summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Saturday, November 26, 2016

black friday matters...

Evelyn and I got out the door by 8 a.m. yesterday for a little Black Friday fun. Target was wiped out, decimated of deals, out of good stuff. Yet we still managed to get a few people crossed off my Christmas list. Walmart had TOO much good stuff. And nice people, too! The media proclaims far and wide about the violence and flaring tempers, but there are the nice people too. As we rooted through the four dollar sweat pants bin for a size medium, a gentleman from across the cardboard bin offered to help. In Sears, the lady in line in front of us was lamenting that her husband just didn't understand why she had to buy MORE Christmas decorations. Ha, #womeneverywhere. The two ladies behind us bonded over their common afflictions, namely aching feet. One nice lady put her two cents in and enlightened us on a sale in a different store, where the item we were looking at was much cheaper. Another lady talked me into buying a nifty gadget for Paul, I had considered it then put it down, and she said to buy it, it's amazing. No, she didn't work for the store.

So we had fun, spent too much money, drank too much coffee, and got so much done. Every year I tell the kids they aren't getting much for Christmas, they don't believe me anymore, but this year it's true. They are all growing up, so I can't just have a closet full of toys anymore. Their taste in clothes rarely matches up 100% with what I choose. Electronics are way too costly. They have iPods instead of phones (how can people afford phones for their kids?!), their iPods are getting old and cracked...last year we got one of them a new one, this year it's not on my list to replace any. I let them choose boots from Kohl's, and ordered them online.

It's not about the gifts, but as a mom, I want them, each one of them, to know I care about them. I want to get them something that makes their eyes light up. Yeah, I have been been brainwashed. As we were shopping yesterday, Evelyn announced, "I have been overtaken by the Christmas spirit."

We are having a wedding in a few weeks, so two of my sons will be here for a week, but not for Christmas. I told Sam not to worry, we'll have a wonderful time...Christmas cookies, all frosted and yummy, cinnamon buns in the morning, coziness...

It's really not about the gifts. But. The girls have a gift exchange in the youth group. A few of them have a gift exchange with friends. There's a gift exchange at church where the older kids buy for the little kids (which I think is amazing, it's so nice to see teenagers be so kind and thoughtful). And we have a family Secret Santa. So...guess who gets to buy a lion's share of those gifts? Yup. It makes my head spin.

But today, we are staying least I think we are. I want to finish Christmas decorating, do some projects with the little kids...

Anyway...the best part of Christmas is having the kids here...

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Marilyn Reid said...

Hi Della! How brave 👍 I NEVER go shopping on those busy days. I'm not a shopper.....I shop because I have to. To be pushed and shoved? Not me. My late husband would go out on Boxing Day ........ back when that was the big day for all the big bargains........and come home as pleased as punch with himself 😂😂 But I'm happy for you that you got some great bargains. You do have a lot of people to buy for though and it is great to get a bargain. Yes the wedding is coming up quickly and it's going to be so much fun for you and your family. We are off to a hockey game this afternoon. We have a big new arena here and it is beautiful....cost over 500 million dollars 😳😳.............. and the tickets were given to husbands son won them and couldn't use them so gave them to his dad which is lovely. They are worth $203 each if you can imagine!!!! It just amazes me that anyone would spend money like that to go to a hockey game!!! And the place is almost sold out for most of the games!!! Go figure.........Have a lovey Sunday.

Marilyn from Canada