summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Sunday, July 26, 2015

late night not-so-quietness....

Here I am again, wondering why I thought it was such a grand idea to let them have a sleepover, my two youngest children. My two princesses. My #15 and #16 children. We'll go to bed nicely, they said. It's almost midnight, and I'm tired! I don't really want to go to bed, fall to sleep, then have to get up and shush them again. They just took a trip to the bathroom, the kind that only three at a time can make, apparently.

Lilly is sleeping ON my feet...Aaron's dog, the dog who has been here since Thursday...wreaking havoc...not really. She's not too bad, she is actually sweet and nice, just bouncy and energetic and happy...

She woke me up twice on Thursday night, the first time I trekked outside with all three dogs at 4 a.m. When she woke me on Friday night, I just told her to LIE DOWN, and BE QUIET. She did. When she woke me this morning at 5:30, I did the same. She did. But I was WIDE awake. blah. I hope tonight's better.

Today, we went to the beach. It was foggy, then sunny and brilliantly warm and lovely. The water, Lake Ontario, was cool and refreshing and clear and clean.

The sand was warm on top, then nice and cool underneath...nice for feet to dig into while sitting in the sun talking with friends.

I didn't take a single picture. I just left my phone right in my bag on the table in the shade, and took an electronics break. I knew I would kick myself for not getting pictures, but I decided to just enjoy the beach.

This is going to be an interesting school year. My two oldest homeschoolers are going back to real school. I will still have the three youngest here, plus for lots of the days Davian will be here, which we thoroughly enjoy. My daughter Mali is having her baby next month, and when she goes back to work I will watch her sometimes, when her daddy can't. With the older two not here, I won't be able to go anywhere unless I take all the kids with me, just like the old days. I am planning to stay home a whole lot more. :)

I am planning next years' curriculum...we need a bit more structure, says me who doesn't like structure. It's a necessary evil, I think, so we can accomplish more than we did this year.

The girls seem to have settled down. I just hate when they stay up so late then inevitably wake up with the birds in the morning and are tired...then of course they will start in again, asking if she can spend one more night. Tonight, they will tell me, we will go to bed so nicely! And ha, I will believe them.

Ah well. Life is good. The dogs are all settled down for the night, and so shall is going to be a scorching hot week...I have very few plans, and am thankful for the swimming pool!

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Jenea Mason said...

It's a late night here too. I'm blogging when I should be sleeping because I'm getting up at five am to hit the gym!