summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

life will be better...

Life will be better when I lose this extra fifty pounds, and when I FINALLY get my house clean. And this red furniture that was so charming ten years ago really bothers me now, I'll feel much better when I get rid of it and get something more neutral. When the hot tub gets fixed and the lawn gets mowed, life'll be better.

Who knows, maybe it will, but ha, I'll probably never find out, except for the lawn getting mowed part, then the kids will drag all sorts of cut grass into the house on their feet.

This fine morning, I had to drive Paul to work again. Our perfect drop-the-van-off-at-the-shop in town failed yesterday, because Paul had the only set of keys to that particular his pocket. So...we will drop it off today, and when it's done, we'll exchange it with the other minivan...and hopefully they'll both pass inspection and have nice new oil changes and everything will be fine, ha.

Life will also be better when Miss Camille stops breaking her ankles.

The slightly amusing thing is that six years ago she broke her leg on the trampoline...the old one, without the safety net...

The only thing that does make this slightly amusing is that it popped up in my facebook feed this morning, "share your memories!". Six years ago, almost to the day...

She has to wear a stabilizing boot for three weeks, then have another x-ray to see how it's healing up. The doctor was a gem, he said that kids heal quickly, and the most important thing they need is love...and then he added, "And I can see she's getting that."

So we still have the trampoline, but no more squirt guns or water fights on it. They are pretty good about taking turns on it, too. Miss Cam is taking a long vacation from it in any case.

I wonder how it is that I have had five boys with no broken fact, sixteen kids with only a few here and there...Margaret walked in front of her sister who was swinging on the swingset, fell on her arm...when she was two. Charlotte Claire got her foot stuck between the mattress and wood side of the bottom bunk, then fell...ouch. And then Miss Camille, baby of the family...fell out of the tree and broke her arm, broke the leg six years ago, the left ankle in December, and now the right ankle on Sunday.

phew. Yes, she takes her vitamins, and gets her vitamin D.

So I could do with some mundane-ness around here. We are working on finishing up school, and on getting the pool opened up.

Mali came over with baby Lydia for a visit yesterday afternoon. (while I was picking Paul up from work, the kids pitched in and made taco salad for dinner...they did a fantastic job, and when I walked in and Molly was there, and they had actually made the dinner, oh joy!) Anyway, Mali and I brought Lydia over to visit Grandma, who hasn't seen her since she was a tiny baby, last fall before she went to Florida.

Okay...time to start the day.


Martha said...

She must be a busy kind of child. Those are the kind that break things.

Cheryl Stryker said...

Something about a child who is sick, injured or in pain, and still smiling makes me want to cry buckets!! It also brings back memories of Katie being so sick yet so happy! I believe we are blessed by them...