summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

hither, tither, and nigh...

Here and there and everywhere. I had to drive Kathryn to day two of a big test...and I was all by my lonesome, kids safe at home with Joseph and I stopped in at the grocery store, AGAIN, because I needed more avocados...I want to try a recipe my mother-in-law cut from the paper...mousse, from avocado. I'll let you know how it turns out.

Of course I am not the type of girl who just grabs the one thing and exits the store, I had to buy five boxes of cereal because there were coupons on the boxes, and a save $5 if you buy 5 special...the kids love Cinnamon Life. And I decided to buy some steak to put on the grill tomorrow, because yay, Paul is planning to take a few days off from work! He's hardly been home in SO long.

Anyway...I bought a loaf of freshly baked bread, and some more lettuces for salads.

Three of my girls are going on a fun excursion, to a cabin in the woods of West Virginia. They are taking one of our minivans, so I was nice, and took it to the carwash place and vacuumed it, then stopped and filled it up with gas. Then, since Wednesday is half price day at the thrift store...and I was all alone, I stopped...I bought a nice hard covered book, WWII in pictures, for Sam. I bought pink jeans for Char, black shorts for Suze, a nice top for Ev, a white vase form Pier One for two bucks, glass globes for the living room ceiling fan! I was planning on buying some, and yay, 79 cents each! I also got a nice new pillow for the couch, which will be taking a ride in the washing machine. A gray bowl from Target, and a brand new looking pair of winter boots for Miss Char for next year, a pair of swim trunks for Jon, plus a book for me...23 dollars.

Then...home, ah home.

Evelyn didn't go to school because she's going with Emily to buy the food for the cabin. The school nurse called when I was gone, Jon answered the phone, and said that Evelyn isn't feeling well. I was floored that she listened to a 12 year old, but Jon can sound older, he has good phone manners...and Ev did have a headache today...but I would have just told her the truth. I found it hilarious that Jon did that though.

The school has been patient with us and all of our trips...

But life, it's short! It's to be enjoyed and explored and lived to the fullest!

Tonight, Paul and I and some of our older kids are going to a training seminar for a new venue our church fundraising group is taking on this summer...instead of working at the baseball stadium, we are working concerts! Keith Urban, Def Leopard, Snoop Dog, Journey...lots of big names. Because we don't have enough to do, ha.

My mother-in-law is home from Florida for the summer, and is doing well...but her brother passed away last week. She is the last of the five siblings, all four of her brothers have died. I can't imagine. He went in his sleep though, and he was very old...93 I think.

Anyway...we are getting our school year wrapped up here, and are looking forward to summer. I teased Paul that he has to get the garden started, get the pool started, and fix that hot tub...:)

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