summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

beginning anew...

But first of all, can I just vent? Coffee everywhere this fine January morning! It flew! The three high school girls went outside to wait for the bus, the doggies thought they were strangers out at the curb, so they started to bark. I called them over to me to shush them, and give them a treat...when I reached for the cracker I had here on my table for just such a doggie emergency, I hit my nice full cup of hot yummy coffee...hit it hard. Coffee down the wall, pooling on the floor, dripping into a bag of new clothes from Forever 21 which I had procured from the dreaded mall for the little girls, which was still on the floor next to my on my chair, on the table, under the table. At least it smells good, but ugh.

It was the last cup of the pot, so I started a new pot.

The younger kids are still sleeping, and I would like to join them. My eyes feel sandy. I woke up at 5:50, thinking it was 6:50 and I had to hurry. oops. I know my bed is warm and comfy, but I PROMISED the kids I would take them to the pool this morning. I promised on purpose because I knew my lazy body would balk, and it's cold out, and it's early, and we'll go a different day. But promising Camille: I can't back out.

So I am gearing up to get out the door by sitting here.

Yesterday Jonathan and I headed up to visit Margaret and Adrian in their new apartment. We admired all of their cool new stuff (it is very warm and cozy), then explored the little city where they live. First the thrift store, then out to a place near the river. I brought Samuel there the day before he left for Army basic training. It's the city's old City Hall, wood floors and lots of brick. We then went to a discount outlet store with lots of random odds and ends, plus 75% off their Christmas stuff. I bought some solar lights for next year, an 8 pack for $2.50.

Home...I was not hungry for dinner, but I did have some miniature York Peppermint bites...they were $3.49 for a 24 ounce bag. No more for me, no more. Then Joseph made an excellent keto pizza (crust made with mozzarella cheese and almond flour), and I warmed up leftover pasta and sauce for the younger kids. It was a crazy kind of day, with kids going different places, no schedule...

I started cleaning the cabinets in the kitchen, to prepare for the painting project. It's a huge scary project for me. We have to live here and eat here, the ten of us, while this happens. The doors SHOULD come off, but where on earth would I put them all? With three dogs in the house, and two kitties...I can't imagine they wouldn't wreak havoc on freshly painted doors lying on the tables and benches. So I am leaning towards leaving the doors on. But. We are removing the handles/pulls first, so I can properly clean them, so...I'm not sure how we are supposed to open and close the cupboards while they are being painted...maybe I'll take out everything we could possibly need for the next few weeks and stack it on the tables...ugh.

The cupboards need intense cleaning before painting, I started last night. I didn't have cleaning gloves so I put a quart sized baggie on my hand to handle the strong cleanser (TSP). It didn't work because it dripped, my hands got irritate quickly. So, I have to get some gloves.

And, it's going to be a lot of work.

Because after they're clean comes the primer, two or three coats I am thinking. And I still haven't decided between chalk paint and regular cabinet enamel paint...then either wax finish or polyurethane.

Before I even start this, I am going to clean out the cabinets, get rid of extra dishes, old sippy cups, those Disney plates, odd mugs and cups.

And when this project is done...I will paint the countertops...then the tile behind the stove.

I can't decide yet what color to paint them...I am thinking a creamy old-fashioned white, but it might clash with the stark white of the new windows and trim. Or gray...will they look dated in just a few years? I just don't know. I am horrible at making decisions.

The countertops...ugh, blue...and wood trimmed. I want to try to paint them, wood and all. I have watched countless transformation videos, and read different will also be tricky to pull off, living here and eating and feeding the family while keeping things off the counters.

And it's a new year, so of course I want to get in better shape, along with the rest of America!

The fresh coffee is done, oh yummers. The fake fireplace is humming and throwing heat, with it's fake flames dancing so convincingly. The day is dawning but is overcast and chilly, snow is still covering the ground. It's a good day to stay home and get things done, or just stay here in my chair under this warm fleecy blanket. See, it's good I promised Camille!

