summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

the festivities continue....

Sunny likes Christmas.
Paul handed out the presents, as per tradition.

Sweet new grand baby Elise, all snuggly and warm. It's such a blessing when the grandkids come in the door. Elise's big sister Anya comes in and hands out the hugs, and when she shouts, "Hi Grandma!", oh joy. Lydia was here yesterday too, and being two years old, the day after Christmas, she was a little bit tired and overwhelmed. We didn't mind a few meltdowns.

A few years ago, six to be exact, before we had any grandchildren. Camille was so little!

Okay, so we have had so many celebrations here! Our secret Santa was last night, because all the kids who live locally could come, the three nurses didn't have to work, finally, after three 12 hour shifts in a row for Em and Mirielle! Mali worked all day on Christmas, too. Fourteen of the kids were here,(and Ashley and Adrian and the three granddaughters) only Aaron in San Francisco, and Sam with his new baby down in Virginia, weren't here.

Secret Santa was so much fun! Kathryn got me and bought me a Columbia jacket/raincoat. I do love it, but would never spend that much on something. Abigail bought Joseph a backpacking sleeping bag, and Mirielle got a warm fuzzy blanket and some wine. Some of the older kids pitched in and got me a new kitchen faucet! A really nice fancy Moen! I was totally surprised!

Paul loved the kayak! Have I told the kayak story yet? Well, it was supposed to come the week Paul was in Boston, but that would have been way too simple. It arrived at Walmart last week, and we couldn't figure out how to lie and use the truck, so I decided to just shove it into the minivan. Not without googling the heck out of "fitting kayak into minivan", and measuring the inside from dash to hatchback. Sonja K. agreed to get up early Saturday morning with me, Christmas Eve Eve, and go give it a try. We were apparently the only people the Walmart history to buy a kayak in the winter, according to the workers who marveled at our ship-to-store purchase. The nice guy who helped load it into the van didn't think it was a good idea to drive with it like that, but hey, I'm willing to take a chance once in a while. Sonja was in the passenger seat, and we could not see each other, as that kayak was reaching the windshield between us, turned on it's side.

Home with the kayak: Paul hadn't gone ice fishing! The truck was in the driveway! Would he see us? We sneaked that kayak out, and carried it to the back yard, no plan, just trying to hide it before he looked out the window. We couldn't drag it because he would see the tracks in the snow. We wanted to put it in the utility room, but all his ice fishing gear was in there, and he would see the kayak for sure. So we just carried it around to the back of the swimming pool and left it there.

Paul was out in the yard so many times running around with the dogs (we had four dogs here for three days, Margaret and Adrian brought Bunny and Ham, their Boxer-Lab mixes, who are one year old, and four months old.)

So I thought he had seen the kayak for sure.

On Christmas morning, Paul went out to get the surprises he had ordered for Charlotte Claire and Camille: new bikes! They were thrilled! Big plans for spring and summer!

Then I moved those bikes over in that kitchen, and Jonathan and Adrian sneaked out to the back yard and brought in the kayak. A ten foot fishing kayak! I told Paul to come into the kitchen, and he was really, genuinely surprised! He hadn't seen it, hadn't known anything about it!

So we had a nice Christmas. I am thankful for my family. We have way too much fun. The kids got a hoverboard, and right now Jonathan is sweeping the kitchen floor while hover-ing, playing Hotel California on the bluetooth speaker. I am thankful that when I run straight out of natural patience, God is more than willing to help me along when I ask and pray. I am thankful that so many in the family are occupied with "seeking peace with all men, and the sanctification without which no one will see the Lord", so that it's good here. There are little disagreements, but there is no fighting. It's a good place, a good home, and I am very thankful for that.

Now that Bunny and Ham have gone home with Margaret and Adrian, it seems quiet here, even though there are still eight kids here. Paul is back at work. Davian and his little sister Anne will be here any minute now, and the kids are having friends over too. Five of us will be working at the Dome today, basketball game. Brr, it's 8 degrees out!

And Anne and Davian are here, so bye for now....


Marilyn said...

Hi Della..........did you get some of that snow I saw on the tv tonight? My goodness.......someplace got 60”........yes 60 inches!! Wow!! I’m glad you had a great Christmas. We did even though it’s is perishing here. Yesterday it was -31C in the morning 😳 Your gift for Paul was such a good idea for an outdoorsman. I bet he was tickled.......We had a great Christmas too!

Marilyn from Canada

16 blessings'mom said...

Marilyn, no, we didn't get that much snow, it's less than an hour and a half from here though, east of the lake. (Lake Ontario is a snow-making machine, we live south east of it, and get plenty!) My daughter Margaret and her husband live in Oswego, which is on the southwest corner of the lake, half hour, forty minutes from here, they got three feet last night. The city was declared a state of emergency. Lake effect snow is interesting, the lake is still warm enough at the beginning of winter to make huge fluffy flakes. The snow bands can drift around, and one place can get dumped on and two miles away they get nothing. We are very often in the middle of it, but not as bad as Oswego, or Redfield. Glad you had a good Christmas. That is some really cold weather! It's not nearly that cold here but cold enough!

T.L. said...

I'm glad you received some nice presents you wouldn't get for yourself :)
and the kayak story is funny. what a good idea!