summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Thursday, January 5, 2017

and the days passed...

Yesterday was a day of fun and adventure. Miss Char was co-pilot, with Camille and Jonathan in the back. Our first stop was a visit to the dentist. They had flouride treatments, and will go back in a few weeks for sealants, and one to have a filling done.

We went to the thrift store for 50% off Wednesday. Char was feeling sick to her stomach from the fluoride treatment, said she really felt like she was going to be sick, and the thrift store "smelled funny", and it really does. So we left.

She said she felt okay enough to go to Wegmans, which was good because we needed milk and and and. I let them pick out a small amount of candy from the bulk food, and they helped me with meal plans. They got to pick out a box of cereal...which we generally stay away from these days, trying to eat eggs or homemade breakfasts like French toast or pancakes...but sometimes they like their cereal. Cam chose the store brand shredded wheat bites with blueberry...yum.

They were really happy in the grocery big kids talking to mom, getting all of my attention, and ha, picking out candy.

We headed to Moe's next, for an early lunch...

Camille and Charlotte Claire, looking sweet.

After lunch, Lowe's!...big box home improvement store, and fun!!! I try to avoid this place, it makes me want to do renovations. The kids LOVE it. They want to go down every aisle, open every shower door, try out all the faucets, open every oven. They dance and sing and exclaim over the refrigerators with the double drawers (one had a HOT water dispenser!). They picked out color sample chips for countertops (I let them each take ONE). And paint...oh they love the paint sample cards! We couldn't decide on a color for the cabinets, but I did chose a gray to paint the laundry room door. We picked out small rollers and some drop cloths, and a can of stainless steel spray, and headed to gymnastics...

It was such a good day. When we got home, Paul had already left to work at the basketball game, with Joseph, Kathryn, and Evelyn, so only Suzanne and Sonja were home...I got to work making us a nice dinner...chicken, rice with cilantro, and broccoli. The kids did some school work, then Lydia came over for the evening, and amused us by learning how to say, "poop". She's a busy little girl, but oh so funny and sweet.

And today..another day, by the grace of God. What shall we do? Library? hmm.


Susan R said...

Charlotte Claire is looking so grown up, I am thinking she must be very close to becoming a teenager. Both of the youngest girls are beautiful.
I think it is very interesting that your children enjoy going to diy type stores. I have a feeling that you make even the mundane an adventure for them.

16 blessings'mom said...

Miss Char is 10 going on 16:) The girls these days though, they develop so much younger than way back when. Even Cam, nine years old...:(
And yes, I try to make the days adventurous...I enjoy these kids so much.

Marilyn Reid said...

Good morning­čî×Your little girls are sooooooo cute in their matching dresses. Char is looking so grown up these days.......Cam still has a little baby face.......I agree...the fluoride treatments can make you a bit nauseous. Have fun doing your painting Della. That's a good idea someone had about doing just two at a time! Not as much mess that way. Enjoy and post pictures!!

Marilyn from Canada