summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Monday, January 12, 2015

happy monday!

In spite of my rants about hating winter, I don't hate everything about it. This fine morning, for example, I enjoyed shoveling the driveway a bit. It was 20 minutes of exercise! Margaret drove to school this morning, ugh, because she gives piano lessons to a friend once a week. I told her to drive slowly....

And it IS pretty out there this morning. It keeps snowing, just lightly, covering all the tree branches. It's 30 degrees (-1.1C), which is downright warm, after the freezing days we have had. But, not for long. It's going down to -5 (-20C) tonight. brrr.

And here's something to be thankful for:
Suri is a sweetie. She is always so happy to see me when I get home from working at the Dome. I think it's because I smell like Dome food. Duke is just more laid back, he's an old man, he wags, gets pet, and goes in and lies back down. Suri is more persistent. She doesn't like the petting to stop, so she nudges and looks at me pleadingly, she is such a good dog.

If you were to stop in to my house this fine winter Monday morning, you would be able to have a cup of coffee with me, since I made a good sized pot and Joseph and I are the only coffee drinkers here today. You would be able to find a place to sit down, but I would ask you not to look around too much. See, yesterday was one of those days where I was pretty much gone all day, with a little break home in the middle of the day, a break I did not use to clean the house. Church, home for lunch, the Dome.

And this morning, I got up, got dressed, and shoveled the driveway. I came back in, put in a load of towels, shined the front of the refrigerator and the stove, washed the tables and counters, and....made coffee and toast. And here I sit. I didn't feel like sweeping and sorting and doing housework in the quiet of the morning. Once the kids wake up, I can't concentrate. The kids who attend Real School left a few hours ago, the older girls who homeschool usually wake up and start doing work on their own, in their room. The little girls are up and playing, and Jon's alarm keeps going off, but I have yet to see him.

One thing on our agenda today is to go out and play in the snow while the weather is so mild.

But first, a nice warm breakfast for a few little girls...


Anonymous said...

i so enjoy reading your blog. i think, in real life, we could be good friends all though i am much older than you.

suri is a beauty. what is 'the Dome'?

blessed monday to you!


16 blessings'mom said...

Hi Terre, nice to meet you. Thanks, Suri is lovely:) The Dome...the Carrier Dome in Syracuse, NY, at Syracuse University, the athletic center where they play college football, basketball, and hold events like Monster Jam (monster trucks), and concerts. Billy Joel is coming soon, and I hope we get to work that night! Our church runs a concession stand there as a fundraiser.