Cam has dealt with some disappointments lately. There was a big ice skating outing planned for Friday night, but then snow interfered. Lake effect snow, almost zero visibility...they got almost to the city but turned around and headed home. Cam cried, the other kids didn't cry but were bummed out. We had made five carafes of cocoa, and two of hot coffee!

It was a fun evening anyway, with extra kids landing here too, but still.

Emily took the younger kids ice skating a few weeks ago, and when they arrived at the rink, the hours had changed because of a hockey they didn't get to skate.

Then there was the cross country ski trip Emily planned, then we decided Camille wouldn't be able to last very long so she had to stay home with me.

But, Emily DID take them to the Star Wars movie and to Panera Bread the other day.

Today, Emily and Mirielle are leaving for their trip to South Africa! It seemed so long ago when they decided to go, but here it is, January of 2017.

Anyway. A new year starts, full of optimism. We have lots of schooling to do, field trips to take, projects to do. Samuel gets out of the Army this year. We hope to take a weekend to visit him soon. In March, Abigail and Jonathan are going on a cruise with Grandma. We took Jon to apply for his passport right before Christmas, what fun!

Sunny is being bad, or rather, is getting bored. She's finding things to chew on, she wants to play fetch and run around...she doesn't want me to be lazy this fine lazy morning...


Marilyn Reid said...

Good morning Della! I love reading your blog 🤗 I'm sorry, but I had to laugh at your coffee mishap. The way you wrote it was very funny, although I wouldn't have thought so if it happened to time I made the coffee and forgot to put the filter in 😳😳 We have a pot that grinds the beans into the filter then drips through.. What a horrible mess that was......anyway, we all have out trials, don't we? I will put my two cents worth in about your cupboards. You will do a much better job, and it will be easier, if you take the doors off. Believe me.....been there, done that. Also I think in the long run you will have better luck with proper paint than the chalk paint. I personally don't think the chalk paint will be as long lasting or clean as well as the regular paint and varathane (is that how you spell that). Anyway, that's just my thoughts. You have had lots of snow, haven't you? We have just had lots of cold here. We leave at the end of the month for 2 months in Arizona.....we take the dogs too. You have a great day!! And Happy New Year too!!

Marilyn from Canada

Pamela Wade said...

Della....we painted our kitchen cabinets 3 years ago. It definitely was a big job! We took all the doors off and used the kitchen table to paint them on. We had painted the top cupboards white and the bottom red. I really like it but I am thinking of re-doing the bottom ones a charcoal black and maybe using chalk paint. If I do, I will be doing maybe 2 doors a day. I will take them off to do them, paint them and then put them back on and go to the next ones. It was just too much of a mess to take them all off at once. We didn't even prime ours first. Just gave them a couple of coats. They've held up pretty good too...not much chipping or anything. Our cabinets are just cheaper ones...we bought a new double wide mobile home 20 years ago so yeah, the cabinet doors weren't real expensive. Anyway, if you'd like to see what we did here's a link to my blog post with before and after pics!

How's your sister doing?


16 blessings'mom said...

Marilyn, thank you for your input. I should just take a huge survey, it takes a long time to wade through all the DIY posts online! I am also thinking to avoid the chalk paint, although my bathroom cabinets are okay...and I love the look. But, I am thinking to go with two coats of primer, then a few coats of a really nice paint like Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore, and no, ha, I am not getting paid, although I really wish I was. I would love to review some free paint!
Pamela, I checked out your cabinets, and wow! They look so nice, made such a difference. My daughter lives on an old house in town, and for her birthday a few years ago, one of her roommates painted the dark brown cabinets a nice bright white...she primed and painted them with the doors still's not showroom quality, but the room is so bright and nice now! They also painted one of the doors with chalkBOARD paint, to write messages to each other, like, "Do not eat my lunch."

Thank you for input!