her that when she gets all excited, thinking, Treat Time!

Here's what I'm excited about: Friday, the beach!!!!! It's my birthday Friday, fifty years old. And my nice daughters have decided that we should go to my favorite beach, on Lake's vast and sandy and sometimes the waves are huge and ocean-like. Emily can't make it, as she has students to teach, but Abigail and Mirielle are going. I'm trying to get my friend and sister-in-law Kim to come with her kids, and perhaps even her husband, my brother...who got me for his birthday when he was seven. His birthday is the day after mine, he turns 57. (I grew up with him saying that he owns me, as he got me for his birthday:))

The natives are getting restless, is that saying still okay? When are we going, they want to know. I guess I am in no hurry to go to the mall is short, so off we go....


Marilyn said...

Good news....hopefully......about Duke. Always expensive just to walk through the door at the Vet's office, isn't it? Happy Birthday on Friday. I hope it's nice and hot for the beach. Hot here for the next few blowing and we and our two labs......are sleeping in the bedroom in the basement. Much better sleeping down there. Dreadful forrest fires in the 3 western provinces and there is a bit of smoke in the air here. I have asthma, so that's not so good. Have a great day :-)

Marilyn from Canada

Joni said...

I absolutely, 100% understand all your feelings and thoughts about your sick dog. Totally. We love our dog, too, and when the day comes that he is old and sick, it'll be hard to put an 'end' to his life. But he is a dog. Not human, and we do not value him the same as a human. We do not put the same value monetarily on our dog, either. I understand how at this age and stage in your dog's life, there would be a big question mark ... do we go through the surgery to prolong his life for (most likely) some short time, or give him a merciful ending before going through illness. But you will know what is the right thing to do, and it will be fine!

You and I are almost 'twin's -- I turn 50 in a few weeks! :) Happy Birthday!