summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Monday, June 17, 2024

steaming and boiling and baking...

 It's actually quite pleasant out right now, but our forecast is quite hellish.  Heat advisories, with the humidity, it'll feel like a million degrees.  

Yesterday's graduation party was so much fun.  I bought donuts instead of attempting to bake in the iffy oven, plus it was waaaaay easier.  Mariel made gluten free cupcakes with homemade strawberry frosting, and Margaret made yellow cupcakes with chocolate buttercream.  The meal itself was amazing, the salads were delightful, and Emily simply aced the chicken.  Her secret:  remove from grill at 145 degrees, let set under foil before cutting, ten minutes at least.  It was tender and juicy, and soooo good...teryaki, for the Asian salad, and pesto chicken for the Greek salad.

Mariel with Blythe...

Paul and Blythe...

Why I didn't take more pictures is beyond me, but sometimes you just need to enjoy the moments, I guess.

This fine morning, I went to the pool.  I needed to, woke up with really sore hips at 5:30.  5:30.  I must be getting old.  I didn't have to get up, but oh ho, I was awake.  

After the pool, I sat on the deck with Camille and had a coffee, the after-pool coffee is always so good!  Then to the store with Kathryn, to stock up so we won't have to go again in the heat...ha.  

They are so cute, Jamison and Rhys, and Achilles in the back...

I saw my dear friend, sister-in-law Kim, and my brother Tom in the store!  It was quite nice.  Then our friend Karen came walking up, what fun!  

Home again...put things away, and pool time for Camille and I.  We spent almost two hours out there, then decided very suddenly to go to the library.  Spontaneity is wonderful.  We got out, got dressed, and voila, were heading toward the library to return a book she had out for way too long.  We decided to go to Home Depot to get the wood filler and primer for the vanity she's going to refinish.  

Then heck, may as well go in Target, it's right there.  I got a few things for Miss Sonja's bridal shower, and Camille found a bra.  I got some grandchildren clothes, and some shredded lettuce for Camille, she loves it on wraps.  I think it's a waste of money, it's hard to eat it all before it goes bad. 

After a quick dinner (leftover steak tortillas, leftover salt potatoes fried up in olive oil), we had to go to cleaning at church.  Now, home again, for the final time today, I hope, ha.

And...this weekend is Charlotte's graduation from high school, then on Saturday, we're going camping again, for two nights.  We reserved a site at the same park we went to last week, not a beach site, as they're hard to get.  But we did manage to get an electric site!  So, maybe we'll even use the air conditioning!  

Ah well.  The days are going by too fast.  I need to have a day where I just stay home and putter and think about things.  But whenever anyone wants to do anything or come over, I'm game...because life goes by too fast to say no.  

Ha I just remembered that Camille is at music practice, I might have to leave again after all....have a good night, everyone....:)

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Mari said...

Busy days - but good ones!
That heat hit us today. 98 degrees when I got out of work. I'm so thankful for AC!