summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Friday, October 24, 2014

day off from school!

Today is too lazy. Not that it started out that way...Charlotte Claire opened my bedroom door this morning to report that the kitten pooped in her room. ugh. I got up, showered, took my sweet time getting to that inevitable clean up job....and believe me, it was not the kitten who did it. No way no how. I cleaned it up, all happily and singing songs. ha. I had to have the girls hold the kitten while I did it, she thought it was time to play attack the scrubbing paper towels and the crinkly Walmart bag they paper towels were going in to.

Anyway, I guess there was a trail of it downstairs too, oh the joy of having pets. I said I really don't mind cleaning it up, but it hurts to lean over that long, and my knees are shot, so.....if anyone else would be so kind....Kathryn won the prize. She cleaned it all up, every bit, with no complaint. I told her I was going to give her some money, I am so happy she did it. Suri ate a bit of food this morning, but she seems off. I think she has been eating too many pears from the pear tree perhaps.

I hope that's it.

We do lock the dogs in the living room at night, but they are masters at moving the board across the hallway.

Anyway. After sweeping the floors and cleaning counters and puttering around putting things away, I got some coffee and some breakfast and sat down here in my comfy chair. Sonja took the kids outside to clean up the yard and play in the leaves. Evelyn washed the pizza pans from last night, and now wants to go to the library. The librarian called this morning, they have a chemistry book for Kap, it may not be the same one, but they found it in the basement with the donations and we can have it.

There are ten of us home here this fine morning, and it hasn't been boring, let me tell you.

Oh, I made new valances for the living room yesterday, after going to the dentist, Marshalls so that Marg could look for something, the grocery store (Margaret needed facewash and a few other things), BJ's for butter and a huge box of cereal, and the dollar store for a few random things...I started sewing after we put the groceries away. First a dress for Cam's doll. Then one for Charlotte Claire's doll. Then, the valances.

They are finished and hanging, I don't love them, but they are better than the old ones, and they really go with the room.

Now I want to start on the kitchen ones....

Oh, if you happen to stop in? Yeah, I know the sewing machine is still on the kitchen table. I am not finished sewing yet.

Cam is cutting out paper dolls, Char is playing dollhouse, Jon is whistling and playing Star Wars Commander on his tablet, and Sonja has my phone.

Evelyn is getting ready to go to the library, Joseph is probably painting, and I have yet to see Miss Margaret this morning. Kap is probably playing games with Suze.

oh, my exciting life. Paul is leaving for France again tomorrow, for a week this time.

The little kids are going on an adventure tonight with their big sister Emily....the Haunted Pumpkin Walk, which isn't it's real name. It's in a county park, and hundreds of pumpkins are carved and lit up along paths in the woods. It is really really fun and nice to get out and walk in the dark...I wish I were going:)

And Ev will be checking up on me soon to see if I am indeed getting ready like I said I I had better start:)


Martha said...

I wish the distance between us was just a little smaller. We could go on field trip together , even if I didn't have any kids along.

16 blessings'mom said...

The road to a friend's house is never long:) And, field trips aren't supposed to be right in one's backyard...

Marilyn said...

We had a dog once that ate the fallen apples with similar results :-( I would get up and race out there to pick them up before I let him out. Not nice........

Marilyn from Canada

Martha said...

This is true. So where are we going?