summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

rainy cozy autumn day....

Paul and I worked at the college basketball stadium last night. There was an exhibition game between the NY Knicks and the Sixers, NBA. We were busy, and it was fun....but. This morning, I decided not to go on my walk. My feet are killing me, my knees ached all night. Working at the Dome standing/walking on a concrete floor for hours, and ouch.

Anyway, I am not going to be totally lazy though, we are leaving to go to the rec center pool in a half an hour, gym class!

Jon is still working on his school work this morning, the girls have finished theirs. They are cleaning up their toys, in anticipation of Camille's birthday, which they are talking about and planning. We are going to make a pinata, art class! They want a tea party, and to dress all their dolls up, and play house, and and and....her birthday is on November 7th, but we are celebrating it early because Paul and I are going on a little trip the weekend of her birthday...but that is another story.

The story is this...we are going to Washington, D.C., to see Samuel, with Mirielle, Margaret, and Evelyn. I feel like a Bad Mom that I accepted the invite to go on this trip with total happiness, and didn't even realize it was Cam's birthday. And believe me, I feel like even a Badder Mom that I didn't bow out when I did realize it. We are just going to celebrate the week before. And yeah, I still feel a bit guilty. But she will be fine! The older kids will all be around (Emily, Abigail, Joseph, Aaron, Mali), so I am going to arrange for one of those guys to take her out for pizza on her actual birthday. She will be in good hands here at home...

Anyway. It is raining out, a perfect fall day. The trees in the yard are changing to bright yellows and oranges, with a few red leaves mixed in.

My little granddaughter Anya Jade turned one year old yesterday. I sent her birthday packages out in the mail yesterday, she isn't old enough to know that Grandma was late. I love her and miss her and hate that she is so far away. The United States is a huge country. 2,754 miles from here to where they live. 41 hours to drive it. Hundreds of dollars to fly there. It's simply too far away for a Grandma. I should be able to cuddle that little girl, to read her stories, to see her take those little first steps, and to spoil her. I want her to know me. I want to see her face light up when she sees her Grammy. I want her to know her Grammy's house, to feel at home here. Before she was born, I didn't know about that grandchild bond. I guessed I would love my grandkids, but didn't perceive the depth of love I would feel immediately. I didn't know my heart would ache seeing pictures of her, and the emptiness I would feel not really being a part of her life. I am glad for facebook and for all the pictures her mom posts of her, she is a little doll.

with Benjamin....

Well, my own little princesses are ready to go to the pool. They have picked out towels and have their suits on under their clothes. Have I mentioned how much I am enjoying homeschooling?

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Susan R said...

One thing that I know for certain is that you are an awesome mother. Go and enjoy-the
littles will be fine!
Anya is absolutely beautiful.