summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

brrrr in april....

15 degrees this fine spring morning, here in central New York state. The sun is shining on the snow, and it IS lovely out there. I am thinking maybe today we'll go to the library. The kids all have different subjects they want to learn about, so we need books about Japan and skateboards, and trees. They wrote up spring and summer bucket lists yesterday. They want to ride bikes and swim and learn different gymnastics moves. They are so enthusiastic about everything, I want to freeze time so that I always have these young ones in the house, keeping things lively.

Okay, here's a yucky subject. Bugs. Have you ever heard of pantry moths? Neither had I. We found some last fall, and did extensive cleaning of the cupboards, and got rid of them, or so we thought. Or maybe new ones came in the dog food or something. But in any case, there were a few flying around and we decided to clean out the cupboards again, throwing away opened stuff, just to make sure to keep those little pests at bay. I had just bought new flour, so I put it into plastic containers. Camille and I were also baking molasses cookies, so that made it interesting. We emptied the cupboards, vacuumed, wiped them down, and put things back with a little more rhyme and reason. Evelyn is a good organizer, and is priceless to have around when there's a project to do. We hope this is the end of those little moths, and so help me, if we see so much as one of them...

Anyway. Today we did go to the library. Little Annika likes do do the puzzles, and the girls read her stories. They got out a few stacks of books, then we went to the grocery store quick to get things for Joseph's activity club. We then ran into the dollar store for a few things...Annika picked up a purple pail and said, "I love purple", as she walked down the aisle with the pail I bought it for her. She's just cute.

Home...ah home. Jon built a fort for Annika, and is flying his remote controlled helicopter. The school girls are home, and it's pleasant in here. I made a roast with carrots, and lots of mashed potatoes for dinner last night, and there are plenty of leftovers, so I don't need to scramble to figure out dinner tonight. That's always a good feeling.

Mali is coming over with baby Lydia, this Grandma is excited about that. Lydia is so precious. You know, when other people have grandchildren, you admire them, and really like them, but when you get your own, oh dear, it's like they just own your heart. Although I do really love my sister's grand kids, and my brothers' too...I guess any children I spend time with, I will fall in love with.

Right now, Jonathan is letting Annika pilot the copter..she's sitting on the couch singing Happy Birthday to herself.

I miss Paul. I don't like him to be gone, but I do like missing him, if that makes sense.

The doctor's office just called to confirm with me that the lump is benign, and to assure me they will call in a few months to remind me, and set up a 6 month re-check to be sure nothing scary grows.

I'm enjoying my coffee, and my chair, and my day, and my life...


Marilyn from Canada said...

Those pesky little things in the cupboard lay their eggs in very obscure places in the cupboards. In the cracks between the shelf and the wall for instance. I had to throw away a heap of things once, so now I try and be sure everything is in a container. Washing with a solution of bleach in hot soapy water did the trick for me. They come in with something that is a grain. Enjoy that little baby 💗💗 We are in Phoenix at the moment and its 92 here.......sorry 😢

Marilyn from Canada

16 blessings'mom said...

Yes, they are pesky all right. I think they're eradicated, but am thinking of getting some of the traps that catch the males, preventing them from mating and perpetuating the drama in my cupboards. Okay...92? Heavenly! It was 9 here yesterday morning! And there's still snow on the ground. Enjoy the nice warm weather!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh so happy for you !! Isn't that just the best news EVER?!? Well , besides hearing your going to be a grandmother! But So , so happy for you about your news.

Good luck getting rid of your moths? Never heard of them... I suppose its not much different than those little fruit nats.. now those I do not like!

Cold and snow here , too. Of course living in the Berkshire's its bound to change as soon as you blink an eye! :)

Take care,

Anonymous said...

I've heard of pantry moths but fortunately never had them. I'm probably jinxing myself here. Years ago I did have those weird tiny little black bugs in my flour, then the kitchen in general. Took forever to get rid of them.