summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Thursday, October 2, 2014

thrift store fun!

This particular store is quite small, the racks are low, and I feel comfortable letting Jonathan, Char, and Cam wander a bit. With Jon in the lead, they beeline for the electronics. A few weeks ago, he found some sort of game system, but there was no way to tell if it actually worked because it lacked the proper cords to hook up to the television the nice lady led us over to. He did find a game that he was wanting though, for just a few dollars. Anyway. I was browsing in the kids section, finding Jon a couple of really nice shirts, and a pair of Nike pants, when they came dancing over to me, all excited, asking for a donut maker, only $6.99! Please Mom, Please! um, no and no. I do understand that it's new in the package and it's a great deal! But the last thing we need is a donut maker. But Mom, they said, there's also an ice cream maker! I didn't buy it.

I did buy two sets of Christmas lights all sealed in their packages, a really cool pop-up book with sea creatures, a few books for me, two pair of winter boots for the girls (matching boots that fit them, for only a few dollars a pair!)...and Jon found a little bedside table for his room for $6.99. The best part about that was that could push it in the cart, and oh those kids of mine like to push carts. Anyway, Miss Char found a pair of Adidas soccer cleats, they found black graduation robes (for $1.50 and $2) to use for their Halloween costumes, something from StarWars. I found a few pair of jeans, a shirt, and a sweater. Camille was driving me crazy, saying, "Oh Mommy, look at this, isn't this pretty?" So I asked her too look through the racks and try to find something that I would really like...the next thing I knew, she had found this nice button down sweater, in my size, no stains, $2. She was pretty pleased that I liked it and put it in the cart.

All the stuff we bought only came to $61. That's one of the reasons I like to go to the thrift store. I also like not knowing exactly what treasures I will come across. I also like that my kids have fun there. There is nothing wrong with buying used things, it is better than having people just throw it away, when it can be used again. One of the shirts I got for Jon for one dollar looks like it was never worn.

This homeschooling stuff is interesting. Charlotte was doing a page of reading comprehension about newborn pandas, so I googled pictures, which read to reading about breeding in captivity....Char is now parading around the living room in high heels and one of their new black gowns. Jon is working on division, and Cam has finished her work and is reading a Berenstain Bears book. Jon is taking a break snuggling with the dog, and Char is back in the closet doing her work. She is so funny, working in the hall closet with a flashlight.

I find I am constantly re-assessing my goals, changing things up. I don't try to copy a school day here at home. I just want them to enjoy life, and to learn. Jon is now drawing a perfect circle on his knee. He said he has never drawn a circle so perfect. Okay, he's back to his math book now.

Kathryn made pancakes for them this morning. I stayed in bed longer than I should have, but I had a wicked headache last night, which is still present, intermittently going from throbbing to background to pounding. I was awake for hours, waiting for the ibuprofen to kick in. I had been dreaming about my head hurting, and that I was walking down the road in bare feet. I came upon an old man, who asked where my shoes were. I told him they were in my locker at school. Hmph, he said. Watch out for this piece of glass, he said. I asked him what it was like to be old, as in my dream I was just a girl. He had me guess his age, he was 75. I asked him if it was hard to be old, and he replied, "Oh, not by comparison to what happened to me twenty-five years ago! Oh my, ..." And I woke up. I lay there with my head pounding, asking myself what the heck happened to that man so long ago, and now I'll never know. dang it.

The sun is shining today, and I did take my walk, even with this headache.

I talked to Samuel last night, he was working on his uniform the whole time. He is so excited about us coming down to see him! I asked him how late he had to stay on Friday before getting released for the weekend (for the first time!), and he said he didn't want to exactly ask, his first week with his new company...but his Sergeant knew he was talking to me, and told him he would be out by one-ish. Yay! If we get an early start, we could have quite a day with him.

I have to pack, for Jon too, and make sure there is enough here for Joseph and Margaret and Evelyn and Charlotte Claire and Camille to eat for the weekend. Marge wants to go somewhere with Evelyn and the little girls, perhaps they will get pizza or something at least once. I am going to make lots of chicken for dinner, so they can have leftovers of that at least.

And, I need to pack some healthy snacks for our trip. I would like to bake some cookies for Sam, too. Headache, go away! All I want to do is lie down in a darkened room, which is where I will end up if it doesn't go away. Suzanne just brought me some water and more ibuprofen, I haven't taken any since during the night. blah.

When I get one of these headaches, first thing I do is think about what I have eaten that might have triggered it. No chocolate, no wine, no cheese...perhaps the dusty thrift store, but it didn't start until during the night. Kathryn also had a migraine last night, which is strange. She said she was awake for hours with it. Anyway, I also think about all the days I DON'T have headaches, and wonder why I wasn't jumping up and down with thankfulness.

Camille is sitting with me and wants me to be done now....:)

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