summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Friday, March 28, 2014

playing hooky....

So....this fine morning, we stopped at a cemetery because as we were driving, we passed a small one and I thought it would be fun to stop and explore...and right as I thought that, Miss Char said the same thing! So I drove on to one I knew of, in a small old village...they bounded out of the van, and started reading the names. We are strange people, I guess, to enjoy cemeteries. I know they are full of loss and sadness, but they also tell stories, and for homeschooling Jonathan, help with math, because hey, how fast can YOU figure out how old someone was at death, if they were born in 1846 and died in 1905?

Anyway, we had the little girls with us because Suri had to be at the vet all the way on the other side of the small city this morning before 8...and no one here could take second trip and get the girls on the bus. They had to get up extra early, and wore school clothes, carried backpacks, and nicely packed lunches. Well. They were out and about with Mama, they did not want to get driven to school. Since we were in the city, I did stop at a grocery store, and let them pick out a donut...Camille started in on how she wasn't feeling well, she didn't think she could go to school, oh how sick she felt, she said as she picked out a small bottle of strawberry milk. uh-huh. Anyway, I caved. Not because they wanted to skip so badly, but because I wanted to be with THEM so badly. We reasoned it school today they were having a Parents As Reading Partners finale, to celebrate the end of the four week reading program, complete with...watching a movie.

So, they missed their spelling tests, but not a whole lot else. And here they are at home, playing dollhouse with all their little hearts. They are singing, and talking, and in their own little world. They ate their lunches on the living room floor surrounded by little furniture.

Can you guess how happy I am to have them around today?

I wrote and mailed a letter to Samuel today. I want him to get a letter from home every day.:)

Anyway, Suri was a little nervous to be at the vet, but she was still so good. She wagged her tail, but was shaking. I told the vet not to be alarmed at the red on her nails, her big sisters like to paint them so she looks pretty.

No puppies for Suri. We have to go pick her up later this afternoon. Poor Duke doesn't know what to do with himself. When he wants to go outside, he just stands there like, "What? All by myself? Where IS she?"

I have chicken marinating for dinner, but I still have lots to do. I got sidetracked looking at vacations in the Dominican Republic.....see, this year we celebrated our 30th anniversary, and didn't even go out to dinner. We decided to take a weekend away in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, when the weather warms up. I was looking at hotels, and they are quite I took a little detour and wondered what if we went for five days to really warm weather...there are places, including airfare and all food and drinks, for under $900. Right on the beach. oh my. But it isn't in the cards right now. See, it's warm today, 46 degrees (7.7c), but tomorrow night, we are expecting snow again. Perhaps up to ten inches of snow. Heavy wet spring snow.

Oh well. It will come, spring. And these days of cold and clouds and cabin fever will fade from our memories...

I am going to go make myself work out. See, I love how I feel after I exercise. I love the feeling of accomplishment, and love when I feel the soreness in my thighs, and that stretching in my arms...but nonetheless, actually working out is always always a fight. My mind wants to but... not really. My body, nah, doesn't want to. So I have to just turn off the excuses, or rather, ignore them, and just DO IT.

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Martha said...

I have been known to like a walk in the cemetery too. Always have, even when I was a little girl. I think they are like big rock gardens, only more interesting.