summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Friday, January 27, 2017

afterthoughts and regrets...

I don't really believe in being politically correct, but I also don't like to trample anyone's feelings. And I don't want to be judgmental and critical. So I thought about what I wrote yesterday, and it may be true, but it doesn't mean that if anyone else lives their lives in any other way, I don't like them. I do love people, and sometimes it's clear that better choices would bring them more peace, but who am I?

This fine morning, I don't have much time to sit here and ruminate on the world's problems. I have a doctor's appointment. I have to do the stress test at the cardiologist. (it would be a true stress test if they played an individually tailored video, for me it would be the dogs fighting and raising holy "h" in the living room while I try to blog with a hot cup of coffee, the floors not yet swept, and the dryer buzzing, while kids asked me important questions, like, "are iceburgs made of salt water?")

I have this appointment because of that lovely trip to emergency room last fall, after taking the dreaded Ciprofloxin. My pounding heart! Skipping beats! They kept me overnight, then of course made me swear in blood that I would follow up with a cardio dr. Naturally, I decided I didn't need to...but at my nice little check-up with my nurse practitioner...she saw the hospital notes, and said I really need to do that. My daughter, Nurse Mirielle, already admonished me that I don't want to be labelled, "Non-compliant." ha. It's actually the most suitable title ever, for me, after "Procrastinator."

Anyway. I am caught in the medical world wind tunnel. Of course I hope I am declared fine and healthy, but then it does feel like more of a waste of money. A horrible diagnosis, no one wants, but at least it justifies the expenses, and I am really sort of kidding.

So my pumpkin spice coffee is waiting for me, as well as Miss Charlotte Claire, who has lots to talk about this morning...she's the first of the home schoolers awake, so she deserves some one on one...:)


Marilyn Reid said...

Hi Della! I hope all goes really well with your stress test today. I had one of those several years ago and it's really not that bad. We leave tomorrow so I have a mountain of things to do today. My darling sister in law is cooking supper for us tonight! No food here.....I cleaned out the fridge yesterday and it is bare except for mustard and pickles 😂😂

Marilyn from Canada

16 blessings'mom said...

So fun that you're going where it's warm! I didn't end up having the stress test today, just an EKG, met the dr., discussed what tests and procedures they want to do...I feel like once you are in their grip, they order every test known to man. Our insurance is horrible, so it's so expensive. the dr. pointed out, he can help before a stroke or heart attack, not so much afterward, so it's good to know how everything is functioning...and I have strong family history, my mom had a heart attack in her fifties. :( Anyway, have a wonderful trip, and yay for your sister in law!!!

Susan R said...

Well my goodness, this is your blog and you are certainly allowed to post your opinions! (Of course since I agree with you 100% that makes it easy for me to say!).
Have a great weekend Della.

terre said...

having had two heart attacks (one was silent), i encourage you to do the follow up that you talked to him about today. he is right -- do it before things escalate. i need to keep walking and get serious about losing weight. i try to take encouragement from you in that department -- you are way more dedicated to eating correctly than i am.

terre at Zoomama Speaks...