summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

another day, another bale of hay....

Mr. Ed The Talking Horse? Never mind. Sometimes I think this winter is never going to end, that certain trials are never going to end, then I realize that all of this is going to end, that's my sunny thought for today:)

But seriously, we only have today. So make good use of it!

And making good use of it doesn't mean crawling into bed with a good book and a hot cup of coffee, although that does sound mighty fine, as cold as it still is today.

Sometimes making good use of your time means doing things for others.

Sometimes that means letting the housework go.

Yesterday....a nice relaxing morning, chatting with a few of my sons (Joseph and Aaron, and Jon of course), and Kathryn...some schoolwork with Jon, a nice work-out, a shower, and where does the day go - it was two-thirty! Kathryn and Jon and I went to the small city to get Kathryn's learner's permit to drive. Sixteen years old, and learning to drive. My tenth child to drive, so don't ask where the gray hairs came from. I figure we may as well get her permit so she has lots of time to practice before she actually gets her license.

We had to stop at the grocery store for bananas and peppers and oranges and burger and yogurt and eggs and milk and some chocolate bunnies for the baskets.

Then to Walmart to pick up the HDMI cord that Jon ordered online.

A stop at the bank, then at the gas station...

Then, home. Ahh. But, not for long! I put away the groceries, washed some dishes, and off we were again, back to the small city...this time with Evelyn and Sonja. I had promised Evelyn several months ago that I would take her to see the movie, "Divergent" when it came out. Over the weekend, there were all sorts of reasons why it didn't work, so Monday night, we were on!

Kathryn agreed to give the younger ones dinner for me, the older ones could help themselves, out the door we went. First stop: Dunkin Donuts for coffee...and M&M stir ins. What is this item, you might ask? Well, it is amazing. Soft ice cream, with mini M&M's. Or crunched Oreos. For a dollar. It was dinner. And lunch.

The movie was fascinating. We don't go to the theater enough for it not to be a treat. I was enthralled. At one point, during a wicked fight scene, I said aloud, "Oh my!". Evelyn replied, "MOM!"

The fun part was on the way home, dissecting the movie. I haven't finished the book yet, but read more than half of it, I thought they did a good job. The movie is never as good as the book, but this one was decent. Some of it didn't ring very true to me, I mean, in real life, do people pause for sentiments when they are running for their lives?

Anyway, spending time with the teenagers if always interesting.

Mirielle is taking Kathryn to Ottowa tomorrow, for a few days to visit their cousin Janet, who got married last year and has a new baby. Suzanne might go too, but don't tell her teachers.

Ah well, today I hope to stay home and catch up with the work. I have things to list on ebay, and phone calls to make, and laundry to do, and and and. Never a dull moment. Honestly, sometimes I get so sick and tired of doing the same work day in day out, but then I realize a few things...

1. Life is short.

2. I have running water, a washer and a dryer, ect ect ect. No toting buckets from the creek.

3. It is NOT what I do that brings me happiness or discontent, it is how I take it. Liking what I do, not doing what I like.

4. I am not working twelve hour days in a mine, for goodness' sake. I am washing dishes in HOT water, picking up an abundance of toys, folding huge loads of clean fragrant towels...

anyway....nothing worth complaining about. I think about how much God has blessed me, and how horrid it is to complain about things. One of the most brilliant contemporary expressions, my absolute favorite, is, "First World Probs". It really sums it up.

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Anonymous said...

Love this post! I feel the same way some days -always clothes to fold . And then like you I think of the blessings. Thank you for blogging and for being real, it makes me feel better! blessings from Florida