summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Thursday, April 14, 2016

the fourteenth child...

He's really the fifteenth child, because little Robert William was the fourteenth, and was stillborn. But anyway. Jonny is the the youngest of the five boys, and has nine older sisters, five directly older, and then the two younger sisters.

Jonathan is not really a child. He's like a small adult who shows occasional childlike tendencies. He's smart. He blends into a room, focusing on his book or tablet so as to seem like he's not listening. He has a head on his shoulders. He can download things to flash drives, and call customer service, and put air in the tires, and make his own plans with friends. He does what chores he's asked to do, and if he complains, he apologizes. He never needs punishment ever (I don't believe in punishments, but that's another story). Simply pointing out less than stellar behavior results in him saying he'll try harder. You know, throwing dirty socks in places and not hanging up his towel.

He is witty and sharp. He is understanding, and caring, and has so much patience with small children. He loves Annika, and she calls him, "My best friend, Jonny."

So his toe was infected last month...after antibiotics and a trip to the hospital that ended up being the flu, and then having a reaction to the sulfa antibiotic and breaking out in a rash...his toe is infected again. We went to the dr. this afternoon and had it swabbed to be cultured, to see what germ(s) to fight. The dr. says he probably should have a small surgical procedure done to remove part of the skin on the side of the toenail, to prevent recurrence. Jon is not thrilled about the prospect, but is tired of the pain of the swollen infected toe, and would like to be done with it all. So we shall see. Never a dull moment.

My little friends were here today, then Lydia was here this evening. It's like the old days, changing diapers and washing little faces and hands. I fed Lydia sweet potatoes, and it was like playing house:) I fed her a bottle and rocked her to sleep, too.

I find myself very busy these days, chasing kids, preparing snacks, cleaning up messes. I have also been painting...the inside and the outside of the kitchen door, and the inside of the front door. I also painted the ugly dark brown laminated shoe storage shelf, it came out nice. I just feel driven to get these things done...the weather is going to be beautiful soon, and who wants to be inside painting then?

Sunshine is forecast for the next four days...

Camille wants to go to the library tomorrow. She NEEDS a book, she finished hers. How can I say no to that?

I'm staying up way too late because the days have been too busy to just sit and think, to relax, to have time to read things or write. I like the quiet of the night, but I know I'll kick myself when morning comes way too soon.

It's after midnight, oops.

And, I have a new book to read, Jon and I stopped at the thrift store quick before his dr. visit. He needs new soccer cleats, but there are never cleats there when you need them. His feet just keep growing, and I hate to invest in a brand new pair if he's going to outgrow them. We did pick up a few books though...he got something called, "The Dog Who Farted". How could I not buy that for him?

I did tell him that if we can't find any at the thrift stores, we'll just get some new ones. He really likes playing, he plays on the church team, and they are having practices two or three times a week now. Sonja is bugging for new ones too, for her birthday, please, she says.

Paul's birthday was last Saturday, and he'll be home this Saturday night. Camille almost cried when I said we didn't get him anything for his birthday. So she started planning and suggesting, then Char said we should make him a nice dinner on Sunday, you know, she said, have some nice meat and veggies for him, and have everyone over, and give him presents. Sounds like a I have been looking at things to buy him...he's not the easiest to shop for. He does like to putter around the kitchen...he makes bone broth, he has kombucha tea fermenting in the laundry room, he ferments carrots and makes sauerkraut. He makes his daily kale/avocado/berry smoothies, too. So hmmmmm. I don't want to mention anything here, on the off chance he'll read it.

Friday, we are planning a trip to a park with Kim, and her younger kids, the cousins. In the evening, we are thinking to go see the new StarWars movie in the cheap theater, in 3D. Actually, I'm thinking of dropping Suzanne off with them, and going to Kmart or the Christmas Tree shop...StarWars isn't my favorite, and 3D gives me a headache. :)

But they like it, and are excited about it.



Simone said...

Love your description of Jon! Can relate.
How extra lucky you are to have him, what a boy. Looking so goid in his glasses and living the hairdo. "Highly self-motivated" it said in my similar child's report .

mommeeof10 said...

My oldest son came home from work the other evening with the new start wars movie DVD to share with his siblings. Yay! I would have bought it if he hadn't. It cost less than taking 3 people to the movies and they can watch it many times when they want to.

Susan said...

Jonathan is so handsome! That was a nice bio and now I feel like I know him.

16 blessings'mom said...

Yes, Jon is a treasure. Honestly, having Jonathan after losing baby Robert (Jon was born ten months later) has made Jon extra extra special. All of my babies were dear and sweet and much wanted, but when Jon was born...crying and...breathing...and healthy and vibrant, it was unreal how much we loved that boy...and after the five girls in a row, having this sweet baby boy...he's never disappointed us, either, ha. Anyway, thank you all, he is a cutie, isn't he? Also, the movie admission at the "cheap" theater is only $2, but since the movie was in 3D it was $4 each. Only four of them went, Sonja and I went to Kmart.:)