summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Thursday, February 18, 2016

things that make me cry....

But first, Evelyn and I last night at Chili's...with

Suzanne and Kathryn...

We went to Target, and got some very important things, like a pair of black tights for Suze, and a shirt for her birthday which is in a few days (she'll be 15!)(my five girls in a row in 5 years will be 19,17,16.15,and May, they'll be 19,18,16,15,and 14) Did I mention we bought clearanced Hershey Kisses? mmm hmm. More chocolate for me not to eat. But with all these girls, believe me, there are times when we NEED chocolate. They all get it at the same time, then one of the older girls will stop in, and look for chocolate, and I'll say, "Seriously, you too!?" They are on the same schedule.

Now, just to be clear, I didn't want to go to Chili's. I don't like spending (wasting) money on food I can make just as well or better, at home. But in the interest of being the nice mom who does fun things with teenagers, I took them. I did suggest we buy something good and go home and eat with Paul, he being home along since the other kids were at Activity Club, but nooooo, they KNEW I was going to suggest that...ha. So, I, being such a good sport, took them to Chili's.

The snow was falling, the roads were icy, I just had that Let's Get Home feeling, but I was a good sport. We ate our Endless Tortillas with Salsa, and started in on the honey chipotle chicken crispers. Yeah, it turned into a Carb Day, ha. I rarely go out, so why just eat a salad?

Anyhow. They helped me walk in the slushy icy parking lots, treated me like an old lady. "You know, Mom, you'll never have to go anywhere by yourself. You'll always have at least one of us to go with you.", one of them said, as she guided me across the slush.

But what makes me cry? "To Kill A Mockingbird". If you read it a long time ago, read it again.

Seeing pictures of my kids when they were little.

When Paul's sick. He's better, but had a fever for a few days, worked from home on Monday, and is just tired, with a cough...but he keeps on going. And it makes me sad. This whole getting older thing, seeing him get older, ouch.

Abigail is also sick, all the way over there in Norway, and I would like to bring her a cup of tea and sit with her.

What else makes me cry? Kids getting yelled at. The little boy in Walmart who wanted to help scan stuff, and his mama was like, "Just keep your hands offa stuff! NOW!"

I especially hate older kids getting yelled at in public. Oh, I cringe for them.

I cried about the kitty found in the road. Someone had put her in a comforter bag, and tossed her in the road. Thankfully someone saw it, and rescued her from getting smushed. How could someone do that?

I cry when I see newborn babies.

I cry when I read news stories...I mean, there was a 69 year old man who kept the sidewalk clear in front of his house, to make sure the school kids would have a clear path in front of his house. His wife said he hadn't planned on being out long, on Tuesday, he left his tea on the table, and when she told him to be careful, he said, "I will.". She looked out and he was lifting only small amounts of that heavy wet snow at a time. She looked a few minutes later, and he was lying down in the snow. He died of a heart attack. His wife said he was the kind of guy who kept dog biscuits for the neighbor's dog, checked on the elderly lady across the street, and helped other neighbors bring in their recycling bins. The comment section in the local news was filled with friends who attested to his thoughtfulness. His poor wife.

Okay, here's something funny. This morning, my little friend Annika wasn't coming over, the school kids are on vacation, so I didn't need to get up early, which of course means that I woke up early and couldn't get back to sleep. So I got up. I didn't do much, but I did finish my book, "To Kill A Mockingbird" (Emily bought me two tickets to see the play, which is in a few weeks, so I thought the least I could do is give it a good re-read). Anyway, I lazed around enjoying coffee in my around-the-house clothes, looking at hotels in Florida, and at what rides are at Universal, and watching Cam play SIMS on her tablet. I did a few dishes, put in a load of laundry, and that's about it.

I had forgotten that Susan was bringing over William and the twins! Oh well. They are here now, running around in a circle, chasing each other. Should I stop them before one of them gets hurt? They have colored, played dollhouse, and house, and Will played office with Camille. They are so stinkin' cute it's not funny.

It's loud in here, but I don't mind. I don't like houses where you can hear the clock tick, and the other evening, the kids were all busy doing things, and I sat here in the living room...and heard the clock ticking.


Anonymous said...

Thought I would give you a little bit of information and tips for Universal. We were there in October of 2014.

1. If the kids are intent on riding the Harry Potter rides (especially the new ride - Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey), my advice to is get to the park early, and make a mad dash to the Harry Potter part of Universal and get on the ride ASAP. That particular ride can have you waiting up to and over 2 hours!! Many of the rides in the Harry Potter sections can have LONGGGG waits.

2. If you plan on riding the Hogwarts Express Train, you HAVE to have the park hopper that allows you bounce between both Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. The train ride goes from park to park. Of course, the park hopper costs more $$. I will say though, the train ride is a lot of fun and seems very real.

3. I hope you like 3D rides. Almost EVERY ride at Universal has the WARNING sign about motion sickness. Many of the rides at Universal are very intense. Also, many rides have a height requirement - so check this link out. It will be very helpful to know ahead of time. I know how it can dash a little one when they find out they are not big enough to go on a ride.

4. Be sure to catch the parade. It's awesome.

Not quite sure when you are planning your visit there, but keep in mind that around Easter the parks will be packed because of Spring Break. We usually skip the parks that time of year, but go in October during the slow season. And honestly, even then, it doesn't seem that slow. lol

If you have any questions, or need any information, feel free to email me at

I live just south of Buffalo, NY!

Lisa said...

I cried just reading the things you cry about - because I do too! I read and watch very little news because I just find the meanness and cruelty in this world so discouraging. I don't pretend it's not there or live in fantasy land, but I just think I'd cry all day long if I purposely exposed myself to anymore than what gets in anyway. I'm the type of person who'd say yes to any and every abandoned baby, child, animal - I'd find a way to make it work!! I spend too much time wondering why cruel, selfish people can live to 60 or 80 yrs and my best friend died of cancer (leaving 3 little boys and a husband) when she was 34. My other best friend lived to 61, but she was ROBBED of so much more time. All she did was work for others, every minute of every day, taking in kids that had no where else to go besides jail or residential treatment centers - she was kinda the last stop for many kids that no one else knew what to do with. Her own mother, who was a nice person, but didn't do much for anyone, died a few months before my friend, she was 91. I feel like my friend should have gotten another 30 years - imagine how much more she would have done, how many more lives she would have touched/changed? Life isn't supposed to be fair, I know. I just feel overwhelmed at times with the BIG emotions of this life.

I hate that clock ticking thing too, I think it's the sound of loneliness.

Anonymous said...

I also cry when kids get yelled at in stores... It breaks my heart! I can so relate to this post ... I cry about the same things. I am turning 50 in July... And I seem to be more sentimental then ever. My oldest is 26 and youngest is 13.,... Wish I could slow time down. Your daughters are right you will never have to alone....and that's a blessing. Thanks for sharing!

Kristi Faull said...

I cry about all those things too! And sweet commercials get me every time. I think being touched by things such as these is a good thing; it shows our hearts are still wide open.