summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Monday, February 22, 2016


I totally messed up Camille's haircut.

I thought I would layer it. Now come on, she's my 16th child, my eleventh girl, I should be able to give her a decent haircut. Poor girl thought she looked beautiful. I couldn't leave it like that, and I wasn't about to try to fix it and make it worse. When Evelyn, Suzanne, and Sonja got home from school, I asked if any of them were up for a try, to fix her hair. No Mom, they all agreed, take her somewhere to get it cut right. So I did,

She loves it, and I think she's adorable.

Never a dull moment here. Davian and Annika were here today, so it was nice and busy. We painted, and colored, and played dollhouse, and Jonathan brought out his train tracks and firetrucks, and his Little Tikes basketball hoop. (Jon is cleaning his room, he's almost done. He took everything out of his dresser drawers, and from all the bins and baskets in his room, sorted things to donate to thrift store, to give away, and to throw away. He hung clothes on hangers, and folded things and filled the dresser back up with only stuff that fits him. He moved the bunk beds, and cleaned out the closet. I heard him ask Sonja if she wanted to earn a Canadian five dollar bill, by helping him put the clothes away. I don't think she took him up on it.

Jon will be 12 in a few months, and I am very proud of him, that he can do so much on his own. He does have a motive, the kitty is due to have kittens soon, and he wants them in his room, thus the clean closet. He put a folded towel down, and has brought Kitty in there to get used to it. (this isn't the same cat that had kittens before, that one was spayed, then ran away. This one oops, I meant to get spayed, but didn't yet...but I certainly will after these kitties are born and given away, although I would like to keep one.)

Anyway. Today was fun, a few fights, a few lumps and bumps, one small tantrum, but lots of hugs and smiles and laughs and cuteness. I made meatballs in sauce, pasta, green beans, and garlic bread.

Tomorrow is Suzanne's 15th birthday, and we already celebrated, but will still have a nice birthday dinner, Chinese food. I bought veggies to stir-fry, some chicken, and some spicy orange sauce.

Today, Miss Mirielle Joy turned 26. We celebrated her birthday on Saturday night. I got wings from the pizza place in town, and she bought three pizzas. She also came over last night, along with her friend Page, who shares a house with her and Emily, and Mali with baby Lydia. We watched Downton Abbey and had popcorn. (Charlotte and Camille love to watch Downton, and I love that they are homeschooled and can stay up and watch it:))

We are leaving for Norway a week from Thursday. This Friday, Evelyn and I are going to the theater to watch a play,"To Kill A Mockingbird". Paul is coming back from France, so I have to get him from the airport, take him home, then go back to the city with Ev for the play. Paul would be way too tired to sit through it after coming home from Europe. Do you believe that Harper Lee died the very day I finished reading that book? Talk about adding something to my Cry List! Oh yes I did. Evelyn understood. She gets it. She cries when her book characters die, ha.

This is Evelyn and I working at the basketball/lacrosse/football stadium.

Anyhow, time for bed.

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