summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Thursday, March 6, 2008

everyone made it on the bus today

Major feat! The little girls do like school, which I'm thankful for. A few of the boys could take it or leave it, actually they would leave it. It is really quite incredible how responsible they are, though. I hardly ever bug anyone to do their homework. I have a few kids who get excellent grades, and that's great. I have one who tries very hard, and gets average grades. And that is fine, too. And one who is lazy, aces every test, and has grades that go up and down like an elevator....but this child is wonderful, respectful, and musically inclined....

See, my way of giving individual attention is this: I let the kids take a day off from school at random, to be with me. Then each gets a turn...when they start whining to stay home, I tell them it isn't their day to be with me yet. Of course, they stay home when they're sick. Which has been pretty often this winter.

One reason to be very happy: Emily has today off! And no classes, spring break! (ha, spring break-it's snowy and icy out there). We are running out of milk, only one gallon left. There were 6 gallons in there on Sunday, and it's Thursday, not too bad. We don't drink it for meals, just cereal and bottles, and in coffee and tea. And with the occasional cookie... this ties together, because with Emily here, I can take a trip to the store! Wal-mart, get ready to make a few bucks....

You'd think I have no life, being happy to go to Wal-mart. Well, it isn't that I'm happy to go there, it's that I have a chance to fit it in. Bringing 3 1/2 year old Jon, 22 month old Charlotte Claire, and 4 month old Camille by myself isn't something I would choose to do. An extra pair of hands changes things completly. If Jon has to pee, voila! Em can take him. Makes it simple. And I have to admit: I am a clearance rack junkie. When I find skirts for the little girls for $3, what fun. And $2 trousers for Mr. Jon, yeah! Paying full price is a form of torture for me, and I don't do it unless I am at gunpoint, or close to it.

It's official: Emily Anne 23, is taking her little brother Aaron, 15, to England in April. She bought the tickets last night. They get along well, and she has ALWAYS wanted to go to they are renting a car, an automatic. She will barely be able to drive on the WRONG side of the road, much less learn to shift left-handed....They are staying at cheap places, and avoiding the tourist-y places...Aaron is SO excited! I'll have to post a picture of him, he looks like Jim from "The Office"....acts like him, too. Last June, Emily, Abigail, 21, Mariel, 18, Aaron, and Molly, 14, took a road trip to Quebec. About 6 hours from here, I guess. They went on a shoestring budget. They brought peanutbutter, and canned food which they heated up by putting hot water in the tub, and setting the cans in....anyway, I am rambling. My kids have some fun together, which makes all this work worth it.

I hear Jon singing in his bed, he probably has cars in there. I have spent too much time here, I could have the kitchen all in order by now! But who cares? It's not going anywhere....

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