summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

'tis the season!!!

Christmas cookies! They're from Starbucks in Target, and they're prettier than they taste. I bought two for the three of them to share, but they didn't complain. I had a blonde roast with lots of cream, oh yum.

The kids are doing school...Charlotte Claire has the coveted spot in front of the fake fireplace, so I let Cam bring a space heater out to put a blanket down in front of. Jonathan is in his room doing his work. These kids do not get bored. They started the day doing crafts, the kitchen tables are covered...glue and paint and ribbon and sparkles...they are painting a cardboard house, for one.

We have so many things we want to do! We want to try the branch to hang stockings on...paint it white, put glitter on it maybe...and hang it on the wall. I really want to make new stockings, I saw where they were made of burlap, white on the top with a few buttons for the boys, lace for the girls...but right now I would be insane to start a project like that...16 stockings plus the two granddaughters...(spouses/significant others can share). So...I am considering it.

But no, I can't! The wedding is almost upon us! It's on the tenth of December! We are having company the night before, here, in our messy house! Adrian, Margaret's fiance', tried to reassure me that it would be fine...but he didn't say, "Oh, your house is fine.", he said, "You have so many kids still at home, so many people here, it's understandable..." ha. Understandable. It really is funny, but I would rather have it pristine and lovely, thank you.

But whatever.

Yesterday we went to the library, I finished one of my books already, Vinegar Girl, by Anne Tyler. I really like her, A Spool Of Blue Thread was excellent. I like the kids to have plenty of good books to take to bed at night, they can read themselves to sleep instead of being on their tablets.

We went to Kohl's, and I let Jonathan pick out a nice sweatshirt for Christmas. The girls picked out some yoga pants, and we got a few gifts. Then to Target for candy canes an a few more gifts.

Home...and that's we are staying home today. It's windy and chilly and rainy, and it's SO cozy in here...we have Christmas lights, and the girls just made themselves hot tea. The puppy is lying on the rug by my feet. Margaret is working from home today, and Paul is too, he is still not feeling 100%.

Camille is working multiplying three digit numbers, but also is compiling a list of things she wants to do, I heard the word, "gingerbread..." (She is covered with a fleece blanket, and just said, "I win the cozy award!)..."waffle party, wrap presents, make fudge, watch Christmas movies...." She is a smart girl.

So thank you for kind words and prayers for my sister. She hasn't found out yet what the plan is, and can I just say that...not to be unbelieving or anything...but having to start in on CANCER TREATMENTS right before CHRISTMAS!! ? harrumph. I am still hoping they call her, and laugh their little heads off at the big mistake they made! Her tumor doesn't have malignant cells! It was a misunderstanding! She is FINE.

Well...I need to get my head in the game here, the kids are needing a teacher, and ha, that's me!

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Pepe y Paqui said...

Con una familia tan grande siempre hay muchísimo trabajo y además si hay una boda tan próxima aún más.