summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

and off I go....

This fine morning I am taking my sister to an appointment. I left Jonathan with some work to do, Joseph is here, as well as Kathryn and...Sonja, who isn't feeling well this morning. Camille is still sick, I may have to call the dr. for her. Charlotte Claire was sick with the same thing for several days, but Cam had a fever again last number seven.

She was better yesterday, Miss Camille. She hadn't been out of the house for days, and begged me to take her somewhere. I cleaned her room nicely yesterday, which is always fun. She said this time it will stay clean, which I believe each and every time. The day I stop believing that is the day I get in this chair and stay here:). Anyway, I took her out and about in the afternoon, then she zonked on the couch after dinner, and lo and behold, had a fever again. Bad Mom Award.

We went to Walmart and bought a small rug for Jon and Sonja's room, a few cute little bins for the princesses' room...then they begged to go to the dollar store. I just wanted to go home, but I took them. It's a good thing I did! I had fun! There were huge bins of Target bathing suits dollar each. Last year's suits, new with tags. I bought trunks for Paul and Joseph and Jonathan. Bikinis for the little girls and for my niece and tons of tops and bottoms for all of my daughters. I made some new friends with a few ladies as we dug through the bins and shouted EUREKA when we found a matching top or bottom of the right fabric and right size. I told the ladies that I have eleven daughters, and they were so helpful in finding some nice suits. It was great fun, and Jon and Camille made friends with a little girl named Raven, her Grandma was looking through the bins with me. (Poor Raven will probably get sick in the next few days:()

My girls here were pretty thrilled with the abundance of new bathing suits, probably because this has been a long winter, and bathing suits are proof that summer does exist.

I got a few that fit me, too. And a nice one for my sister.

My coffee cup is empty and my raisin toast is gone...oh, that Food For Life bread is yummy...before I discovered it, I hadn't had toast in pretty much three years, except for the occasional breakfast out, where I would eat some of it. I am a carb-o girl at heart, if a high carbohydrate diet were healthy, I would be the healthiest girl out there. Obviously it isn't. For years, I would subsist on bagels and crackers and toast and cereal all those busy tired days. And cookies, to boost me up on those afternoons of failed naps. And after the good naps. Anyway, now I pretty much avoid the grains and breads and chips. Dinners are mostly chicken and veggies, no more pasta for me. Breakfasts are sometimes like eggs and broccoli, sometimes some oats and a cut up apple or blueberries, or the F F L toast, which is made from sprouted grains. I just have to get back to No Eating In The Evening, even if it is healthy stuff. I find myself wandering around looking for something to snack on. rrrrr. Yesterday I bought five bags of double dipped chocolate covered peanuts for a dollar a bag at Walmart. Big mistake. I hadn't had any lunch, so I thought I would eat a few in the car on the way home. Ha. A few and a few more. rrr. No more for me.

I have formed good habits as far as eating healthy, but still need to modify some behaviors:)

And, since I have lost weight, my metabolism has changed. I slip up just a little, and voila a few pounds find their way back to me. Not fair.

Anyway. Life is good.

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